Top 30 Hidden Bars In The World You Must See For Yourself

When you go out with friends or with your couple, or hey, maybe even when you go out alone, you generally end up going for a drink and a hamburguer, right? Well, bars are the perfect place to this… but if you’re also in for some adventure, you should know that some bars are located in some of the strangest and most bizarre locations. For example, can you imagine going to a bar inside a noodle shop or an umbrella store? Well, here’s a list of 30 secret and hidden bars you must see for yourself! So if you’re in for a beer with your friends but at the same time wish to have a unique and unusual experience, this is what you’re looking for! Our favorites are #26#17, #10 and #3!

Photo: Courtesy of Maxime Prangé

#30. Adults Only

Located in Hollywood, Los Angeles, in the corner of Sunset and La Brea, the bar Adults Only is hidden at plain sight. When looking for the entrance, just look for a pink neon light sign and a door resembling that of a video store.

Photo: Courtesy of Adults Only26

What is more, the entrance to the bar was completely designed to make you think you are entering the adult’s section of a video film store. After crossing the entrance, you will be inside the bar, which is decorated with cathedral lamps and church pews. Regarding entertainment, film projections and dancing are the bar’s main ingredients!

#29. Backdoor 43

If you are looking for one of the smallest bars in the world, you came to the right place! Backdoor 43, located in Milan, Italy, has been declared the smallest bar in the world, as its surface is only 13 square feet. The bar takes reservations, but only for four people at a time.

Photo: Courtesy of Backdoor43

The whole process of making a reservation and entering the bar is sort of peculiar since you are given a special key and there’s a secret code that you have to discover to unlock the door. Nonetheless, if you want a coffee and do not have a reservation, just knock and a bartender with a V for Vendetta mask will pour it for you!

#28. Bank Bar

Of all the places where you could find a hidden bar, one would never think of a convenience store like a 7-Eleven. Nonetheless, in the Philippines, this is exactly the case. The Bank Bar’s entrance is hidden in the storage room of the store!

Photo: Courtesy of Bank Bar

After crossing the door of the storage room, you’ll come to the bar itself, which is furnished completely in velvet and with a very varied crowd! Finger food, like hamburgers and french fries, and several cocktails comprise the menu of this secret bar!

#27. Can You Keep a Secret?

Located in Brisbane, Australia, Can You Keep a Secret? is one of the now-not-so-secret bars throughout the world. Every vintage item in the shop and band bar may be used by the guests while having a drink or eating in the table.

Photo: Courtesy of Jake Day

The cocktails in the bar may vary from wines, spirit drinks, and craft beers that are carefully selected by the owners. On top of that, Can You Keep a Secret? offers several live shows, from bands to DJs! And look how fancy those chairs against the brick walls are!

#26. Foxglove

Located in the middle of the city of Hong Kong, Foxglove is one of those secrets bars intended to make the guest feel like they are traveling in a luxury first-class cabin. In order to be able to enter the bar, you first have to enter an umbrella shop, which gives a lot of Kingsman vibes.

Photo: Courtesy of Foxglove

One of the umbrellas – more specifically, the handle of one of the umbrellas – serves as the door to the secret bar. But that’s not even the bar’s only entrance, as after you pass that door, there’s another door hidden behind a giant painting on a wall. After you push that wall, you’re finally there! So go and enjoy your drink in this perfectly hidden bar!

#25. Callooh Callay

This London-based bar is not only one secret bar, but three, each one inside the other. The first bar is not so hard to find and is furnished like a Victorian-era room with exposed brick walls and plush-covered furniture at every step.

Photo: Courtesy of Addie Chinn

Nonetheless, the real secret of the Callooh Callay bar is the other two bars that are inside. To get to the second one, guests have to cross a wardrobe closet, like the one in Narnia’s books, and in order to get to the third and last bar, they have to go up some stairs, and there it will be!

#24. Gyu Bar

Located in the city of Niseko, in Japan, those visitors that want to have a drink in Gyu Bar must pay an awful lot of attention, as they must look for a very small red freezer door that is sticking out from a snowbank! Can it get more surreal?

Photo: Courtesy of Glen Claydon

The Gyu bar, also known by locals as the Red Fridge Door bar, is famous for its very rare and expensive selection of Japanese whiskeys. On top of this, the bar has a very comfy and warm atmosphere, and everything in it is handwritten!

#23. Jules Basement

In the prohibition era, during the 1920s, people used to hang around in secret places known as speakeasies. In the City of Mexico, more precisely in the Polaco neighborhood, there is one such place, but located underneath a taco shop!

Photo: Courtesy of Jules Basement

In order to get to Jules Basement, guests will have to find a white door and then pass a set of curtains to enter. Once inside, people will find a very modern glass design with several big tables decorated with white skulls. The variety of drinks in this bar is incredible and you should try as many as you can!

#22. Floreria Atlantico

Located in the Microcentro area of the city of Buenos Aires, if you are in desperate need of doing some shopping and having a drink at the same time, you are very welcome in the Floreria Atlantico, which is actually a wine and floral shop!

Photo: Courtesy of Michael Luongo

In order to get to the actual drinking spot, guests will have to pass every shelve and look for a freezer door on the refrigerator, which will open to some kind of speakeasy. In this secret bar, the culture of every inmigrant that came to Argentina is celebrated in the menu selection!

#21. Mendeleev Bar

Located in the city of Moscow, this noodle shop is one of the weirdest and rarest places that work as a storefront for a secret bar. In order to enter the premises of Mendeleev Bar, visitors have to get past a curtain with a descending stair.

Photo: Courtesy of Dias Nurmagambetov

After following the stair to the very bottom, everyone will be amazed by the vaulted ceiling and all the private spots the bar has to offer. The bar’s specialty is one of the strongest beverages in the world, absinthe, which has an alcohol volume that ranges from 45% to 74%!

#20. The Green Door

Located in one of the busiest and funniest cities in Europe, The Green Door is one of Berlin’s most famous bars. In order to find it, you should keep your eyes open and look for a… you’ve guessed it! A green door.

Photo: Courtesy of Heerde

The bar is located in the neighborhood of Schöneberg. When you arrive, just press the doorbell and someone will come for you and lead you inside. The main theme and setting of the bar is the decade of 1970, so be prepared for that kind of décor and music!

#19. Local Edition

When staying in the city of San Francisco, California, you may want to look out for Local Edition, a bar dedicated to telling the history of the city. This is so as the bar is located within a printing room of a local newspaper, The Examiner.

Photo: Courtesy of Local Edition

For those that have never heard of such bar, it is located in one of the most historic buildings of San Francisco, the Hearst building. The whole bar is decorated with typewriters and newspaper clippings. It’s a bit nerdy but cool at the same time.

#18. Panda And Sons

Disguised as an antique barbershop on one of the main streets of Edinburgh, Queen Street, Panda, and Sons is one of the most beautiful and important bars in the city. However, finding the entrance to the bar is quite an adventure!

Photo: Courtesy of Panda & Sons

To enter the bar you have to look for a fake bookcase, which will open when you pull down on a specific book. Sounds like something that would happen in Harry Potter, right? The bar offers a variety of drinks which are served in original ways, such as in a Chinese takeout box. You should try several of them!

#17. Operation Dagger

The name Operation Dagger seems like an action-packed film, but it’s actually one of the secret bars located in the city of Singapore, and whose location is pretty much unmarked. Lucky for you, we’ve got its exact address for you to visit it and enjoy yourself!

Photo: Courtesy of Operation Dagger

In order to access Operation Dagger, you will need to go to an Oxwell & Co, and inside it, look for an unmarked entrance and a set of stairs that will lead you to the basement. Once in the bar, you will find several craft beers, cocktails, and special sampled drinks!

#16. Spirito

When in Rome do as Romans do” is one of the most famous and widely used proverbs, but it is actually true. When in Rome, you should go to the secret bar called Spirito, and this is how you can get there, so read carefully!

Photo: Courtesy of Spirito Club

The Spirito bar is located behind a door in the sandwich shop Premiata Panineria al Pigneto. The door will lead you to a kind of casino-looking bar, in which the tables are those of blackjack and roulette! Winning chops and trading them in the bar will give you incredibly rare cocktails!

#15. Blue Room

Here’s another American secret bar located in Los Angeles. The Blue Room is more of a private secret bar, as it is located inside the Los Angeles Athletic Club and every person attending the club know of its existence.

Photo: Courtesy of Antonio Diaz

The bar opened for the first time in 1912 and was created especially for the Uplifters Club. Uplifters was a private group comprising several of the most famous personalities of that time, such as Walt Disney and Will Rogers. The bar’s decoration combines both traditional American and British decoration.

#14. Noble Experiment

Located in San Diego’s Gaslamp district, the Noble Experiment secret bar is located within another restaurant called Neighborhood. Once inside the restaurant, just head to the back and near the bathrooms, you’ll come across a door. Voilá!

Photo: Courtesy of Zack Benson

Once you find the door, just push it and prepare to be amazed by the decoration! One of the walls of the bar is completely decorated, from top to bottom, with golden skulls. Without a doubt, it features a modern decoration, though traditional cocktails are served!

#13. Safe House

Located in the city of Milwaukee in the state of Wisconsin, Safe House is a spy-themed secret bar. In order for visitors to enter, first they will have to find the door and then, after pressing a buzzer, visitors must guess the secret password.

Photo: Courtesy of Zuma Press

If nobody has the password, you are given a series of tests which you need to pass in order to enter. Once inside, the bar has a few different decorations which are all related to special forces or related to the spying world. If it is your birthday, you should ask for the interrogation room! I know, it’s cool but kind of frightening.

#12. The Croft Institute

Located in the city of Melbourne, Australia, and within Chinatown, there’s a secret bar named The Croft Institute. But in order to be allowed access, people must follow this simple instruction. All that the guests have to do is find an alley full of graffiti, and then they’ll know they are in the right place.

Photo: Courtesy of Paul Louis Villani

The first floor of the bar is decorated like a high school science lab and every item that you will see inside it comes from a decommissioned hospital. On the other hand, the second floor of the bar is decorated as the gymnasium of a high school, and it even features a grassy lawn!

#11. Wodka Tonic

If you’re a whiskey lover and happen to be in Japan, this secret bar in the Nishi-Azabu neighborhood in Tokyo may be the perfect place for you! The bar is located in a very quiet street and not many people know of its existence.

Photo: Courtesy of Wodka Toic

Wodka and Tonic (that’s the name of the bar) has an incredible number of different whiskey bottles, more than 1,000! When talking about food, the bar offers traditional Japanese dishes, many of them including pasta. You should try the deep-fried pasta!

#10. Sunshine Laundromat And Pinball

Located in Brooklyn, New York, this place just seems what it looks like on the outside: a very simple laundromat that has some pinball games for those waiting for the laundry to be done. But, on the inside, it contains the entrance to a secret bar!

Photo: Courtesy of Dylan Thuras

If you head to the back of the place, one of the laundromat machines is a camouflaged door that leads to the bar downstairs! It’s just another traditional New York bar which offers wine, beer, and pizza, but with the most peculiar door ever! If you keep playing the arcade games and get a top score, you will be featured on their webpage!

#9. The Baxtern Inn

Another spot for those whiskey fans out there is The Baxter Inn, a secret bar located in Sidney, Australia. This whiskey-themed bar has so many varieties that the shelves go from the bottom to the top of the wall!

Photo: Courtesy of The Baxtern Inn

Because of that, the walls have several ladders that bartenders use to go up and fetch the whiskey that you request! The Baxtern Inn does not only offer whiskey, as it also boasts traditional beers and signature Australian dishes.

#8. The Mayor Of Scaredy Cat Town

Although the name may resemble an animation film, The Mayor of Scaredy Cat Town is actually a bar located in the neighborhood of Spitalfields, London. In order to enter the bar, you should head first to The Breakfast Club, that serves as its storefront.

Photo: Courtesy of Ewan Munro

In the room’s very back, there is a fake fridge door that serves as an entrance to the secret bar, and you will need a password that the staff will request (ask to see the mayor). Once they let you in, you will be able to have exotic drinks and traditional dishes!

#7. The Franklin Mortgage And Investment Co.

If you are a fan of Sherlock Holmes, you should come to this bar that is located in the city of Philadelphia, and that disguises itself as a detective agency. The Franklin Mortgage and Investment Co. The bar’s entrance is underground, so it might be difficult to find it.

Photo: Courtesy of C. Gabello

The bar is furnished like an old detective company, with leather seats and old paintings. One of the bar’s specialties is Painting the Roses Red, a drink made with mezcal, crème de cacao, citric acid, and butterfly pea syrup!

#6. Williams & Graham

Located in Denver, Colorado, the bar Williams & Graham lies within a very small bookshop. Inside the bookshop, be on the lookout for a particular bookcase that will open and let you inside the secret bar.

Photo: Courtesy of Cyrus Mccrimmon

Once inside, you will be amazed by the decoration, since everything is made completely out of wood. Bartenders here make the cocktails with a lot of care and the names of those cocktails are out-of-the-ordinary, like the I’m Going Ananas, that mixes several strong beverages!

#5. The Vault At Milroy’s

Another bar for whiskey lovers, but this one is not only very famous but very old as well. We are talking about Milroy’s of Soho, located in the city of London, and which was founded in 1964! Don’t miss this historical landmark.

Photo: Courtesy of Roberto Herrett

Inside Milroy’s of Soho, there is a secret bar, known as The Vault at Milroy’s. For visitors to be able to access it, they should head to the back of the bar and look for a bookcase, that will open to a staircase that will lead you to the Vault. Inside it, the drinks vary each season!

#4. Trillby & Chadwick

Another bar to go if you are a fan of detectives, such as Sherlock Holmes or Hercules Poirot, but this one is located in the city of Helsinki and its theme is the Prohibition era. There is no sign that will help you locate the place, but we’ll tell you how to recognize it!

Photo: Courtesy of Trillby & Chadwick

The bar has every window blacked out, so when you find them, enter through the door and go to the antique telephone. When you pick it up, you will be let inside the bar. The bar in itself is a very small space, with very dim light, and the drinks are served with strange ingredients like avocados!

#3. Little Red Door

Located in the city of Paris, the secret bar Little Red Door has a very chic-theme style. As its name suggests, the entrance to the bar jumps to you when you find the red door at its address. Several bars in different countries have adopted this style, like La Puerta Roja in Buenos Aires.

Photo: Courtesy of Maxime Prangé

Even though the original entrance to the bar was the red door, nowadays the entrance is right next to it, and once inside, you will be in a stone-and-brick bar where everything is covered in red and velvet leather. The names of the drinks and foods are based on famous works of art!

#2. The Garrett (West)

Located in the city of New York, The Garrett bar has two locations, but this time we will refer to the one in the West of the city. This secret bar is located inside the bar Five Guys which sits on Bleecker Street. To find The Garrett, walk past the counter and stay with us.

Photo: Courtesy of The Garrett

After walking past the counter, you should look for a staircase going up. Take it, and after opening the door you’ll find at the end, you will be inside the secret Garrett bar, which specializes in burgers and strange cocktails like The First Lady, which is a mix of gin, combler, match green tea, lemon, egg whites, and fresh basil!

#1. La Trastienda

La Trastienda, located in the city of Granada in Spain, lies in the back of a shop that specializes in selling wine, cheese, and ham. The name of the bar points directly to the place where it is, as “La Trastienda” translates to “backroom”.

Photo: Courtesy of La Trastienda

La Trastienda was founded in 1836 and first served as a grocery store, and then it was converted by its owner, Fernando Miranda, into a restaurant serving wines and ham dishes. Nowadays, La Trastienda also expanded to the food truck business!

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