The Most Striking Travel Photos You’ll Ever See

Without a doubt, traveling is a wonderful thing! You can meet amazing people along the way, live adventures you’ll remember your whole life, taste exotic flavors and marvel at breathtaking views. The following article is a carefully selected list of the most mind-blowing travel photos we’ve seen , and all of these destinations should definitely be on your bucket list. Personally, #7, #4 and particularly #1 blew my mind away.

Photo: Courtesy of National Geographic

#20. Lukomir, Bosnia And Herzegovina

Getting ready for a great trip and don’t know where? Bosnia and Herzegovina is a great pick. While this surely isn’t a popular go-to destination for most tourists, this country has wonders waiting to be discovered. Nature lovers, pay attention!

Photo: Courtesy of National Geographic

To get a glimpse of the whole country, head to the countryside. Make sure you head to the village of Lukomir. The mountainous scenery will mesmerize anyone who sets their eyes on the place. Make sure you go soon before hoards of tourists get wind of this treasure!

#19. Italy

Italy is a classic destination. In each city and town, people discover amazing flavors, learn about the most epic historical feats and admire the architecture. The country has so much to offer that everyone can have fun here.

Photo: Courtesy of National Geographic

The Brunette Bros Family is a well-known traveling circus act that amazes anyone lucky enough to watch. Marionettes, theatre, and an equilibrist is just part of what you’ll see in this fabulous act. Stay tuned with them and you might find them in circus festivals around Italy.

#18. United States Of America

This country is well known for its diversity in landscapes, foods, ethnicities and even languages that are spoken. The vast country uses up 18 percent of the world’s energy and it has the largest economy, just imagine the proportions!

Photo: Courtesy of National Geographic

The bull riding tradition has remained pretty much unchanged for more than twenty years. The rodeo brings together families and locals who anxiously watch on as the show begins. The spectators can also enjoy traditional flavors and games for children during the Cody Nite Rodeo.

#17. Baku, Azerbaijan

The main source of wealth of this country comes from its natural resources, particularly oil. In fact, there is a surreal place that attracts tourists from all over and its called The Natural Fire. Head over there if you want to discover a 65-year-old fire that is burning constantly.

Photo: Courtesy of National Geographic

On top of the natural scenes, the capital is a growing epicenter of culture and youth. Walk the beautiful streets and take a moment to admire the architecture. Bold buildings and strange houses are a common thing in Baku. Take a camera to make the most of your trip!

#16. Cancun, Mexico

Mexico is a country that no matter where you head to, you’ll be received with hospitality and loads of food. One of the main sources of income that the country has is the Tequila Industry. The image depicts workers in Cancun chopping pineapples during the production of the tasty drink.

Photo: Courtesy of National Geographic

Don’t miss the opportunity to learn about the fabulous culture and lifestyle of this country. However, take advantage of Cancun’s beaches by visiting during the summer. The breeze and the waves could make anyone unwind and have a good time.

#15. Croatia

To all the foodies out there, pay close attention. Croatia is a top pick if you love exotic flavors. A local favorite includes a colorful dish served over ice. That’s right, you’ll probably never taste something as fresh as this platter of shellfish that is filled with flavors.

Photo: Courtesy of National Geographic

Aside from the delicious wonders, you’ll find in Croatia, this country has mind-blowing landscapes. In fact, the world-known tv series Game of Thrones was filmed over there. Pay a visit to the Dalmatian coast and Dubrovnik for a great time.

#14. Hungary

Hungary is the birthplace of fantastic inventions such as the biro ballpoint pen and the best game ever Rubik’s cube. Aside from that fun fact, the country makes for a great destination. Its complex and interesting history has left fascinating landmarks worth visiting.

Photo: Courtesy of National Geographic

If you’re looking forward to relaxing and unwinding from the stressful routine, then this is the place to go. There are at least 1500 spas and thermal springs that attract people from all over the world. For a family trip, Lake Balaton makes for a top destination.

#13. Naftalan, Azerbaijan

Azerbaijan is home to the natural resource of Naftalan oil. Studies have shown that this curious thing actually has plenty of curating properties such as antibiotic and even anti-inflammatory. So if you’re done touring through the capital city and wish to relax a bit, head towards Naftalan.

Photo: Courtesy of National Geographic

If you’re in deep need of skin treatments and relaxation then don’t look any further, this is the place for you. People head from all over the world to the Naftalan Petroleum Medical Center in order to enjoy the curating petroleum baths.

#12. Vietnam

Vietnam is a must-visit destination for those traveling to Southeast Asia. Many know some of its history from the Cold War era, but as you get to learn more, the country becomes irresistibly fascinating. Aside from that, the landscapes are isolated and mind-blowing.

Photo: Courtesy of National Geographic

If you’re into the fancy way of traveling, then you must stay at the Palace of Revelation. Some tourists have even got watery-eyed at the site of this place. The hotel was actually inspired by the New Testament, and it is truly heavenlike.

#11. Ukraine

There are only good things to say about Ukraine. First off, Ukrainian is just as melodic as Italian. I could just hear people speak for hours. The country is a great place to do an exchange program since the culture is rich, the people are very welcoming and it has one of the highest education rates in the world.

Photo: Courtesy of National Geographic

Ukraine is a fun place to be young. There’s plenty to do and the kids really know how to take advantage of that. In fact, when the school year is over, everybody heads to the Independence square and water battles begin. Jumping the water fountain is basically a rite of passage.

#10. Rose Valley, Bulgaria

Bulgaria is an amazing place. The country holds marvels waiting to be discovered. From movie-like rivers to surreal views of the mountains, this place should be in your top five. Don’t forget your camera and be sure to capture the magnificent colors and beauty of the place.

Photo: Courtesy of National Geographic

Fun fact! Did you know Bulgaria is actually one of the countries that export the greatest amount of lavender oil? In fact, while you’re there, visit the Rose Valley. Rose oil can be found in abundance there. If you’re the type of person that can appreciate natural landscapes then check out the next slide.

#9. The Philippines

The Philippines is a country you can’t help falling in love with. Tourism is pretty much the motor of this country’s economy. Be sure you visit everything this place has to offer and help local communities by checking out their products and buying lovely gifts. The street markets are just amazing!

Photo: Courtesy of National Geographic

The Philippines stands out because of its incredible biodiversity. From lush rainforests to paradise-like beaches, anyone can find their place here. If you’re into snorkeling and scuba diving then this will surely be a hit. Be sure you don’t miss the next destination.

#8. Mexico City, Mexico

If you’re looking to escape your hometown’s cold harsh winter then this is the place for you. Mexico City is a fascinating city that can be enjoyed during any season, though it’s even best in the summer. The streets become alive and you won’t be able to keep your hands away from the exquisite fruits in the market.

Photo: Courtesy of National Geographic

Aside from the delicious foods, the colorful markets and the amazing art you can enjoy at the museums, Mexico is a great place to learn about alternative medicine. Contact local healers and be a part of rituals in order to guarantee your body and mind are healthy throughout the year.

#7. Sixpenny Handley, England

While the top images one conjures up when thinking about England relate to the bustling city of London, the country has plenty of green to offer. Take a break from the busy city centers and head out to the countryside.

Photo: Courtesy of National Geographic

There are plenty of volunteer experiences in family farms that give great insight into what daily life is like for the agricultural workers. If that’s not your thing, a day trip is enough to take in the infinite crops. Personal tip, head to Sixpenny Handley and you won’t regret it.

#6. Fujiyoshida, Japan

Japan is full of marvelous landmarks, but there’s nothing like the Arakurayama Sengen Park in Fujiyoshida City. This park is famous for its five-storied pagoda which overlooks Mount Fuji. The park offers mind-blowing sceneries year-round, but the best time to visit is April, and here’s why.

Photo: Courtesy of National Geographic

April is when the cherry blossom season begins, which means that hundreds of lavender cherry trees surround the pagoda. Furthermore, a cherry blossom festival is held during this time of the year, which includes local food stalls and music shows.

#5. Horse Festivals In Oman

While Oman isn’t the popular go-to place when thinking about a holiday, the country is full of mysteries and amazing things to see. In fact, there are 4 UNESCO World Heritage sites right here, begging for you to explore them.

Photo: Courtesy of National Geographic

The image depicts a national treasure: the Bahla horse festival. During this festival, traditional riders perform on top of beautiful horse breeds. If you’re into horse races and pretty much anything involving this animal, don’t miss the chance to visit Oman.

#4. Meghalaya, India

In spite of globalization, a great part of Indian culture and landscape remains a mystery to the world. If you’re up for the adventure, rest assured that a high percentage of people speak English and are very kind and welcoming of tourists. However, stay alert! Petty robberies are quite common.

Photo: Courtesy of National Geographic

At first glance, this place looks pretty surreal. In Meghalaya, living root bridges are quite common. These amazing structures play with nature and man-made architecture. The bridges were made long ago, but are still widely used.

#3. Dorset, England

Over the years, people over the world have gotten to know England’s history thanks to TV series like Downton Abbey, The Crown and Peaky Blinders. This interesting country was the birthplace of the industrial revolution and throughout history has been a part of incredible technological advances.

Photo: Courtesy of National Geographic

In contrast with the scientific revolution and logic, some rural areas practice mystic rituals. Some rural areas such as Dorset offer tourists and locals the experience of being a part of rituals to guarantee safe and prosper crops throughout the year.

#2. Okinawa, Japan

Japanese culture has begun to make its mark in western entertainment through anime. As a consequence, many of us are now familiar with traditional foods such as ramen, their extraordinary abilities to eat almost everything with chopsticks, and the diverse sceneries this fascinating country can offer.

Photo: Courtesy of National Geographic

Don’t miss the chance to visit this incredible place during special festivities. The island of Okinawa hosts a great festival where the streets are lined with food carts with delicious and tasty treats, dancers hypnotize with their movements and women dress as chondara (as can be seen in the photograph).

#1. Indonesia

In late years, Indonesia has become a top destination for young adults who yearn the excitement and unique experiences this country has to offer. Animal lovers go crazy here since the country is home to many species that can’t be found anywhere else, including the largest lizard, the Komodo dragon! A must visit is the capital of the country, Jakarta.

Photo: Courtesy of National Geographic

The photo depicts a common practice in this country. It involves men taking daily trips into an active volcano to extract “devil’s gold” or as we know it: sulfur. This economy provides a source of work for many, as well as plenty of health issues.

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