Siberian Tiger Suddenly Lunges At Dog, But They’re Just Friends

Animals can be unpredictable, and because we do not always understand their language, we’re less likely to predict their next move. But among species, some signs are universal. Just like in this case, when a Siberian tiger lunged at a German shepherd, people were expecting something horrible to happen.

The entire moment was caught on camera. Here is what happens…

19. Too Close!

This tigress was having a moment with this cub when a dog got closer to her enclosure at a wildlife sanctuary. But then she is aware of the intruder. Like a true wild cat, slowly, creeping towards its unsuspecting victim, she plans her next move.

Reaching the entrance of the enclosure, the dog gets a little too close to the wild cat. And we all know the rivalry between cats and dogs. This time, the cat has the upper hand and is ready to attack.

Instead, this happens!

18. They Lunge at Each Other

The German shepherd has a fast reaction and sees the tigress lunging at him, so he does the same. But we all know that he has no chance. And before you think that the pooch met his end right that day, you couldn’t be more wrong…

17. It’s Playtime

Believe it or not, but this interaction is not what you expected. It’s actually two best friends playing a little rough. If it’s too hard to imagine it, check out the entire story and you will see that the pooch and the tigress act as if they were siblings!

16. Oasis of the Siberian Tiger

Three German Shepherd and a tigress are the best of friends at Oasis of the Siberian Tiger, in Senec, Slovakia. It’s a sanctuary that takes care of and breeds the rare tigers in an effort of conservation of the species. Meet Suria and the three pooches – Blacky, Hugo, and Jenny.

15. Suria and the Pups

The owner of the sanctuary Yveta Irsova opened the Oasis in 1999, and she is trying to keep the species alive and safe from poachers and loss of habitat. Hence, she takes care of Suria and other tigers. She also has her best friends by her side.

14. Getting Some Love

Dogs might not be able to communicate with a tiger, but this guy sure knows how to get his ears licked and will stay there until Suria is done! And the cutest thing is that we also have some photos of them when they were tiny cubs! Prepare for a ton of cuteness at #10.

13. They’re Playing Around!

It might look like these two are at each other’s throats, but they are just playing around. What else proof do you need to see? Check out how much fun these buddies are having in the snow!

12. Snow Is Awesome

There’s nothing better than running around and jumping in the snow, and we know all pups love to hop around and play with snowballs. The shepherds have an awesome friend in Suria who loves chasing and being chased around…

11. Always Together

Even in the summer, the odd friends are hanging around, taking a bath and enjoying a carefree life. Nothing has changed in all these years. Check out Suria and Jenny when they were little ‘girls’! We’re dying over here!

10. Too Cute!

Cuteness overload! Probably this photo has made the rounds on the internet for a while, and you were wondering about the story behind it. Here it is, Suria with one of her puppy friends. Together they grew and played every day…

9. Eye on the Ball

They chased toys that suddenly deflated, they licked each other and became best buds. And their story will continue throughout the years.

Did you notice in the beginning that Suria was with another tiger? Guess what!

8. Inseparable Friends

Just like Blacky, Hugo, and Jenny grew up together with Suria and became inseparable, now Suria has a baby of her own, called Sunny. The canines are always around the cub, already best friends with her! These amazing photos were captured by Lucia Zustakova, and her experience was incredible…

7. They Love Her

“Suria plays with the dogs every day and they just love her,” said Lucia in an interview with Daily Mail. Now Sunny is also enjoying the time with the dogs and they all behave as if they were a big odd family.

6. All Day Long…

Like all shepherd dogs, they are always around to make sure you’re protected. This time, one gets to play with the big cat and the others look out for any incoming enemies. Thankfully, they’re all safe and volunteer Martin Ziman said that they “play together all day long.”

5. Best Friends Forever

Nobody would have thought that dogs can become friends with tigers, but these friends have grown up together, always being around each other and playing, with Ziman adding that they never saw them hurt each other!

4. Great Guard Dogs

It’s not the first time we’ve seen dogs making weird friendships, and it surely won’t be the last. But these guys are really special, playing with tigers and helping with keeping them out of harm’s way!

3. Big Cute Cats

Who doesn’t like such a great story, especially when it’s about having friends and a bunch of cute animals? We’re so glad that the Oasis is taking care of their big cats. Talking about cats, check out the other residents…

2. Cats Love Boxesír Český

We knew house cats are fascinated by boxes, but it seems it runs deeper in the feline family! These tigers and lion are enjoying their cardboard box! Meanwhile, in the last photo, a tiny tiger is playing with his ball!

1. The Perfect Homeír Český

Toys are perfect when it comes to cats – and we’re talking about all kinds of cats!

As you can see, the big kitties at the Oasis are in for a treat! Their life is perfect at the sanctuary and we cannot wait to see more updates on Suria, Sunny and the trio of German shepherds!

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