25 Sea Phenomena That Will Keep You Awake At Night

You’ve probably heard before that the ocean is the most unexplored place on Earth. In fact, only as little as 5 percent of it has been investigated. Who knows what is lurking in the other 95 percent? Here we have picked 25 deep sea anomalies that are worth the read. From eerie sounds to mysterious creatures, many of these wonders are bound to catch your attention!

#25. Vanishing Submarines

Maybe you’ve always wanted to experience being inside a submarine. After all, what’s not to love about being surrounded by the vast ocean in the safety of a heavily armed ship? Well, tell that to the people that mysteriously disappeared in 1968. There were a total of four vanishing submarines, all from different countries.

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The disappearing submarines’ names were the USS Scorpion, the Israeli INS Dakar, French Submarine Minerve, and Soviet K-129. Nobody really knows what caused these disappearances. But there are many theories that say they were the result of secret attacks from the Soviets.

#24. Shark Alpha

Sharks are probably one of the most feared animals in the ocean. Thus, it’s hard to picture them running away from another predator. However, according to Australian scientists, a tagged great white shark was attacked and eaten by a mysterious predator, which still remains unknown.

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The 9-foot great white shark was a female and was named shark alpha. The team that tagged her in Australian waters was trying to investigate animal movement along the coast. On Christmas Eve, the tag recorded that the shark had plunged at high speed straight down, along with a drastic temperature change, which could only have occurred if the shark had been eaten. The tag appeared 4 months later about 2.5 miles away from where it was attached.

#23. Sycamore Knoll

The Sycamore Knoll lies 2,000 feet below the water’s surface and it was discovered with Google Earth. It has the appearance of a structure that is supported on several pillars. Ufologists believe this is a huge discovery; however, geologists think otherwise. In short, they don’t think the Sycamore Knoll is anything worth exploring.

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You can find the Sycamore Knoll yourself using Google Earth, lying off the coast of Malibu. This oval-shape seems to reveal that there is a dark interior. The natural surroundings nearby are said to be highly unsymmetrical. The anomaly measures about 3 miles wide. Who knows? It might be a UFO base.

#22. Gigantic Sunken Monument

We’ve all heard of Atlantis before. Some people might even say we found it by mistake. Japanese divers were on the search for hammerhead sharks, but instead found something quite different. Beneath the water was a huge monument, its dimensions were 490 feet by 130 feet and 90 feet high.

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Ever since it was found, scholars argue about what its origins are. While some say it underwent a natural procedure, others believe it was man-made. For those that support the latter argument, they estimate that the monument is about 9,000 years old and that the reason it is submerged is due to tectonic activity.

#21. Water Dragon Master

If you travel to Russia and you find yourself near northern Siberia, you might be interested in visiting Lake Baikal. Baikal is a unique lake and it is said to be the home to the Lusud-Khan, or the Water Dragon MasterEarly Chinese explorers claimed to have seen such creature, and this is supported by modern-day fishermen.

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Lake Baikal is one of the oldest and deepest lakes in the world. It is dated at 25 million years old and it represents the biggest volume of fresh water on this Earth. To further support claims surrounding this sea monster, there is a stone slab from the 3rd and 9th century BCE that suggests the existence of such a creature.

#20. Milky Sea

This is definitely one of those phenomena you wish you could witness yourself. For several years, sailors have detected patches of glowing water in the middle of the ocean, and they have called this “The Milky Sea Phenomenon“. They describe it as pale, milky waters that glow and stretch to a point the eye cannot see.

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Scientists have concluded that what causes these glowing waters is bioluminescent bacterial action. This causes the water to turn into a milky blue. This phenomenon has been recorded and been in existence for over four centuries. We still aren’t sure exactly why so many bacteria decide to gather in this spot.

#19. Upsweep

What’s scarier than something you can only hear but cannot see? “Upsweep” is what scientists have decided to name a mysterious sound that was discovered in 1991. It is reported that this sound cannot be produced by either whale nor ship vibrations.

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Upsweep appears to be seasonal and has been recorded from one end of the Pacific to the other. It tends to peak during spring and autumn but it is unknown why it changes across seasons. According to some hypothesis, it might be caused by seawater contacting lava.

#18. The Baltic Sea Anomaly

The Baltic Sea Anomaly was discovered by Peter Lindberg’s Swedish diving team named “Ocean X“. The anomaly is based on a sonar image that suggests an object with an unnatural shape. Newspapers at the time said that it could have been a sunken UFO.

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However, experts and scientists conclude that the Baltic Sea Anomaly is most likely a natural geological formation. Others criticize the Ocean X group saying that the group used a cheap and inaccurate sonar device and that because of that, the image was distorted.

#17. Heracleion’s Lost City

The city of Thonis-Heracleion used to be just a legend. But 6.5 kilometers off the coast of Alexandria and after several years of research, experts have found the lost city of Heracleion. They’ve found several statues, ruins and the temple of the god Amun-Gereb, all under the sea.

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While nobody knows how it ended up underwater, the artifacts they discovered are made out of granite and diorite and these were found in a remarkable state. Owing to their well-preserved condition, they allow us to see what one of the great port cities of the world used to be like 2300 years ago. For instance, scientists and historians have come to the conclusion that Heracleion city controlled the trade of Egypt.

#16. Submerged Circular Structure

Underneath the Sea of Galilee in Israel, a scientist accidentally found a mysterious, circular structure submerged 9 meters below the sea. The discovery was made in 2003 with the help of sonar (Sound Navigation). Their discovery is huge; to give you an idea of just how big it is, it has a diameter greater than the length of an average airplane.

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The structure is made out of basalt rocks, which are a form of extrusive igneous rocks. They are shaped in a cone formation and the whole structure measures 70 meters at its base. In terms of how tall it is, it is estimated that it reaches 10 meters tall, and if you were wondering how heavy this mysterious circle is, the closest approximation is 60,000 tons.

#15. Buried Lake Vostok

You probably never thought this could be possible. But under the Antarctic Ice lies a lake: Lake Vostok. It is said to be one of the largest subglacial lakes in our world. How it came to be? It used to be a surface lake on the east of Antarctica, but now it is buried under 2.7 miles of ice.

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The lake has been covered like this for millennia. In fact, according to professionals, it is likely that it has been covered for 15 million years. Maybe you thought that under such conditions, there was no life in Lake Vostok but you are sorely mistaken for thinking so. Analysis of life forms suggests that Lake Vostok has a unique ecosystem teeming with life.

#14. Structure In The Lake

You’ve probably realized at this point that lakes tend to be more mysterious than what they seem. That is also the case for Lake MacDonald, located in Ontario Canada. 12 meters below the surface of the crystalline water, you’ll find a huge boulder sitting on top of several volleyball-sized stones.

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The mysterious ancient underwater structure is said to be about 1,000 pounds. In the beginning, geologists concluded that the boulder sitting on the stones had been formed naturally. However, upon deeper analysis, they changed their minds and proposed that instead, it was a man-made structure. By which civilization? Who knows!

#13. Submerged City

Who doesn’t love stories about underwater cities? Well, we have one right here and it happens to be located just off the coast of Cuba, concealed in the beautiful waters of Cabo de San Antonio. Underneath the water, they’ve found some strange formations that have interesting shapes.

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The findings lay about 2,500 feet below the surface and it is hypothesized that they are ruins from a previous Cuban city. The sonar images that scientists have gathered suggest that the stone structures resemble an urban complex that covers an area of about 2 square km.

#12. Stonehenge By The Lake

Underneath the surface of Lake Michigan, archeologists found in 2007 a very curious rock formation when they were searching for shipwrecks. Instead of broken ships, they found something a lot more interesting: a boulder with prehistoric carvings and a series of stones that were arranged in a way that resembles Stonehenge.

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The most curious part is that the lake bed is actually empty, making the rock formation even more perplexing. The boulder that had the markings was the one that drew the most attention, for it had outlines that looked like a mastodon, a species of extinct mammoth.

#11. Underwater Whistle

Imagine you are swimming in the ocean and then you hear a whistle… Well, it so happens to be that the American National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration discovered what appears to be an underwater whistle. The whistle is said to be similar to volcanogenic sounds.

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While the volcanogenic sounds have been identified in a volcanic arc located in the Pacific, this one is said to be unidentified because it was only recorded with one hydrophone. Professionals require three hydrophones in order to triangulate a precise location.

#10. Eerie Road

Bimini Road is another finding that leads us to believe that the lost civilization of Atlantis did exist. Off the coast of Bimini, hidden under layers of blue water lies an ancient stone formation that resembles a path or a road to a potentially lost land. Many professionals, including geologists and archaeologists, have visited the site.

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The huge, flat stones have come to be known as the Bimini Road. 20 feet off the coast you find these rocks that are cut at right angles, just as if they were set to be placed in a straight line. The formation is as long as half a mile, and at the end, there is a stone that looks like a hook.

#9. Archaeological Wonders

It seems that we are always on the search for lost civilizations, and the findings at the Gulf of Khambat proves this. In 2002, scientists discovered archeological remains that reportedly belong to a civilization that existed 9,000 years ago. The findings appear to have city-like structures.

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Since the artifacts that have been recovered were not done through a controlled archeological excavation, some archeologists argue that they cannot be tied specifically to the site. Given this argument, specialists say that the pieces of wood that have been recovered with this process don’t have any significance, despite the fact that they date from 7500 B.C.

#8. Lost Trains

Have you ever wondered where the oldest trains in American history are laying? Maybe you thought they have already been destroyed or refurbished. Well, some of them ended up at the bottom of the sea. Back in the ’80s, Captain Paul Hepler was scanning New Jersey’s ocean floor when he discovered something very fascinating.

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The two rare locomotives are said to belong to the 1850s and they are currently laying under 90 feet of water. It’s a mystery how these locomotives sunk because there are no records that register their loss. The steam engines are extremely rusty and covered in barnacles.

#7. Large Staircase

A mysterious giant “staircase” was found on the Wilkes Island, in the frozen wastes of Antarctica. There is much dispute regarding the origins of these. Some even suggest that it could be an old Nazi base and the most imaginative say it is a UFO site.

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However, those that are more driven by reason and theories, suggest that it was created by an impact crater. The shape was found on Google Earth in 2006 when NASA satellites detected gravitational changes, most likely related to the presence of a huge structure.

#6. Circular Objects

The mysterious staircase wasn’t the only sea anomaly that was found using Google Earth. It so happens to be that just off the coast of Florida and Belize, investigators found some interesting circular objects. These have been documented by archeologists and scientists alike.

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While we still don’t know what exactly causes these shapes, many believe that they were used as ancient burial mounds. These underwater structures have been exceptionally well preserved. and it is estimated that they date back to around 8000 BC. Impressive, right?

#5. Julia

If your name is Julia, maybe you want to skip this one. But if you are curious, you’d be amazed to hear that one of the most mysterious noises ever recorded underwater was one that sounded like someone was cooing. Described as some sort of whine, researches heard this noise on March 1st, 1999, and they named it Julia.

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It was a network of hydrophones that picked up this eerie sound. But if it helps you sleep better at night, know that scientists believe that what causes the whining of “Julia” is actually a block of ice. Researchers say that the hydrophones were probably picking up the noise of a large iceberg siding down into the seafloor.

#4. Seven Minute Sound

Maybe you thought we were already done with weird eerie sounds. Not so fast. Also known as “Slow Down”, the seven-minute sound was recorded on May 19th, 1997. Scientists believe that the source of this sound is the Antarctic Peninsula, but they aren’t sure.

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If indeed that is the source of the noise, then researches believe that what causes this seven-minute noise is also an iceberg. More precisely, the drifting of an iceberg hitting the seafloor (much like Julia). The long sound would then be the screeching of the iceberg.

#3. Bizarre Purple Orb

Creatures that have never been documented before are definitely interesting to the human eye. This might be the case for the strange looking purple orb that the Ocean Exploration Trust researchers found. The group first encountered this creature in California, deep down at the bottom of the Pacific.

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In the beginning, scientists joked that the finding was some sort of spider egg. Other researches suggested it could be a minute octopus. However, upon further investigation and analysis, the best estimate that scientists propose now is that the purple orb is actually a velutinid, which is a type of snail.

#2. The Vanishing of Bermeja Island

What would you say if somebody told you that a whole island can be there one day, and then just disappear the next? I bet you wouldn’t believe them. Well, that is exactly what happened to the island of Bermeja, which used to be easily spotted in the Gulf of Mexico.

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But for some mysterious reason, Bermeja is no longer by the Yucatan Peninsula, where it used to be. There seems to be no other reasonable explanation other than it just vanished. How does an island just disappear like that? Researchers have attempted to find this missing island that used to be in every old map, but it is as if it never even existed.

#1. Blue Whale Singing

You probably heard before about how the largest mammal on this Earth sings. Blue whales are known for singing and the reason they do so is to attract a mate. There is nothing strange in this given they have been doing it for as long as they’ve existed. However, things are getting trippy.

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Mysteriously, over the past forty years, several blue whale populations have changed their songs. Researches have recorded them singing at deeper frequencies and nobody can explain what has caused this change. Some suggest the change is in response to some sort of population change and competition. Maybe some whales are trying different songs to appear more attractive? Who knows…

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