Celebrities Line Up to Adopt Pup Abandoned In Heartbreaking Viral Video

Just a few of days before Christmas, one pup’s life was about to change. By the look of his situation, we’d all agree it would change for the best, considering his heartless owner. It was night when a passerby spotted something that looked like a dog’s bed. Cuddled inside, an adorable Staffordshire terrier was looking up, all sad and alone. The Good Samaritan took the abandoned pup to a local vet and hoped that he would be reunited with his folks. The passerby had no idea the truth behind his pup’s story…

twitter.com/Rachel Butler RSPCA

19. Surveillance Shows a Man

The sad Staffordshire terrier was now safe at the vet. The next morning, RSPCA officials went to the place where the pup was found and saw a surveillance camera. When they checked the footage from the previous night, everyone was shocked to see what actually happened!


The footage on the surveillance camera taped a man leaving the passenger seat and taking the pup outside the car. He also has a dog bed in one hand, leading the leashed pup across the road. Then the most heartbreaking moment begins…

18. He Runs to the Car!


The man drops the bed, unleashes the dog and runs to the car. The poor dog realizes he’s left behind and runs back to the car, where he jumps at the window to plead for his master to open the door or come back!

17. The Car Drives Away


After a while, the car drives away, and the dog runs, circling the vehicle as if trying to somehow hop back inside. In a statement from the RSPCA inspector Natalie Perehovsky, she said that “footage has to be seen to be believed, it’s just awful.”

But things take an unexpected turn at #13!

16. Who Would Do This Thing?


“To see the poor dog in such obvious distress jumping up at the car as it drives away is just heartbreaking, added the inspector, saying that she couldn’t understand how can someone do such a thing.

The pup’s story soon became vital on Twitter and then on the entire internet, said RSPCA’s Rachel Butler…

15. The Dog Snoop


This pup’s name is Snoop, said Rachel Butler, who is the RSPCA media manager, adding that many people shared RSPCA’s twitter post about Snoop who got dumped:

“It has gone global and millions of people have viewed the footage. This is proof of the power of the media!” And she is right – just check out this amazing thing at #9!

14. Snoop the Staffordshire Terrier

twitter.com/Rachel Butler RSPCA

This pup is now famous and happy with the staff at RSPCA caring for him like they do with many other abandoned animals. Just by looking at him, so cute and friendly, it’s hard to think of a reason why anyone would want to abandon him…

13. Snoop Is Sweet and Loves to Play


Butler said in an interview with the Dodo that Snoop is a “loving dog who enjoys being around humans.” According to the rescue, he should be around two years old.

But what will happen to Snoop now that he is safe? Here he is in the next photo!

12. Snoozing Peacefully


In one Twitter post, Butler wrote that Snoop’s story had reached people in the USA, Russia, and India. Meanwhile, he did one of the things he’s so great at: “our famous Snoop is enjoying a snooze.”

She also explained that they are looking for a home for Snoop, and here’s where it gets better!

11. Will Snoop Find a Home?


The people that are now caring for Snoop are confident that this pup will find his home. However, they are now caring for him and trying to help him with his separation anxiety. RSPCA is also investigating his case, trying to find out who abandoned him.

10. Let’s Find the Man Who Did This!


“I am very keen to hear from anyone who recognizes the vehicle, the man or the dog,” stated RSPCA inspector. Meanwhile, everyone around the world wants to adopt this loyal pup.

Here’s where everyone lost it!

9. Celebs Want to Adopt Snoop

twitter.com/Rachel Butler RSPCA

Among the people that want to adopt the adorable pup, some celebrities Twitted to RSPCA that their homes are available for sweet Snoop. Guess who wants Snoop as their furry baby!

8. “It Is Heartbreaking”


Seeing that this pup was abandoned just before Christmas, Snoop Dogg – YES, exactly the singer that shares the same name – said in an interview with the Daily Star that the video was heartbreaking:

“If he really needed a home then he has one with us… There is always room for another dog in Casa de Snoop.”

7. Everyone Wants Snoop!

twitter.com/Rachel Butler RSPCA

Since the story about Snoop’s rescue went viral, everyone asked to adopt him. The rescue group is now working on preparing the pooch for his adoption day, added Butler on Twitter a couple of weeks ago:

“He is getting lots of love from @RSPCA_official staff!” Here is what he needs to learn before choosing a home…

6. Getting Puppy Lessons

twitter.com/Rachel Butler RSPCA

The RSPCA is now training Snoop to be a good boy – although we already have settled it that he is the best boy on Earth! They are also “trying to help his severe separation anxiety,” said Butler.

5. Anxiety in Dogs

twitter.com/Rachel Butler RSPCA

Being left all alone like Snoop experienced it on that cold night must have left a mark on him, so it’s obvious now that he doesn’t want to be alone for a split second. Fortunately, he can learn to forget the terrible event with the help of an expert.

4. An Overwhelming Offer


In an interview with the Dodo, Butler added that they were overwhelmed by how much support Snoop received from everyone and from famous people:

“We are so grateful to all the millions of people who have shared Snoop’s story across the world.”

3. Investigations Continue


According to the RSPCA, they are still investigating the case and assessing Snoop’s behavior so that he can be adopted. The group will learn which home is proper for him. Meanwhile, other known people offered to adopt him!

2. Andrew Neil and Sue Perkins



Both BBC journalist Andrew Neil and comedian Sue Perkins offered to give the pooch a home. Neil said to RSPCA that if they had “trouble rehoming this little dog,” he “will take it, gladly.” Meanwhile, Perkins offered Snoop “a loving home in a heartbeat.”

1. He Loves Everyone


Butler said that Snoop loves to be among people, to be cuddled and sit between their legs and “is certainly enjoying lots of love and affection from our staff.”

We think that Snoop is now the happiest pooch alive, getting all the attention he desperately needed!

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