21 Stunning Pictures Of Transport From All Around The World

Since centuries ago, humans have used many different ways to move around this world. New, modern means of transport were created, and some others that seem dated and unfashionable still persist in some regions. From hot air balloons flying over a majestic sunset at Myanmar to a gaucho riding his horse across Patagonia, here are some of the moments where a couple of people moving around an astonishing city or landscape resulted in shocking pictures.

Photo: Courtesy of National Geographic.

#21. Nagasaki, Japan

This amazing shot lets us take a glimpse at a Japanese bus driver’s regular day at work. People don’t usually consider this when riding public transport, but it’s incredibly hard to drive such a huge thing with no flaws and across a busy city!

Photo: Courtesy of National Geographic.

Nagasaki is certainly a busy city and one where rain isn’t a surprise. At all. Yes, if you visit Nagasaki, the view of a retro bus silently fighting its way through the rainy weather and across huge main streets will be a repeated sight.

#20. Afar Region, Ethiopia

An aerial view can definitely mesmerize us with a stunning image, and this is exactly the case. One can’t help but wonder where was this photograph taken from? A helicopter, maybe? Who knows! It doesn’t get any better than this, that’s for sure.

Photo: Courtesy of National Geographic.

If you can’t figure out what’s happening, here are some clues. What we’re observing is a salt mine in the Afar region of Ethiopia, where some miners still transport heavy amounts of salt by using camels. This may provide us with awesome panoramas, but it’s probably an unpleasantly demanding job.

#19. Zagreb, Croatia

Whether you are a religious type of person or not, there’s an undeniable charm in Christmas days. If you’re taking a stroll around your city’s main plaza or commercial area during December’s last week, it’s certain that a beautiful set of lights and small trees will decorate the surroundings.

Photo: Courtesy of National Geographic.
Ban Jelačić Square, a must see at Zagreb, Croatia, is obviously no exception to the rule. Some lucky (and wealthy) people get to stay a couple of nights at Hotel Dubrovnik, where this beautiful picture was taken from.

#18. Havana, Cuba

Cuba is one of those countries with a tumultuous and rich history that raises everyone’s interest. Though some are afraid that globalization will eventually take some of the island’s traditional charm and style away, the truth is that this has yet to happen.

Photo: Courtesy of National Geographic.

There’s no way of predicting the future, but a trip to Cuba is highly recommended by everybody who has been there. There’s nothing like talking with locals to learn about their culture! Besides, what’s not to love about these classic vintage cars which are so common in Havana?

#17. Novyy Urengoy, Russia

Amazement never ceases to grasp me when I take a look at this photograph. How can someone have such perfect timing? Was the photographer lying on the freezing tundra, patiently waiting for someone to pass by? Did he already know the man who’s riding the sled?

Photo: Courtesy of National Geographic.
The scene raises so many questions… what are those animals anyway? You’re probably as confused as we are, but don’t worry, at least we have one answer. Those are actually reindeer and the guy who’s using them as a mean of transport is part of the Nenets, an ethnic group of nomads that inhabits Northern Russia.

#16. Tokyo, Japan

This might look like a regular place, I mean, what’s so special about a couple of people waiting and using their cellphones next to a train? Here’s some advice: if you concentrate on the details and the facial expressions, there’s a lot to analyze.

Photo: Courtesy of National Geographic.
These men and women are, as a matter of fact, standing next to a decommissioned train. As a way of adapting it for another use, it was transformed into a Tourist Information Center outside Shibuya. If you ask anyone, they’ll tell you about how it’s now a cherished location where couples meet. Maybe now their impatient looks make more sense!

#15. Rajshahi, Bangladesh

Most people struggle to believe that this is a real picture. In fact, the most common first impression consists of thinking that the river was made with photoshop or another computer program. Well, if you fell under that category, you were deceived too!

Photo: Courtesy of National Geographic.

This is, in fact, the majestic Baral River, in Rajshahi, Bangladesh. The river is known to look like this every winter because its water becomes still and mossy. This produces a curious combination of green and blue, making the river look like a gorgeous painting.

#14. Torres Del Paine, Chile

If you identify yourself as an adventurer, an explorer who loves to discover mesmerizing forests and trek into intimidating mountains, then Patagonia is like a dream come true. Whether you choose to visit the Chilean or the Argentinian side, landscapes like the one from this picture will be no oddity.

Photo: Courtesy of National Geographic.
Just imagine yourself walking through this path, with those epic snowy mountains getting nearer and nearer! There’s definitely nothing more motivating than the possibility of enjoying one of the most mysteriously beautiful places on Earth.

#13. Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Kuala Lumpur, the capital of Malaysia, is one crazy city. Tons of stunning skyscrapers, intriguing markets, and wild night-clubs constitute just a small portion of the city’s magnetism. Indeed, Kuala Lumpur has been a tourist favorite for some time already.

Photo: Courtesy of National Geographic.
In fact, it’s one of the world’s largest cities, with a population of almost 2 million. Impressive! Now that you know that, the image of a chaotic traffic jam, with dozens of cars heading in a different direction, seems more understandable, right?

#12. Quang Nam, Vietnam

Usually, when we’re already habituated to a certain routine every morning, we execute every action mechanically and ignore some details. Details which deserve at least a couple of seconds of appreciation for their beauty, like this sky over here.

Photo: Courtesy of National Geographic.
These villagers in Quang Nam, Vietnam, are crossing the bamboo-bridge in order to arrive at the vegetable fields, where an arduous day of work awaits them. A slightly purple, hypnotizing dawn appears behind, but it probably goes unnoticed every morning.

#11. Argentina And Uruguay

This panorama already looks like something taken from an epic adventure movie. The contrast between the darkness of the field’s shadow and the clear, fluffy clouds produces an astonishing result.

Photo: Courtesy of National Geographic.
But the key factor here is the man who’s riding a horse, a typical gaucho from Argentina or Uruguay. Gauchos have been not only a classic literary character but also a national symbol of both countries, a figure celebrated for its braveness and nobleness.

#10. Jaipur, India

If Jaipur doesn’t ring a bell, then you need to start some research on India ASAP. Jaipur, the capital of Rajasthan (the country’s most western state), is a cherished destination for tourists around the globe for many things, but mainly due to its awesome architecture.

Photo: Courtesy of National Geographic.
Jaipur’s cool nickname is closely related to this. Many refer to it as The Pink City… want to know why? Well, most of the buildings were painted pink in 1876. Historians point out that pink represented hospitality, and the goal was to offer a kind welcome for the Prince of Wales, Edward. As the picture shows, camel riding is still a thing over there.

#9. Bagan, Myanmar

Whether you’re searching for a way to take a stunning picture that encompasses the whole view of a great city or a thrilling adventure, a hot air balloon ride is what you didn’t know you needed. A trip on one of these requires guts and money, but the reward is an unforgettable moment!

Photo: Courtesy of National Geographic.
Most people tend to associate hot air balloons with Turkey, but the city of Bagan, in Myanmar, is another top-notch pick for this plan. Just imagine a romantic moment with your partner while enjoying a mesmerizing panorama as the sun sets…

#8. New Hampshire, U.S

A single, lonesome car, speeding by itself between an army of multi-colored trees. There’s something about this photograph that’s deeply moving, what a way of capturing nature’s vigor with such precision!

Photo: Courtesy of National Geographic.

This shot was actually taken with a drone, which resulted in being a solid pick by the photographer. The aerial view was perfect to distinguish fall’s beautiful colors at their peak in this road in New Hampshire.

#7. Paris, France

If we’re mentioning striking pictures that show people moving around in different means of transport, then the appearance of a cyclist wandering through Paris is no surprise really. There’s just something about Paris, an omnipresent scent of revolution and romance in the air.

Photo: Courtesy of National Geographic.

And the decision of going for a black and white photograph adds a perfect vintage touch to the city’s mystique. This one was taken very early in the morning, and the cyclist was the only person crossing the Bir Hakeim bridge.

#6. Cuba

We can’t get enough of these photographs showing vintage Chevrolet cars in Cuba. Here, we have the opportunity of catching a glimpse of the car’s inside while it finds its way through a narrow street. Concentrate on the details to find out if something seems odd.

Photo: Courtesy of National Geographic.
Can’t tell? The speedometer is no longer working! This detail added to the taxi sign and the Hawaiian hula figure add an anachronic touch to the photograph, it’s almost like traveling back in time! Slide on for another awesome picture of how the world gets around.

#5. London, England

If there’s a vehicle that’s considered iconic and representative of a whole city, it’s definitely the red double-decker bus which is so closely related to London in the collective imaginary. In addition, this perfectly-timed photo also captures the Tower Bridge.

Photo: Courtesy of National Geographic.
Yes, that’s two of London’s most recognizable symbols in one same shot! That’s a pretty remarkable achievement for any photographer if you ask me. The bus is moving at such a great speed that its top-left corner seems invisible, what an effect!

#4. Merzouga, Morocco

What’s really curious about this photograph is that, apparently, the photographer is the one who’s riding the camel. Did he have to persuade the man dressed in blue and orange to let him get this great view?

Photo: Courtesy of National Geographic.

Whatever happened, it was really worth the trouble. This scene took place in Merzouga, Morocco. The guy who’s walking next to the camel is a member of one of the several nomad families of the region which started to replace the desert with the nearby village as their home, once tourism started to grow in the village.

#3. Bangkok, Thailand

Bangkok is already the stuff of legends for its crazy night-life with people from all over the world, but I bet you’re not familiar with some of the records it holds. Bangkok is not only one of the hottest cities on Earth, but it’s also the one with the longest name.

Photo: Courtesy of National Geographic.
No, we’re not lying. I know Bangkok seems like a pretty short word, but it’s only an abbreviation; the official name has a whopping 21 words! In this picture, you can observe a floating market boat next to a couple of potential clients. This is still a modern mean of transport during the daytime.

#2. Gazipur, Bangladesh

Just think about the photographer’s undefeatable determination for a moment. He probably had to wait for a couple of minutes at least under those piercing cold water drops falling diagonally from the sky. Just by looking at this all I want to do now is to grab a cup of hot chocolate!

Photo: Courtesy of National Geographic.

Jokes aside, kudos to him though. This moment occurred at Tongi Railway Station, in Gazipur, Bangladesh. The train had arrived from Dhaka, and it was waiting for more passengers to get onboard. An umbrella was used as a door to block the rain, and we can also discern a passenger making eye-contact with the photographer.

#1. Bangalore, India

Finally, what you’ve all been waiting for, our number one! It’s undoubtedly a great pick for the top of the list, there’s so much going on here. The electronic signs announce a huge variety of products and shops, the abundance of lights and neon is confusing by itself.

Photo: Courtesy of National Geographic.

But most of the chaos seems to come from the terrible traffic jam. The locals from Bangalore don’t seem to care, however, as they skillfully dodge every vehicle to accomplish their duties and go on with their routine during Ramadan.

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