Check Out The 20 Catchiest Pop Songs Ever

Who can resist the rhythms, the beats and the catchy lyrics of the best pop songs out there? A good song can boost your mood, but a great song can blow your mind and become part of your daily routine. If you’re the type of person that can’t help singing along with Miley Cyrus’ or Lady Gaga’s ultimate hits then read on. In the following list, you’ll recognize or even learn about the most famous and fabulous pop songs ever.

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#20. “Shake It Off”, Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift is part of any millennial’s teenage heart. She grew up with us in every sense of the word. Breakups, makeups, personal triumphs, makeovers, friendships, love, sadness, and even joy. If you’re looking for numerous songs that reflect different types of moods, then this artist is a top pick.

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As I’ve said before, if you’re going through something there’s a chance Taylor has already lived it. Scratch that, she’s already written a song about it. In Shake it Off, the artist actually strays from her traditional ‘country’ style and ventures into the pop world. Let’s just say, she manages it perfectly (although the music video does pose questions on her dance abilities).

#19. “No Scrubs”, TLC

The album that launched TLC to fame was presented in 1999. In Fanmail, the fem trio sing to fun beats and dance in music videos that are just too ’90s. However, one particular song in that album made it to this list because it speaks to every woman out there. Can you guess which one it is?

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In No Scrubs, the trio talks about THAT kind of man that we shouldn’t love. Come on, toss him aside, he’s nothing. We’ve all got that type, it’s inevitable. If you’re not that familiar with this epic band, then plug your earphones and dance away. Seriously, this song should be in every empowering playlist.

#18. “Call Me Maybe”, Carly Rae Jepsen

When Call Me Maybe hit the charts, the song appeared everywhere. People went insane for Carly’s hit. You could hear it in the clubs, at weddings, birthdays, shopping malls and let’s face it… we also sang it in the shower. The rhythm and lyrics are so upbeat, they could brighten any day.

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In spite of giving the world this treasure, Carly hasn’t had a hit this big since 2012. However, her influence on social media and great pickup lines will certainly outlast her. Seriously, her music video never fails to make me laugh.

#17. “Rolling In The Deep”, Adele

Adele is one of the best singers of our time. Her voice transmits many emotions and her lyrics are incredibly relatable, who doesn’t love her? Everything about her gives off the feeling of empowerment and emotional depth. The world fell in love with her incredible vocal cords when her first album came out.

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It’s no surprise that Adele has managed to score numerous hits. Every one of her songs is perfection. She is such an original artist, we can’t help but be hardcore fans. Rolling in the Deep came out when she was just 21 years old and was rewarded with two Grammy awards. How impressive is that?

#16. “Uptown Funk”, Mark Ronson And Bruno Mars

Mark Ronson is a brilliant artist that is behind some of the greatest pop songs you know. Back to Black sung by Amy Winehouse, Million Reasons from Lady Gaga’s latest album and plenty of hits we love exist today thanks to this artist. Combine that with his charisma and Bruno Mars‘ great voice, and we have a winner!

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Uptown Funk promises a great recipe of different musical genres that sound fantastic together. It’s catchy, it’s upbeat, it’s fun. This song really can’t go wrong. Plus, you won’t get tired of pressing replay on the Music Video.

#15. “Billie Jean”, Michael Jackson

Michael Jackson is well known in every country, so it’s no surprise that the King of Pop made this list. In fact, we just couldn’t help ourselves so he made it twice! His great lyrics hit a chord with people from different generations that know his top hits by heart.

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This great artist has become an inspiration to a whole generation of performers that have picked up on his unique dance moves, his wardrobe and even imitate his vocal sounds. Billie Jean is truly a masterpiece. If you haven’t heard it already, then do your homework!

#14.”Hollaback Girl”, Gwen Stefani

Gwen Stefani is well known for being the vocalist of the band No Doubt. However, since then, she’s experimented with acting, producing, and especially songwriting. Some of you might know her by her work as a jury in The Voice.

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In spite of listening to this song non-stop throughout a vast period of our lives, the exact definition of Hollaback Girl escapes everyone. But who cares when you’ve got an amazing intro and a great beat? For another well-known and loved song, check out the next slide.

#13. “Don’t Stop Believing”, Journey

The intro to this song is pretty epic. No one can deny that when the drums kick in, your heart skips a beat and a smile makes its way across your face. For some of our younger readers, this song was introduced by the memorable performance of the Glee Cast. For others, this song was a part of every party, road trip, and shower karaoke.

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This precious melody first came into the world in 1981. Since then, it’s multiple remakes and renditions have brought it back in style. In fact, back in 2008, it was actually amongst the top Itunes downloads.

#12. “Everybody”, The Backstreet Boys

A list like this one would definitely be incomplete without this unmistakable song. There is nothing like singing Everybody at the top of your lungs on a Friday night. If you can’t get enough of this boy band then don’t miss their documentary.

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These cute boys were huge in the ’90s and early 2000′. Fortunately for us, after a long hiatus, they gifted us with another Album. If you have a soft spot for boy bands then go straight to slide #8. You will definitely love it.

#11. “When Doves Cry”, Prince

Most of the artists and performers you love today have probably been influenced to some degree by Prince. This bigger than life figure has inspired clothing brands, hairstyles, songs, and people like you and me everywhere.

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In case you aren’t that familiar with Prince, then When Doves Cry is a great introduction to the sound and aesthetic of this artist. Listen closely to the lyrics, there’s plenty to think about. If you enjoy a powerful voice, then don’t miss the next slide.

#10. “Genie In A Bottle”, Christina Aguilera

When Christina first came into our lives, the full potential of her voice range was still unknown. Since her first albums, we’ve gotten a glimpse of different facets of this artist. She’s acted, been judge on The Voice and performed all over the world.

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When Christina sings, she never seizes to surprise the audience. There are very few women out there who can reach those high notes while performing some complex dance routines. She somehow manages it perfectly.

#9. “Like A Prayer”, Madonna

Madonna is exceptionally good at remaking her image and getting people to talk about her. Whether you like her or not, the Queen of Pop has numerous hits to back up her title. Especially this classic.

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In 1984, Like a Prayer came into our lives and hasn’t left since. We know the lyrics by heart, we feel the song and we rock to its rhythms. Plus, Madonna is such a fascinating performer, every live concert she gives is a ride on its own.

#8. “It’s Gonna Be Me”, N’ Sync

Boybands… you either love or hate them, but their songs stay with us nonetheless. If you belong to the younger crowd and have no idea who these charming young boys are; picture One Direction with a whole lot more of hair gel and a way more ’90s vibe.

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In this great hit from ‘N Sync, you’ll be swaying to the beat in no time. Do yourself a favor and check out the great music video that starts off in a weird yet original way. The intro begins with the boys as dolls in plastic cases which they break free from… we’re talking great things here.

#7. “I Wanna Dance With Somebody”, Whitney Houston

Whitney Houston is an exceptional singer. Everything about her is truly fabulous; her hair, her fantastic smile, her moves and above all her voice. If you’re into buying albums, then Whitney – which sold over 20 million copies – won’t disappoint.

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The album is masterfully made and has tones of well-known tunes. In fact, critics seem to agree since this song won her a Grammy and even an American Music Award. If you enjoyed this artist, then don’t miss the strong female voice in slide #3.

#6. “Baby One More Time”, Britney Spears

This incredibly catchy song has universal lyrics. Why is that? If you’ve ever been a teenage girl… in fact, if you’ve ever been rejected or dumped as a teenager, then this song will surely hit a chord.

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Britney Spears is the kind of artist who has managed to stay on the news and the radar for more than 10 years. Aside from the lyrics which are really easy to remember, the video and the artist’s look have also become a favorite. Some people even dress like her in Halloween!

#5. “Party In The USA”, Miley Cyrus

One of the things that make Miley Cyrus great and lovable is the fact that we saw her grow up. In fact, many grew up alongside her. From her Hannah Montana years to her rebellious and even country sounds, this artist has gifted us with plenty of hits.

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When this song turns up on the radio, I can’t help but turn the volume to max. Since the moment it came out back in 2009, young people everywhere have lifted up their arms in unison when the chorus comes on.

#4. “Thriller”, Michael Jackson

If there’s one recognizable dance step you should learn, it’s the one that Michael Jackson performs in Thriller. This mesmerizing music video was a shock when it first came out. Combined with the cool rhythm, this song instantly became a classic.

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It seems that as years go by, this song doesn’t age. If one artist could achieve a hit that transcended time and even English-speaking countries, it was Michael. For another unique and addictive voice, check out the next slide.

#3. “Single Ladies”, Beyonce

Ever since Beyonce hit the charts, we’ve been hooked. She is loved and adored by at least 94 million followers on her Instagram account, so it’s no surprise that a song performed by this incredibly talented artist made the list. Single Ladies is meant to be sung like an anthem.

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Why is Single Ladies arguably one of the best songs out there? From the unmistakable rhythm to the epic lyrics and the memorable music video, Beyonce has secured this song a place in history. However, her hits don’t stop there. Her album Lemonade and her latest participation in the remake of The Lion King are worthy of your attention as well.

#2. “Firework”, Katy Perry

Katy Perry has made such a trademark image for herself, we can’t help but love her. The artist’s voice, looks, even the way she walks are completely unique. Her music videos make for a discussion topic in themselves. They have a great sense of humor and are full of colors and images that will have you hooked.

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When Firework first came out in 2010, the world knew it would instantly become a Party anthem. The signature chorus can get even the shiest dancer out there to bust some moves. Don’t believe me? Then let her MTV award and her two Grammy nominations speak for themselves. You won’t regret putting this song on your party playlist.

#1. “Sorry”, Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber is one of the most famous pop stars out there. He is well known for having an angelic voice, but his talent doesn’t stop there. He is actually quite talented at the piano, the drums, and guess what, even the trumpet! His early fame caught the world’s attention back in 2008, and since then fans can’t get enough.

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Sorry is a song some of you might relate to and some of you won’t. Regardless, the fresh sound and the fantastic music video are enough to win over any critic’s heart. I dare you not to sing along to the chorus. Every time this song comes up on the radio, I know I’ll be singing along to Sorry for the rest of the day.

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