These 23 Animals Are Cute But Extremely Dangerous

Some animals may look cute and huggable, but don’t get carried away, because they can also be quite dangerous!  The truth is, animals that live in the wild can feel threatened if humans get near them and may attack them as a means of defense, and they can’t be blamed because of that. The following list shows the cutest animals in the world, but which are nice only if you look at them from the distance. Don’t miss #15, #6 and #2, they are our favorites!

#23. Otters

Otters may look cute and funny when they swim on their backs while looking at you at the same time. But these mammals are extremely protective when it comes to looking after their offspring. What is more, their diet is based on fish and invertebrates, and sometimes they leave fish detritus behind them, which attracts hundreds of insects. Some of those insects are potentially dangerous for humans.

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Otters are long and they have slim bodies with powerful webbed feet which they use to swim. Their fur is soft and it can stand long periods underwater. But they also have sharp claws and strong teeth which they won’t doubt to use if they feel in danger. So beware! Do you know where you can find these little animals? The world’s many species of otters are found in North America, Europe, but mostly in Asia. 

#22. Beavers

In cartoons, beavers are often portrayed as adorable and hardworking creatures that are nice and helpful to humans. In real life, it is true that beavers are hard workers since they build impressive dams, but it is not true that they are nice and helpful to humans. Each colony of beavers builds one or more dams, which provide them space to protect themselves against predators. Sadly, not only do other animals hunt them, but humans do so as well, mainly because of their fur and because their dams may interfere with other land uses.

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Most beavers live in North America and parts of Europe and Asia. These funny-looking creatures have powerful front teeth which they use to cut trees and other plants. But they can use them to defend their families too! Their scaly tails are usually used to build their homes but if they see that someone is trying to bother them, beavers can also hit them with their tails, sometimes even causing the intruder injuries. 

#21. Tasmanian Devil

Don’t let Tasmanian Devils‘ small body and only 26 pounds fool you since they can really be a devil to humans! They are carnivorous marsupials and most of them live in the state of Tasmania in Australia. They have the size of a small dog and boast black fur, and they are known because of their ferocity when eating. If you ever see one of them, try to be at a distance.

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If Tasmanian Devils see a human they will probably run away, but it is also possible for them to feel in danger, in which case they will use their sharp teeth to protect themselves and their mates. According to National Geographic, these animals can be violent when they feel threatened. Nowadays, this species is in danger of extinction, which is why several conservation projects are being run in different parts of the island.

#20. Honey Badgers

Most honey badgers are located in Africa, Southwest Asia, and in the Indian subcontinent. They are considered the “World’s Most Fearless Animal” according to the Guinness Book Of World Records. Honey badgers have short and sturdy legs, but while they are actually quite small, you shouldn’t let their size fool you.

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They are considered one of the most intelligent animals in the world because they are capable of using tools, as explained in the TV series Land Of The Tiger. But these strange animals don’t need any tools to defend themselves from danger since their jaws are strong enough to crack a tortoise’s shell. If they can crack a shell, imagine how much they can harm a person!

#19. Slow Lorises

Slow lorises are nocturnal primates, and most of them are located in Bangladesh, Northeast India, and the Sulu Archipelago. I bet you’re thinking that with their soft fur and large beautiful eyes, they aren’t able to hurt you. Well, it turns out you couldn’t be wronger, because slow lorises are one of the most dangerous animals in the world and it’s better to keep away from them.

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Slow Lorises are a unique primate species because they have a toxic bite. How is this possible? Their body holds a poison which is found in a liquid gland in their arms. This poison is activated when mixed with its saliva. Through their bite, they can induce humans into an anaphylactic shock and they are the only venomous primate in the world. So don’t you dare touch one of them!

#18. Deer

If you were born after the 40s, you’ve probably watched the Disney movie Bambi and fallen in love with deers. So most of us probably grew up with the idea that deers are friendly and harmless to humans. Unfortunately, this is not the case for real deers. Most of them are located in the woods throughout the five continents, but one thing is for sure: they are far from harmless and peaceful.

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Deers are known because of their large and strong antlers, and poachers go after them even though deer-hunting is illegal. They won’t doubt using their antlers to defend themselves either from animals or humans. But they are also known because of the number of car accidents that they provoke, thanks to their tendency to cross roadways. In the United States, there have been more than one million automobile crashes from 2017 to 2018 because of deers.

#17. Red Pandas

Most of Red Pandas are located in the Eastern Himalayas and Southwestern China. They are one of China’s Endangered animals according to the IUCN Red List. They boast beautiful and soft reddish-brown fur and shaggy tails. Their size is not much bigger than that of a domestic cat, but in spite of this, they are among the most dangerous animals in the world. 

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Most red pandas are very solitary, except when they are in their mating season. They are considered a territorial animal, so they will protect their habitat from strangers. If they feel threatened or in danger, they may try to escape or they can stand on their legs and use their sharp claws to attack the predator or the intruder.

#16. Koalas

Koalas are arboreal herbivorous marsupials and they are located in Queensland, New South Walles, Victoria, and South Australia. Most people regard them as one of the most adorable-looking animals in the whole world. So if you see one in the wild, you will probably want to hug it immediately… but please remember not to do it!

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Koalas live in eucalypt woodlands and they have powerful claws which they use to get their food. But it happens to be that they don’t only use their claws for food. Koalas are not very aggressive animals but if you try to touch them they will use their claws against you. In addition, they have a strong jaw that will make you think twice before hugging them. Keep on reading about nature’s most adorable but dangerous animals!

#15. Kangaroos

The kangaroo is a marsupial from the group of Macropodidae which literally translates to “large foot”, and just like the koalas, they are native to Australia. Kangaroos have strong and long legs and feet that are adapted for jumping. Female kangaroos are known because of their pouch where they hold their babies until they are capable of jumping by their own.

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Despite people think they are friendly with humans, this is definitely not the case. They are shy and solitary by nature and it’s not very common to see one of them interacting with humans. Kangaroos are not aggressive animals but if humans get near them, they can jump and kick them using the power of their legs. And just like deers, they are responsible for hundreds of car crashes each year.

#14. Cows

Would you believe me if I told you that cows are responsible for the deaths of almost 20 people every year in the United States only? Believe it or not, these figures are real, at least according to the statistic published by the Center For Disease Control And Prevention. Many farmers have cows as livestock and we often see them quiet and relaxed while they chew their grass. But don’t let this attitude fool you, because these animals are really dangerous for humans!

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Cows are often raised for meat, for milk and hides. They are considered shy, aggressive, and active animals, and if they feel threatened or in danger, they might kick a human in the chest, or they may “go crazy” and make a nervous stampede. So respect cows and always keep yourself at a distance!

#13. Mice

Who hasn’t seen Ratatouille or Micky Mouse? Mice are popular in movies and television series, and these cartoons are so loveable that you may come to think that real-life mice are also adorable and friendly. The truth is that these tiny and agile animals can transmit directly or indirectly more than 35 diseases to humans. They usually transmit diseases through their bite, and you should know that they have strong teeth too.

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If you have a dog, a cat or a snake as a pet, you will be safe from them because the three are considered natural predators of mice. Some other people buy mice as pets, but one thing is a domestic mouse, and another thing is a mouse that lives under deplorable conditions in the sewers. As regards domestic mice, don’t you worry, because they are playful, loving, and sociable pets.

#12. Great Horned Owls

The Great Horned Owls are from the Americas and they are known as “The Tiger Owl”. Luckily for humans, owls’ favorite food is mice and voles. But don’t be fooled, because these animals aren’t too friendly towards humans, and if they think that their young owlets are in danger, they may become super aggressive. When they don’t want humans to get near them, they emit a very particular growl.

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Owls have sharp and strong talons, and they won’t be afraid to attack you with them if they feel threatened. They’re also capable of turning their heads 360º to have a complete view of their habitat. They are the only animal on earth that can do that! Keep on reading our list, we are sure you will love the next animal!

#11. Pandas

The Panda is a black and white bear native from China and people often refer to them as “The Giant Panda”. Their diet is based on bamboo, a special tree that grows mostly in Asia. The illegal deforestation of these trees has put the pandas among the animals that are in greater danger of extinction. We know they look huggable and cute but remember to keep your distance if you ever see one of them.

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Most pandas are solitary animals and they don’t spend time with their pair unless it’s the mating season. Most humans regard pandas as quiet and friendly creatures, but even though they are indeed quiet, they can also be quite aggressive. Those that live in the wild may feel threatened if a person tries to touch them, and if it attacks you, you won’t stand a chance, since they’re incredibly strong!

#10. Raccoons

Raccoons are from North America and they live really close to humans. We are sure that you’ve seen one sniffing into your trash at least once in your life. These animals are very intelligent and they know how to escape from humans… But if you try to catch them, they won’t doubt using their sharp teeth to bite you!

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Raccoons often share time together. For example, female raccoons usually share common areas and raise their offspring together. Male raccoons often live together to protect their homes from predators. Believe it or not, there are some people that keep raccoons as pets, despite their potentially aggressive and unpredictable character.

#9. Swans

Part of the family of geese and ducks, swans are elegant and beautiful animals. They feed on fish when they’re on the water and on plants when they’re on land. But even though these birds are cute, they can be extremely aggressive to humans, especially if they feel that their partner is in danger.  

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Swans usually have a single life-partner, being one of the few monogamous animals in the world. They live in groups and they share a lot of time together. They will make you notice they don’t feel comfortable with your presence by their insistent hissing and by arching their neck. So be aware of these signals!

#8. Platypuses

With a duck-like bill, platypuses may look cute and harmless but nothing is further from reality. They are the only mammals that lay eggs and most of them live in Australia. Here’s a funny fact, did you know that this country has turned platypuses into their national mascot?

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The male platypuses have a special characteristic that makes them unique among mammals: they have a spur on their back feet that is able to send venom to their predators. So imagine the harm they can inflict upon humans! The truth is that an attack from platypuses won’t kill you, but it will definitely provoke intense pain. 

#7. Polar Bears

We know that polar bears have starred in many advertisements where they are portrayed as friendly and inoffensive creatures. But in real life, polar bears are not like that. If they feel threatened, they will defend themselves with their powerful claws and enormous teeth, which are capable of killing any animal or human at the instant.

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The natural habitat of polar bears is the Arctic Circle but nowadays it’s common to see them around the world in zoos. Sadly, their habitat is in danger as a result of climate change. Also, hunters have chased these animals looking for their fur and today polar bears are considered to be in danger of extinction.

#6. Giant Anteaters

Giant anteaters are located mostly in Central and South America and they are distinctive because of their long tubular snout. Their natural habitats include grasslands and rainforests and their main foods are ants and termites. We are sure you will think that these animals are harmless. But remember our lesson: it’s better to keep a distance!

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Apart from their long snout, they have long and sharp claws which they use to tear down anthills. That’s why we recommend you not to disturb these animals because they won’t be afraid to use their claws to defend themselves. Keep on reading to see the last 5 cutest but dangerous animals in the world!

#5. Elephants

Elephants are native from Sub-Saharan Africa, South Asia, and Southeast Asia. Even though they seem peaceful, you definitely don’t want to provoke them since they can easily harm people because of their weight and massive body. In fact, they can kill you in a second just by stepping on you. Sadly, most of them live in danger because poachers hunt them for their ivory.

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Most of the animals that live in their same habitat try to keep a distance from them. Some of their natural predators are lions, tigers, hyenas, and wild dogs, but because the elephants are so huge, they’re usually the last option on their list when it comes to looking for food. Let’s not forget that they’re the strongest and largest land mammals on Earth, weighing from 3 to 5 tons!

#4. Chimpanzees

Native to the forests and savannahs of tropical Africa, chimpanzees are way stronger than humans… in fact, almost five times stronger! That’s why we highly recommend you not to bother these animals as they can be really aggressive if they feel threatened.

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Even though they are considered as one of the most aggressive animals in the world, some people have chimpanzees as pets. Crazy, huh? They are also used in circus acts and shows and some scientists even use them for laboratory experiments. These treatments have put the chimpanzees in danger of extinction, according to the IUCN Red List.

#3. Hippopotamus

Hippopotamuses are semiaquatic animals native from Sub-Saharan Africa. Most of the day they live underwater. In fact, they need to live near a body of water in order to survive. They are also known as “The River Horse”. As you main imagine, these animals can be really aggressive if they see danger coming, and they will protect themselves with their large canine tusks. 

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Hippopotamuses are not very friendly with each other. They are considered one of the most dangerous animals in the world because they have aggressive and unpredictable behavior. Sometimes they spend several minutes underwater, and there have been many reported cases of humans drowned to death by hippos. Do you know why this happens? Well, many people go for a swim, not knowing that there’s a hippo under the water. But when the hippo sees the human swimming near them, they react violently. Do you know which other animals can attack humans underwater?

#2. Leopard Seals

We know that leopard seals can look adorable, and if you look at them on pictures you’ll really feel like hugging them. They also look funny and harmless when they are doing their aquatic acrobatics. But it’s better to see these animals from a significant distance as they are known for drowning humans to death.

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We often see leopard seals in the Antartic and during most part of the year, they live underwater, especially during the austral summer. Fortunately, they live in a habitat where humans can barely survive, so it’s quite rare for people to come across one of them. Their main natural predator is the killer whale. Sadly, climate change has put leopard seals in danger of extinction. 

#1. Hyenas

Hyenas are native from Africa and they are a type of felines. Despite their small size, these animals can be really aggressive! They live in groups and male hyenas are very territorial, that’s why it’s better not to bother these animals because they will protect their families with their lives. If you see one, let’s hope it doesn’t show you its razor-sharp teeth!

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However, hyenas are mentioned in different mythologies and they are usually described in the company of humans. There are still some caverns where you can see ancestral paintings of hyenas and humans, especially at Western Africa. But nowadays, hyenas are considered one of the most aggressive animals in the world and humans should never make contact with them.

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