Mom Changes Her Opinion About Police Officers After This Happens

A lot of negativity has been surrounding police officers in recent decades, but we all tend to forget that they are just doing their jobs. No matter the field you work in, there are people who take good or wrong decisions. And this story shows how one gesture can lift someone’s hope and change their perspective about cops.

20. A Life Lesson Fob

Anyone who made a mistake and had to deal with the police knows that you don’t want to be on the cops’ bad side. This Oakland mom wanted to teach others a life lesson after she realized one important thing: police officers are the same as everybody else, and their deeds are what distinguishes them from each other!

19. Life’s Difficult

It isn’t weird that people in Oakland are frustrated by the police, says a Stanford study. It seems that police officers are more inclined to stop and search African American and Hispanic drivers or pedestrians than white or Asian residents. But this time, the mom’s distrust was replaced with hope…

18. Sharing Her Story On Social Media

The mom decided to share her story on Facebook. Apart from her user name on the social media website, the mom’s identity is not revealed. KlarkyyBabyy Fob explains in her post that she went one day on a quick errand.

Unfortunately, she got into a car accident…

17. Everything Was Alright Police Department

It was late July when Fob and her toddler went out for an errand that was supposed to last only a short time. But in a matter of minutes, she got into a car accident. Fortunately, the mom and her son were alright, but they had to wait for the police officers to file a report.

16. Not Prepared

The problem was that she wasn’t prepared to wait for the officers to do their job. We all know that having a toddler outside with us means you have to fill a bag with diapers, powder, tissues, wet wipes and so on!

15. A Young Mom

The young mom didn’t expect to be delayed, so all the necessary items for her little boy were inside the house. Because neither of them was injured, they were low on the priority list and had to wait. Hours passed and Fob had no diapers and no snacks for her child…

14. Officers Arrive!

Finally, officers arrived at the scene of the accident and began writing a report, as it is the standard procedure. But the officer, whose name is E. Hernandez, looks at Fob’s son and realizes that something wasn’t right. He looks at the mom and her son, and it dawns on him!

13. Finish the Report? Fob

Officer Hernandez had one job to do: finish writing the report and carry on with the day. However, seeing the state the mom and her son were, he knew he had to do more than his job. So he does this amazing thing that stunned Fob.

12. This Isn’t Over Fob

“Never in million years did I believe this will happen,” Fob wrote on Facebook. What happened?

Officer Hernandez saw that the boy had no diaper on and that the mom wasn’t looking too well. So he took the pair to a store and walked with them to find diapers, snacks, and milk for the toddler! But this wasn’t over!

11. A Kind Gesture Fob

No matter what our jobs are, we should always be kind to the ones in need of help. And Hernandez knew it very well. He did his job and more than that: he made sure that the boy and her mom were fine and safe and even gave her advice! Here’s what she said on social media…

10. Memorable Moments

In her post on social media, Fob revealed that life has been difficult to her and she went through dark times, but the officer gave her feedback and advice which made her change her perspective on the police force, saying that she had a “conversation I will never forget.”

9. Thank You! Fob

“THANK YOU THANK YOU SO MUCH,” added Fob, saying that not all officers from Oakland are the same and that some of them really care about the community. But this is not everything!

8. Appreciate the Police Fob

She said that she never thought she would appreciate the police, but she does now that she has seen how kind Officer Hernandez was to her and her son. This man’s kind gesture changed the way someone felt about law enforcement and lifted her spirit!

7. Telling Their Stories

On social media, Judy Dwiggins Hickey wrote that “there are so many good cops and they need their stories told too!” And another one that lives in Oakland said that the “new generation of Oakland Police Officers is good-hearted. We need more Cops out there like this.”

6. A Better World Police Department

The world would be much better if we helped others. This act of kindness from the Oakland officer impacted Fob’s life and made her realize how one small gesture can make someone happy.

In the past years, the Oakland officers have had a great time with kids taking them on shopping sprees. Here they are in the next photos.

5. Christmas Shopping Spree Police Department

All kids want toys for Christmas, and the Oakland Police Department took over 60 kids to the supermarket. You can imagine the happy children jumping from isle to isle, looking for their favorite toy!

4. Photos With Santa

Each child had an officer partner that looked through the store for toys, and the night ended with hot chocolate and photos with Santa!

3. Shop with a Cop

Brown County also has an event called “Shop with a Cop,” which takes underprivileged children and pairs them with peace officers for a shopping spree and a fun afternoon.

2. Changing the World Police Department

These gestures will help the community and police officers work together for a better and safe world. Meanwhile, kids learn more about police officers and get to trust and respect them in the future.

1. Happy Children Fob

One act of kindness can influence a child’s life and helps them think of the future. Who knows, maybe Fob’s boy will be a policeman and gets to return the favor!

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