These 20 Celebrities Do Not Seem To Age At All

Who doesn’t want to be forever young? We have certainly been getting a lot better at hiding our age. Whether it’s Photoshop, a new cream, yoga class or some juice detox, most people resort to one or another of these methods to look a few years younger. However, some celebrities take it to a whole new level when it comes to looking “a few years younger”. You will be surprised when you find out that the following celebrities are as much as double the age they actually appear to be! Read on to find out who you should be asking for an anti-aging potion.

#20. Pharrell Williams

You know when they say that you should smile more because it keeps you young? We know who has been following this tip! Pharrell William‘s hit song Happy from 2014 is probably his secret potion for looking twenty-something. That catchy song with its infectious vibe keeps you singing the lyrics even in your sleep.

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Pharrell Williams could easily pass as a college student! But you would be surprised that he has been in the industry for a lot longer than you thought. We’ll give you a hint, he helped produce the hit Rump Shaker in 1992. Yep, he is almost double the age he looks. Williams is 45 years old!

#19. Jim Parsons

Jim Parsons has been making us laugh for a while now with his famous role as Sheldon Cooper in fan favorite Big Bang TheoryI mean, let’s face it, the whole cast looks pretty young but Jim Parsons especially. With his comic book T-shirts and with the fact that he lives in an apartment with his friends, the whole vibe surrounding him screams “just graduated from college”.

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Well, Jim Parsons has been in his role as Sheldon Cooper for quite some time now and his youthful appearance has definitely been helping him out. After all, Sheldon is supposed to look like someone who has the brain of a Ph.D. professor but dresses like an overgrown teenager. With 45 years old, Jim definitely pulls off the role to perfection.

#18. Salma Hayek

Salma Hayek is one of those actresses that doesn’t seem to age and that has graced us with her performances for several years. With her rocking body and beautiful facial features, you’d be surprised to know that this stunner is actually 52 years old. Yep, you read right, 52.

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Salma doesn’t only excel at acting and remaining young, but she also surprises us with her creativity and activism. While her character in Beatriz at Dinner was far from a glamorous character, her natural beauty came in handy when she earned the Best Actress nomination for the Independent Spirit Award.

#17. Julianne Moore

Known for her fiery hair, Julianne has been on screen for quite some time, but she still looks as young as she did in The Big LebowskiThis beauty is 58 years old but she could easily pass as somebody that is just in their thirties! Her amazing fashion style also adds to her more youthful appearance.

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Even when she played old gray-haired President Alma Coin in the world-famous trilogy Hunger Games, people still had a hard time believing that this stunner was approaching 60. She has been on screen since the 90s and ever since she has graced the Hollywood scene with class and glamour.

#16. Jared Leto

If you look at Jared Leto you’ll give him 28 years, tops. His flawless face, alert eyes, slick hair and stylish wardrobe all trick us into thinking that this man is, at best, reaching his 30’s. Plus, all those stories about Jared using creepy antics to get into his character for film Suicide Squad, don’t really give off an old man type of vibe.

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On top of that, during his free time Jared tours around with his rock band, and maybe this gives off the idea that Mr. Leto is still in his young years and growing into full adulthood. But you’d be surprised that he is long past his young years. At 48, Jared faces the world full on with the spirit of somebody a decade younger.

#15. Anna Kendrick

Maybe you know Anna Kendrick for her Cups song from the film Pitch Perfect. “I got my ticket for the long way ’round // Two bottles ‘a whiskey for the way”. Anybody? Well, if you don’t, then maybe you remember her from Twilight, where she played one of Bella’s friends. Either way, Anna Kendrick fools everybody into thinking that she is just out of college.

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This talented lady is actually 33 years old, but with a smile like hers, a rocking body and the energy of a college student, it’s hard to believe that she is already in her thirties. She’s vibrant and fresh, and bold with her choice of dresses when she walks down the red carpet.

#14. Keanu Reeves

Keanu Reeves is one of those actors that everybody knows or everybody talks about. Let’s just talk about how this renowned actor looks like a thirty-something but is in fact 53 years old. Yes, we’ve seen him in so many movies and even your parents know him, which probably is a sign that he isn’t that young.

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But even if Keanu has been on screen for decades reshaping the action genre with his roles, we just can’t get over the fact that with that hair, he can actually be over 50. Even when playing John Wick, a legendary hitman that always seems to be found amidst battles, Keanu still appears more than a decade younger.

#13. Angela Bassett

Maybe you remember Angela Bassett from her role as Marie Laveau the Voodoo Queen in American Horror Story. If not, you probably saw her play the role of Desiree Dupree, a three-breasted Freak show performer, also from the same horror television series. Regardless, you probably never guessed that this beauty is 60 years old.

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We aren’t joking: Angela Bassett, with her flawless skin, has been on Earth for 6 decades. Her acting skills definitely seem like they belong to somebody that has been in the industry for ages, but still, it feels unreal that Angela is already pushing 60. She doesn’t even look that age in her fearless role in last year’s Black Panther!

#12. Reese Witherspoon

Who doesn’t love Reese Witherspoon? She’s just that actress that can pull off the role of Elle Woods, a fashionable sorority queen that isn’t exactly the smartest cookie in the cookie jar, despite having majored in English Literature at Stanford University in real life.

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Maybe it’s because the roles she was given, but still, I bet you wouldn’t have guessed that the blonde is already 43. Wait what? Yes, Reese Witherspoon is not only 43 but also the mother of three children. Her warmth and perkiness definitely got us all fooled that she was anywhere above thirty.

#11. Paul Rudd

Ant-Man had the power to shrink and grow whenever he pleased, but that was just in the movies… or was it not? Paul Rudd has all of us confused with the gap between his actual age and the age he looks. It wouldn’t be that crazy to think that he has the power to look younger at will.

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Paul Rudd is 50 years old. Let that sink in. In fact, fans say that if you take one of his photos from his third decade and compare it to what he looks like right now, you still wouldn’t be able to tell the difference. Somewhere in his thirties, Paul Rudd apparently took a magic potion and stopped aging.

#10. Carey Mulligan

Another one of our most loved actresses. If you know Keira Knightley, you probably know Carey Mulligan too. In the film Pride and Prejudice, Carey had the role of Kitty, one of Elizabeth Bennet’s youthful and chatty sisters. Maybe it was the impression that Carey left us in that movie that made us think she is a lot younger than she really is.

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Her youthful face and small frame are perfect for the ingenue roles that she often plays. But you would be surprised to know that Carey has been in the film industry for over a decade and a half. Even though she has the image of a girl in her early twenties, she is now 32, and is already the mother of two!

#9. Drew Barrymore

Drew Barrymore has had us laughing until our stomachs hurt for more than a few decades. Her roles are always that of a young lady that has a terrific sense of humor, whose personality you associate with somebody in their twenties.

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We’ve seen her since she was a little kid in film E.T, so maybe you’ll be puzzled upon hearing that one of our Charlie’s Angels is actually 43 years old. While this actress, director, producer, and fashion entrepreneur definitely has the career of an adult woman, her quirky vibes will always make her look like somebody half her age.

#8. Ellie Kemper

Take a glance at Ellie Kemper and you’ll all think she is around 25 years old. Well, you are sorely mistaken. Her cheerful and energetic roles make you think that this actress is still in her twenties, but Ellie is actually pushing 40!

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At 38, Ellie still has that bubbliness that makes her look so much younger than she really is. Let’s face it, watching Kimmy Schmidt makes it extra hard to believe that Ellie isn’t a decade younger. And with the bright and floral wardrobe that she owns, how in the world were we supposed to assume she was nearly 40?

#7. Samuel L. Jackson

Now this one will definitely leave you scratching your head and verifying the age on the Internet. Samuel Jackson, who probably looks fifty at the most, is actually 70 years old. Yes, you read correctly. With 176 credits to his name, Samuel is already past retirement age.

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He has starred in dozens of iconic action films including the recent Infinity War, and one may be fooled into thinking that his career is just getting started. Jackson is the embodiment of youth and swagger and to be honest, there are no signs of him slowing down any time soon!

#6. Rob Lowe

Probably one of the most versatile actors out there, Rob Lowe is another one that is probably drinking some anti age potion juice. With the acting skills to portray a heartthrob, a pariah, a movie villain, or a TV star, Rob Lowe’s energy doesn’t feel like one of a 54-year-old.

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He has an athletic build, and he is chirpy and charismatic, so how could you have ever guessed that Rob Lowe was already nearing five decades and a half? He is married to Sheryl Berkoff, a makeup artist and 3 years his senior, with whom he has two beautiful children.

#5. Gabrielle Union

Gabrielle Union was quick to capture our attention with her amazing moves in the 2000 cheerleading film Bring It Onwhere she played character Isis. Maybe it’s her cheerleader persona what stayed in our minds and lead us to believe that she is a lot younger than she really is.

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This beautiful actress is now 46 years old! But she could not look more stunning. Her pearly whites and dazzling smile all paired with her gorgeous skin even leave twenty-year-olds envious. How she has managed to maintain such a fresh and healthy look throughout the years is something beyond our knowledge.

#4. Seth Green

Seth Green has been spending more time behind the cameras lately. He has been busy working on Robot Chicken as a creator, producer, and writer, and for years he has played the voice of Chris Griffin on the highly rated American sitcom Family Guy. Therefore, maybe you’re not that familiar with how he looks like. Let us break it to you. He looks a lot younger than he really is.

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When Seth isn’t behind the cameras and makes an appearance on the red carpet, his beauty surprises both men and women, and you’d be surprised to know that he is 45 years old. In fact, he looks like he literally stopped aging since he played Dr. Evil’s teenage son. Seth is married to beautiful actress and model Clare Grant, who is 6 years younger than him.

#3. Matthew McConaughey

Matthew McConaughey has been dazzling us for a while now. Maybe the list of films he has starred in is a clue in terms of how old he actually is. But with his well-built body and surfer look plus that laid back vibe he has, he fools us into thinking that he hasn’t been on screen for that long.

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With 48 years old, Matthew is pushing 50 yet still looks like he could be more than a decade younger. Frankly, it doesn’t seem like he has aged that much since his performance in Dazed and Confused when he played a 20-year-old that would hang out all day with high school girls.

#2. Ice Cube

If anybody told us that Ice Cube, one of our all-time favorite rappers, is already 50, we’d probably say that they were mistaken. Ice Cube has moved from his singing to pursue acting and writing careers as well. The rapper has even produced his own biographical film Straight Outta Compton in 2015.

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With such success, it is even harder to picture Ice Cube as somebody that is five decades old. After all, he still has that calm, cool and collected look that makes him pass for just a twenty-something who can party all night long. Ice Cube married Kimberly Woodruff in 1992 and currently has 4 children.

#1. Demetri Martin

Maybe it’s how much he can make us laugh as a stand-up comedian, but Demetri Martin certainly does not look his age at all. With that iconic bowl hair cut, the actor, director, musician, and cartoonist looks just half his actual age, which is 46 years old.

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Demetri is known for his deadpan delivery, and his jokes are usually filled with dry humor and blunt remarks. His cartoons tend to be very satirical, and he is also famous for the 224-word poem about alcoholism that he wrote during his studies at Yale University. It is hard to believe that somebody with such a youthful spirit is already in his mid-forties, isn’t it?

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