Fisherman Notices Odd ‘Log’ In the Lake, But Then It Begins Moving Toward His Boat

People usually like to go fishing to relax and get away from busy city life. It’s a great way to do something other than our regular schedules, and Brad Meck, a Pennsylvanian fisherman, was in for a great Sunday at the Raystown Lake in Bedford County. But his day wouldn’t be so relaxing, and his catch will turn out to be less scaly and more… furry!

Brad loves fishing, and you’d see him sharing the hobby with his friends on many occasions. Unfortunately, on one of his expeditions, he went alone and could only share his unbelievable story through some photos which soon became viral!

19. A Nice Spot Sarasota

It was an excellent day for fishing, and Brad found a perfect spot which came with a perk: so quiet and secluded that he didn’t even have a cell phone signal! He was in for a treat, but that day on the lake turned out to be an adventure…

18. Not a Quiet Day for Fishing

It was a rather chilly May day when Brad went on a fishing trip at James Creek, and he wasn’t expecting anything other than a peaceful expedition. However, his quiet fishing day would become strange, and not because of what he caught on his line!

17. What Is That?

Fishing is all about being quiet and looking at the water, waiting for the line to move and signal that you’re in for a treat. But the fisherman spotted some movement on the lake that distracted him from his line…

16. Something Floated on the Water

On the surface of the water, something dark bobbed up and down, as if floating. At first, Brad didn’t think much of it, assuming that the lake is surrounded by so many trees, it could just be a log floating. He was so wrong!

15. It Has to be a Log

Saying to himself that it was a log, Brad continued looking at it for confirmation. The log appeared to float in his direction. Somehow it made its way directly to his boat, and when it got closer, Brad almost dropped his fishing rod!

14. Nobody Would Believe It

Thinking that nobody would believe him, Brad took his phone out and began snapping some photos of the log coming his way. But as the piece of wood got closer, the fisherman realized that he was looking at something furry…

13. Is It a Beaver? Sarasota

Later, in an interview with the media, he said his first impressions after realizing it was not a log: “I saw it coming towards me; I thought it was just a beaver or something like that.” But as the “beaver” got closer, Brad’s mind began racing!

12. A Wild Animal

“It got closer, and I looked at it and thought, ‘Holy crap!’” said Brad. It was indeed a wild animal, but it wasn’t a beaver making its way through the water! The fisherman couldn’t believe his eyes when he looked closer at the creature’s head…

11. A Brown Bear! Sarasota

At only a couple of meters away, Brad finally saw that the piece of debris was not a beaver but a bear cub! It looked so exhausted, unable to hold his head above the water and it tried to reach the boat and somehow climb aboard…

10. What to Do?

When encountering wild animals, wildlife authorities urge people to leave them alone and retreat, then call them to handle the situation. But Brad had no signal on his cell phone and this cub was almost drowning. He knew he had to do something, and fast!

9. Please Don’t Bite!

The cub “was going to drown if I didn’t help it,” he said. So he convinced himself to take out the cub with his hands while praying not to get bitten: “Just as I was about ready to grab it, I thought to myself, ‘Please don’t bite me’.”

8. A Dangerous Rescue Mission

What started as a peaceful fishing day, turned into a rescue mission which could as well be very dangerous. What if the mother bear was close enough to reach for an attack when seeing her cub in his hands? Nonetheless, he had no time to think about that…

7. He Was Calm Sarasota

Thankfully, the first part of dragging the soaking wet bear cub out of the lake was finished, and Brad wasn’t bitten or scratched: “It was as calm as can be. It didn’t show any hostility towards me.” But then again, the poor cub was probably exhausted! And then he had to plan the next step.

6. What Now?

Now that the cub was safe, what was he going to do with it? He couldn’t call an expert for advice, so he came up with the best idea, which also included a dangerous task. He looked toward the forest to the place the cub came from…

5. Back on the Bank

The fisherman tried his best to dry the wet cub and turned his boat to the direction the bear was swimming in, hoping that the mom will look for him – but also hoping that she won’t be around when he drops the cub!

4. Maybe She Was Waiting…

“I kind of figured maybe the mom swam across first,” said Brad, thinking that maybe the baby was too little to keep up and was left behind as she was already on the bank. He finally made it to the bank and placed the cub on the ground. The baby bear looked around, then back at his savior…

3. Thank You! Sarasota

It was as if he thanked the fisherman for the ride. Then, the cub went looking for his mom. Brad explained in the interview that he had “never thought anything else other than getting it and help it and take it to shore.” He also hoped the cub and mom would be reunited.

2. Angry Mama Bear

Brad was so relieved that there was no angry mama bear around to come and maul him, and the Pennsylvania Game Commission advised not to touch wild animals, no matter what. However dangerous it was though, one thing was true…

1. Saving a Life

Brad did save a bear’s life thanks to his quick thinking and luck for not encountering the mother bear. We hope they reunited and the cub will think twice before crossing an entire lake on his own!

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