A Baby Whale Decides To Have A Special Moment With Two Divers

There are lots of cool activities that you can do in the summer and one of them is to go snorkeling. People who live by the beach know just how amazing snorkeling can be because snorkeling gives people the change to get a glimpse of what the underwater world looks like. However, the risky thing about snorkeling is that you can never know how the underwater monsters might react to you.

20. Snorkeling


As we previously mentioned, snorkeling is a blast during the summer. People who put on the diving mask and go underwater get to live a once in a lifetime experience and this is why snorkeling so popular in tropical islands.

19. Amazing Experiences


The reason why so many people want to try snorkeling during their vacation is that it’s an amazing experience and it doesn’t cost too much. The coolest part about snorkeling is getting to interact with fish and underwater fauna.

18. Something Bigger


Today we are going to show you two friends who decided to go snorkeling into the ocean. They loved observing the underwater world through their diving glasses, but they wanted to see something bigger.

17. Giant Whale


Even though this might seem like a crazy thing to do, the two friends wanted to see a whale. They wanted to find out how it feels like to be in the same water with one of the world’s biggest mammals.

16. Taking A Risk


Truth be told, diving in the same water as a whale is a cool idea, but it does come with its fair share of risks. You can never know how the whale might react to seeing the divers close and as we all know, whales are really big and strong.

15. Drone Footage


One of the smartest things that the two divers did is that they brought a drone camera with them. If they didn’t, no one would believe what happened to them on that special day.

14. Baby Whale

youtube.com/Caters Clips

The divers got lucky and they found a big whale and its baby. To make things even better, the baby whale was having fun and it was splashing water everywhere.

13. Incredible Sight

youtube.com/Caters Clips

The two friends couldn’t believe their luck. They didn’t just find a big whale, but they also found a baby whale. Little did they know, the baby whale was even more happy to see them.

12. Belly Up

youtube.com/Caters Clips

As we can see in the picture from the drone, the baby whale was swimming with its belly up. The “tiny” whale was trying to have fun and it kept doing all types of tricks underwater.

11. Having Fun

youtube.com/Caters Clips

The baby whale was having fun and the two divers were in awe. They never expected to see this and they couldn’t be any happier. However, everything changed when the baby whale noticed that they are really close.

10. They Get Noticed!

youtube.com/Caters Clips

It didn’t take long for the baby whale to notice the two divers. Although, no one was ready for what the baby whale planned to do next!

9. Getting Closer

youtube.com/Caters Clips

Just like before, the baby whale was swimming with its belly up. The difference here is that the baby whale started getting closer to the divers. Something “fishy” is going on for sure!

8. Standing On The Whale

youtube.com/Caters Clips

Out of nowhere, the baby whale gets under one of the divers. The diver couldn’t believe what was happening, he was basically standing on the baby whale instead of floating anymore.

7. Surreal Experience

youtube.com/Caters Clips

The diver was in such awe that he couldn’t move anymore. He didn’t know how to react and he was just enjoying this once in a lifetime moment of touching a whale.

6. Giant Splash

youtube.com/Caters Clips

The baby whale waited for a couple of seconds and then hit its massive fin on the water’s surface causing a giant splash. Both divers were petrified at this moment because they knew that something could go wrong at any moment.

5. Swimming Away

youtube.com/Caters Clips

The baby whale started swimming away and the two divers knew that they were safe. The big whale probably called her baby back because she noticed that she was having too much fun with the divers.

4. Still In Shock

youtube.com/Caters Clips

Nearly one minute passed since the baby whale left and the diver that was touched by it was still in shock. He couldn’t believe that he managed to stay on top of a whale, in the middle of the ocean!!

3. Back To Mamma

youtube.com/Caters Clips

After the baby whale had its fun, it went back to its mamma. The divers were happy that this happened because they wouldn’t want the giant mamma whale to get angry.

2. Mission Complete

youtube.com/Caters Clips

The two divers wanted to experience something different and we think it’s safe to say that they got exactly what they wanted. Who else can say that they touched a baby whale in the middle of the ocean?

1. Real Risks


Even though this was a really cool experience, whale experts are advising all divers to stop getting so close to them. Not all whales are pacifist and divers that don’t know better might end up making them angry which is never a good idea.

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