25 Celebs Who Are Shockingly Turning 50

It seems like yesterday that Jennifer Lopez was releasing her first album and Friends was still coming out with new episodes. But the truth is that those years are long gone. However, for some celebrities, time just hasn’t passed by, and they look the same as they did 20 years ago. So today, we’re looking at 25 celebs who are shockingly turning 50 this year – and some are just jaw-dropping!

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#25. Jay-Z

Jay-Z entered the rap scene in the 1990s and made a name for himself as one of the biggest rappers in history. Inspired by his difficult upbringing in Brooklyn’s Marcy housing projects, Jay brought hard-hitting hip-hop tunes for the masses and literally changed the rap game. People from three different generations can safely say that his music has impacted their lives.

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Oh, and let’s not forget that Jay got Beyonce by his side since 2001. We have seen Queen B change hair, styles, and sound over the years, but Jay-Z looks exactly the same as he did on their Crazy in Love music video: Shockingly, however, the rap star is turning 50 this year, and his age is not slowing him down.

#24. Jennifer Aniston

Jennifer Aniston started acting in the 1980s but didn’t have her big break until she landed the role of Rachel on one of the most memorable shows of all time: Friends. Ever since then, she became a household name, and branched out from the small screen into the big screen, starring in countless blockbusters over the last 20 years.

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But it’s time to do the math: Friends came out 25 years ago. Yet, these 25 years have done nothing to Jennifer, and she looks and feels better than ever. The gorgeous starlet turned 50 last February, and when asked about how she feels about her big 5-0, she said:

“I don’t think life stops after 50. If anything, it gets more and more exciting.”

#23. Cate Blanchett

The almighty queen of cinema, Cate Blanchett, has been gracing the big screen since the early 1990s. believe it or not. Back then, however, she rocked gorgeous red locks, as she entered the scene when she portrayed Elizabeth I in the historical drama Elizabeth. After that came a huge series of hits, such as The Lord of the Rings, and Blue Jasmine, for which she got her first Best Actress Oscar.

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Still, she isn’t slowing down now that she turned 50. In fact, her age is making her more ambitious than ever, as she explained in an interview:

“I think about it on an existential level, sure, but on a career level, I refuse. It’s important to keep karate-chopping those doors down and creating new opportunities not just for yourself, but also for those who are coming up behind you.”

#22. Renée Zellweger

It seems like yesterday when the adorkable Renée Zellweger charmed audiences all over the world as everyone’s favorite Brit, Bridget Jones. But the first Bridget Jones movie came out in – wait for it – 2001. Ever since then, Zellweger has been making movie after movie, killing the Hollywood game.

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In 2010, however, she decided to take a break from the movie industry and focus on her personal life. In 2016, she made her big comeback and has been killing it once again. She even reprised her beloved role on Bridget Jones’ Baby. It’s hard to believe that the gorgeous blonde is now 50, isn’t it?

#21. Ellen Pompeo

The gorgeous Ellen Pompeo made it big when she took on the role of Meredith Grey in the long-running hit show Grey’s Anatomy. But can you believe it has been 14 years since the show first came out? Yet Ellen looks as youthful and beautiful as always and is turning 50 this year, believe it or not.

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Although she has starred in other stuff over the years, she has no plans to leave Grey’s Anatomy and is more than happy to keep on playing Meredith for years to come. She has also said that she learned to love the character more and more over the years because she and Meredith grew up together in a way.

#20. Ice Cube

Rapper, actor, producer, director, and writer Ice Cube has been in the game since 1984, although it seems like yesterday when he first started out his music career. And although he has been active for a whopping 35, he hasn’t aged a day. He doesn’t even have a single grey hair for crying out loud!

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Born O’Shea Jackson, Ice Cube has branched out to many different endeavors over the years, such as acting both on the small and the big screen, founding his own company, launching his own clothing line, as well as becoming a father of four with his wife, Kimberly Woodruff.

#19. Dave Grohl

Dave Grohl has been in the music game for decades, but it is hard to grasp that concept given that he hasn’t aged a day and has been rocking the same Jesus hairstyle all this time. Shockingly, Grohl is turning 50 this year. The legendary musician started out playing the drums for Nirvana in 1990, and the band became a huge hit.

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However, when the lead singer, Kurt Cobain, passed away in 1994, the band broke up. Grohl then went on to found his own super successful band, Foo Fighters, only this time he was the lead singer. The band has been making hits for 25 years and is still going strong, although it seems like yesterday that they released their first album.

#18. Gerard Butler

Scottish heartthrob Gerard Butler gained worldwide recognition when he played King Leonidas in the iconic fantasy war film 300, and later went on to star on different action films, romantic comedies, and even did voice acting in movies such as the How to Train Your Dragon series. But Butler has been around for a while, shockingly.

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Although he had his big break in 2007, he started acting in the early 1990s after studying law. So nope, Butler isn’t in his 30s anymore, and he’s actually turning 50 in November. However, his age never slowed him down, and he still maintains his incredible physique to this day.

#17. Jennifer Lopez

One of the most shocking stars to be turning 50 this year is definitely Jennifer Lopez. She is not only known for her talents as an actress, singer, and dancer, but also for her incredible good looks. How is it possible that someone can look that good at 50? It certainly shows us that age is nothing but a number.

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According to the legend herself, the secret to looking as perfect as she does is simply working out regularly, wearing sunscreen every single day, and removing her make-up before bed. So, before you go to bed with your make-up on after a long day, just remember that you could look like Jlo one day, so go grab those make-up wipes ASAP.

#16. Jason Bateman

Jason Bateman‘s career is doing better than ever, and so are his looks, so it’s pretty hard to believe that he turned 50 this January. But the truth is, he’s been around Hollywood for a really long time, and people just seemed to forget about it. His first big role was as David Hogan on The Hogan Family in the mid-1980s-

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After earning the status of teen idol, Bateman’s next big role was the lead in Arrested Development in 2003, which earned him several awards and critical acclaim. Nowadays, he is not only starring in but also directing Netflix’s Ozark, where he plays a financial advisor who launders money for a drug cartel.

#15. Matthew McConaughey

Yes, you read that right – Matthew McConaughey is turning 50 in November. It’s kinda hard to believe considering he has looked like the embodiment of a Greek god for the past three decades, His first big gig was Dazed and Confused in 1993, but his breakthrough performance came in 1996 with A Time to Kill.

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Ever since then, McConaughey solidified himself as a versatile actor, doing romantic comedies, action flicks, drama, and more, and finally got the Academy Award for Best Actor in 2013, thanks to his role in Dallas Buyers Club. The truth is, the world can’t get enough of Matthew, and we can’t wait to see what he does next.

#14. Catherine Zeta-Jones

It seems like yesterday that Catherine Zeta-Jones was spicing up the big screen with her beautiful voice and her sex appeal in Chicago, though the critically-acclaimed film came out in 2002… 16 years ago. Yet, the gorgeous actress hasn’t aged a day. Over the years, she achieved immense success, winning an Academy Award, a BAFTA, and a  Tony for her wonderful performances.

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Oddly enough, she shares her birthday with Michael Douglas, her husband of almost 20 years, and who by the way is turning 75. But neither Jones nor Douglas seem to be worried about getting older, and in fact, claim they are happier than ever.

#13. Jack Black

Jack Black has been making the world a happier place for almost 50 years, believe it or not, even though he has looked exactly the same this whole time. His extensive career features many memorable comedy films like School of RockKung Fu Panda, and Tropic Thunder, although he has also proved his talents in a few dramas.

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He is also a musician and is currently focusing on his music rather than in making movies. At the moment, he is touring and promoting Post-Apocalypto, his latest album with Tenacious D, his rock comedic duo with Kyle Gass. By the way, Tenacious D has been around since 1994, wow, we’re getting soooo old.

#12. Gwen Stefani

This one must come as a shock to you, and if you already knew about it, you’re probably thinking: how in the world is Gwen Stefani 50 years old?! It is not just her timeless beauty that is messing with our heads, but the fact that she hasn’t changed her signature bleached hair and red lips since the ’90s might also contribute to our disbelief.

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The gorgeous musician started out in 1995 with her band, No Doubt, and after a few years, she decided to go solo. Her first album, Love. Angel. Music. Baby. was a record-breaking success, and it solidified her position as a superstar. Nowadays, she’s a judge on The Voice, where she met her current beau, Blake Shelton.

#11. Peter Dinklage

Peter Dinklage has been acting since 1995, but his big break came with Game of Thrones in 2011. The show changed television as we know it, and changed Dinklage’s career. He quickly became a household name and was nominated for 7 Emmys, 3 of which he won. But just as the final season of GOT came out, Dinklage turned 50.

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Now that he is starting a new chapter in his life, Dinklage is extremely excited for what’s to come. He is planning to start directing soon, It was also announced that not only will he star in a Rumpelstiltskin film, but he will also produce it. It is hard to say goodbye to Tyrion Lannister, but we can’t wait to see what Peter does next.

#10. Tyler Perry

Tyler Perry became one of the highest-paid people in the industry thanks to Madea, a character and franchise he played and created. Madea’s first appearance was in 1999, and now that Perry is about to enter the fifth decade of his life, it is time for him to say goodbye to the iconic character that brought him to fame.

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When asked about why he chose to bring the Madea Simmons franchise to an end, Perry explained:

“I’ll be 50 this year and I’m just at a place in my life where this next 50 I want to do things differently, “She’s also run out of things to say in my point of view.”

#9. P. Diddy

The man, the myth and the legend, P. Diddy, is turning 50 this year. Although it seems surprising at first, considering that he changed his name about 20 times over the years, it’s no wonder that he’s been on this Earth for five decades. Born Sean Combs, P. Diddy has been making and producing music since 1990.

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Over the years, Diddy founded his own record label, Bad Boy Entertainment, released several albums, and also released a clothing line. Oh, and he’s also known for celebrating big. He went skydiving into the Playboy Mansion for his 49th birthday, so we are all wondering what he is planning to do for his big 5-0.

#8. Donnie Wahlberg

We got to meet Donnie Wahlberg when he was just a teen heartthrob and a member of the legendary boy band New Kids on the Block, which was active from 1984 to 1994, which is pretty long for a boy band. He later started acting just like his super-famous brother Mark Wahlberg and has been acting ever since.

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But the New Kids on the Block era is long gone, and Donnie is about to turn 50. The group reunited in 2007 and released a reunion album, and although it feels like yesterday, it was 12 years ago. Nowadays, Donnie is busy producing the TNT reality show Boston’s Finest,  and has no plans to slow down anytime soon.

#7. Matthew Perry

Of course, since we had Jennifer Aniston on this list, it’s pretty easy to infer that all the Friends cast members are in their 50s now. Matthew Perry, who played the iconic Chandler Bing on the show, is no exception. After making it big in his mid-twenties, Perry then became a movie star and appeared in countless films.

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He has also worked as a writer, creator, and producer of a few shows such as Mr. Sunshine and The Odd Couple. He has been active as ever recently, and even missed a Friends reunion in 2016, breaking millions of fans’ hearts, because he was doing a play in London.

#6. Edward Norton

Yet another one of those celebrities who just don’t seem to age, Edward Norton is almost turning 50. From the very beginning, Norton stood out. His first film, Primal Fear, got him a Golden Globe and an Academy Award nomination, and his career exploded afterward. His most memorable role to date is Fight Club, which has a huge cult following.

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Over the years, Norton also became a filmmaker, doing some directing and producing here and there. He also dedicated his very little free time to environmental and humanitarian activism, making us love him even more. And now that he’s turning 50, he can’t wait to try new things in the movie industry.

#5. Ken Jeong

Ken Jeong started doing improv comedy just for fun, but his talents earned him a couple of guest appearances in The Office and Entourage. But his big break came with the hugely-successful The Hangover franchise, where he played gangster Leslie Chow. In these last ten years, he has looked pretty much the same, right? well, he’s turning 50 this year.

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To many people, this might be shocking because it seems like yesterday that Jeong became a star. But he hasn’t been acting all his life. In fact, he is a doctor, and worked as such for many, many years, until he decided to pursue his dream of becoming a comedian. And look where it got him!

#4. Cree Summer

Cree Summer got her big break playing Freddie Brooks on A Different World, a spinoff of The Cosby Show, which ran from 1987 to 1993. But after that, she kind of went off the radar…or did she? Well, her face did at least, because she started a long and successful career as a voice actor. You might recognize her voice from many of your favorite cartoons.

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Summer has lent her voice to shows like Inspector Gadget, Tiny Toon Adventures, Rugrats, Teen Titans Go!, and the list goes on and on. And when she does make an appearance in person, it looks as if she hasn’t aged a single day. But the truth is that the beautiful and talented actress just turned 50 last July.

#3. Marilyn Manson

Rock icon Marilyn Manson turned 50 last January, although he looks the same as he always has. Maybe it’s the makeup or his wild lifestyle, but whatever it is, he’s doing it right. The bizarre musician celebrated his 5-0 with a star-studded bash and showed it all on his Instagram, so it seems that he won’t let his age get in the way of his partying.

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Although he started out as a heavy metal artist in 1989 and has been making music ever since. However, he’s been taking a break since 2017 when two large stage props fell on him and injured him severely. Now he has recovered, and will soon come back with new music.

#2. Terrence Howard

Although he doesn’t look older than 35, actor and singer Terrence Howard turned 50 this March. After a long career as an actor in hit films like Dead Presidents and Hustle & Flow, for which he was nominated for an Academy Award, Howard started to focus more on his love life after he divorced his third wife, Mira Pak.

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After being separated for two years, the two reconnected in 2015 and decided to get back together. With his 50s coming up, Howard changed his mind on a lot of things, and wrote this message to his wife:

 “It took me 45 years to find you… But now that I have you in my 50th year, I will spend the rest of eternity at your side,” 

#1. Paul Rudd

We know what you’re thinking: how in the world does it make any sense that Paul Rudd is 50 years old? Did he make a deal with the lord of darkness? Is he a vampire? A hologram? We will never know. Paul Rudd has been around for many, many years in Hollywood – long enough to prove himself one of the most versatile actors in the industry.

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There isn’t a single type of film Rudd hasn’t done. From comedy to action, to drama, he has done it all, and extremely well. Oh, and he did it all looking like a 25-year-old. He even became an Avenger! Maybe if we all stay as busy as Paul does, we will all age magnificently.

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