Woman Does A Double Take After Glancing At This Man, She Then Gets Closer And Won’t Stop Screaming

Most of the important things in life cannot be planned in advance, and it’s what makes them special. One woman was about to experience an enormous surprise one day when all she had planned was to do her job, as requested. She was going with a colleague to clean something outside the Phoenix Central Station, but she had no idea she was in for a huge surprise.

20.  A Touching Moment

youtube.com/larry s

We recently found out about this woman in a video who was surprised by a loved one. You can see her at the right, in the yellow uniform. Prepare for a touching moment when she realizes something is off. Grab some tissue right now!

19. Away From Home


Similar moments like this one include loved ones reuniting after a long time. Some jobs, unfortunately, require members of the family to travel and live most of the time away from their loved ones. It hurts, but people must endure and wait…

18. Reunion


Soldiers, for example, know the risks and are willing to take them. But no matter what, saying goodbye is always difficult for everyone, and reunions are always joyful and filled with tears.

This story is about a man who came home early and was ready to surprise the most important person in his life.

17. A Long Wait

youtube.com/larry s

Larry Sterns was 26 years old soldier when he had his first reunion with his loved ones after coming back a month earlier. But he wanted to make it special, so he had some help. A person started filming from afar, while someone else was leading this lady his way…

16. Wanted to Surprise Her

youtube.com/larry s

The video takes a little while until the woman arrives, and we later find out that she initially went out and took a different route. So, her colleague had to make her go outside again and led her the right way. Here she is in the next photos.

15. The Best Reaction

youtube.com/larry s

Surprising someone and seeing their reactions is the most heartwarming moment one can experience. Larry knew it very well, and he wanted to make the most important person in his life happy. But this woman only glanced at him. Then, she does a double take…

14. A US Soldier

youtube.com/larry s

Larry did a great job at hiding his face behind the newspaper, wearing sunglasses and the cap. The only thing that sets him apart from everyone else is his uniform. He patiently waits until the woman comes closer.

13. She Passed By!

youtube.com/larry s

After glancing at the soldier, the woman passes by, thinking she might be mistaken. But what if she is right? What if that man is actually him? She takes a decision she will never regret!

12. A Mother’s Sense

youtube.com/larry s

In the description of his YouTube video, Larry wrote: “I told my mother I was to come home end of July, I came home a month early for a surprise.” And even though he hid his face very well, she felt it in her heart. Here are her words…

11. She Saw The Patch

youtube.com/larry s

In an interview with ABC News, the mother – Denise Sterns, explained her thought process on that day: “I saw the Airborne patch and thought maybe I should say something, to thank him for his service.” But then she noticed something…

10. Unbelievable!

youtube.com/larry s

“Then I saw him starting to laugh, in his profile, and realized it was Larry,” added Denise. She was speechless, and in shock: “I didn’t even know what to think because I just couldn’t believe it.”

9. A Great Son

youtube.com/larry s

He may be a soldier, but this video shows us that everyone is their mom’s little kids! Larry knew that his mom was waiting for him for another month, and catching her unguarded at her job was the best way to surprise her.

8. The Plan

youtube.com/larry s

Larry carefully concocted the plan with the help of the cameraman and a security guard who was meant to take Denise on the same path as her son. People around her cheered and smiled seeing her screaming with joy at the sight of her son…

7. Jumping and Hugging

youtube.com/larry s

The mom cannot stop hugging her boy, jumping and looking at him from head to toe, making sure that he is real. You can hear her shouting at him “What are you doing here?” – as she is overcome with emotion. But this is not all!

6. A Famous Reunion

youtube.com/larry s

Larry uploaded this video on his page a couple of years ago and until now it has been viewed for more than five million times! People commented on his video, thanking him for his service and for sharing the emotional moment. Both he and his mom replied…

5. Two Years Later…

youtube.com/larry s

One user wrote: “a mother knows her son, even with a hat and glasses. I love this video!”

Denise wrote that she comes back looking at the video, which was “a very special day I’ll never forget. 2 yrs [sic]later and it still makes me cry.”

4. A Priceless Reaction

youtube.com/larry s

“This was the first time I saw him in his uniform and when he stood up, after I was done hugging, he was standing so tall and so proud,” she added in the interview with ABC News. She also said that it has been difficult to be apart from him…

3. Saying Goodbye

youtube.com/larry s

Denise said what all mothers know: “raising a child is not the hardest part, saying goodbye is the hardest part.” It is also a lot difficult to let your child join the army, thinking you might never get to see them again if something unfortunate were to happen.

2.  Homecoming


The best feeling ever is when you get to come back home and everyone who loves you welcomes you back! No matter who our loved ones are, it’s the love and their appreciation that keep us alive!

1. Family Reunion


It is so great to be part of these heartwarming events, and you must admit that Larry’s reunion was as heart melting as these two fellas over here! We sure needed a few napkins to stop all those tears!

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