Luke Bryan Puts It All On The Line To Save 18 Years Old Dog In Need Of A Home

Sometimes we tend to forget that celebrities are just like every other regular person, but what you didn’t know about the popular country singer Luke Bryan is that he uses his fortune to help animals in need. His kindness began with his niece’s love for animals, and with a very sad turn of events. Unfortunately, the family lost her, but Bryan decided to pay his respects by saving animals. How did Bryan end up meeting the 18-year-old pup and where does the dog live now?


23. Love For Nature

Like all innocent children, Bryan’s niece loved nature and adored animals. He also has two dogs he and his family love a lot and they taken them on adventures.

Whenever the family would ask their beloved niece what she wanted for Christmas, she’d say she wanted a pony.


Nobody forgot her wish, but she was gone before Bryan got her the pony she wished for… And the thought tormented him, until one day, when he realized how he could make it right…

22. The Beginning of a Sad Story


Although this might be the beginning of a sad story, we assure you it’s not. Bryan might be famous for his sad country songs, but nobody knew the reason behind them. One day, he decided to use that emotional pain from the loss of his niece and turn it into what would soon become an animal sanctuary!

21. Changing the World


The singer wasn’t going to stand and watch animals in need look for a home, so he decided that his niece would have been more than happy to be able to live at a farm. Bryan was going to change the world around him, with the help of his wife, Caroline.

20. Brett’s Barn


Luke Bryan’s niece always wanted a white pony and she loved animals. Unfortunately, she passed away at a young age and Luke never got the chance to give her the pony that she always wanted. This is why Luke and his wife built a special farm called Brett’s Barn.

19. White Pony


Even though Luke Bryan never got the chance to give his niece the pony that she always wanted, he welcomed one on the farm, in her memory. The pony is now running free around the farm and seeing this brings peace to the singer.

18. Saving Animals


Luke Bryan is keeping his niece’s memory alive by saving animals in need. The farm is filled with all kinds of animals starting with dogs, cats and ending with llamas! But there was still much goodness in Bryan, and when he got a phone call, he quickly stepped up…

17. Farm Animals


Our story starts when Luke Bryan’s wife Caroline read a story on social media about an 18 years old dog who has been abandoned. She asked about the dog’s background, wondering who would abandon such an old dog and why!

16. The Owners Had ‘Allergies’

Photo: 1210 Animal Rescue

The poor dog was now living at an animal shelter, waiting for a family of his own. After living with his owners for 18 years, they no longer wanted him because of ‘allergies’ – that’s what they said. Soon enough, Caroline and Bryan received a phone call from the shelter…

15. Old Dogs


We all know what happens to old dogs and what their chances are of being adopted… This oldie was going to be overlooked by possible adopting families, considering there are many young pups eager to make themselves loved… Months passed and the dog was still in the shelter. Then, Caroline asked about him!

14. Luke Decided to Visit The Dog


Caroline knew that adopting an old dog is tough, but she went and talked to Luke Bryan about it anyways. They learned more about the dog when they received the phone call. Luke then thought he’d visit the shelter to see the dog. On his way there, he wondered how he could help the pooch. Was the old dog fit for a life at the farm? Was Bryan even prepared to care for him?

13. Meet Poochie


This adorable dog is named Poochie. In dog years, he is a grandpa and he needs all the help that he can get. That meant a lot of care and special treatments. Luke had no idea if Poochie was fit for living at the farm, but he knew that the shelter wasn’t the best home for the grandpa dog… So what did he do?

12. Thinking About His Niece


He thought about his niece and knew what to do. Bryan asked for adoption papers and was ready to take Poochie to the farm. The dog would be in for a treat once he discovers all the animals living there, running free. Poochie’s reaction when getting at the farm is incredible!

11. Good Life


The country singer knows that Poochie doesn’t have that long to live and he wants to make sure that Poochie gets to relax and live a comfortable life for as long as he can.  The only thing that Luke Bryan cares about is for the dog to be happy.

10. Having Fun


Despite his old age, Poochie is running all around the farm. He loves open spaces and every day is a new adventure. Poochie’s story is far from being over!

Isn’t Luke Bryan amazing for adopting this old boy?

9. Valuable Lessons


Luke Bryan says that he hopes his sons see how important it is to save animals and that they will follow in his footsteps and do the same when they grow up. The man is setting a great example to his kids and there is no doubt about that.

8. Harry and Lloyd


These two are Harry and Lloyd. They also live on the farm and they included Poochie in their friend group. The old dog is going to have a blast living out his days at Brett’s Barn.

7. Big Heart


If there is something that we can take from this, then it has to be the fact that Luke Bryan has a big heart. The country singer is doing his part in making the world a better place by adopting old animals.

6. Lifesavers


Considering that Poochie is 18 years old, we think it’s safe to say that Luke Bryan and his wife Caroline are life savers. The old dog wouldn’t have such a great time in the animal shelter as he is having at the farm.

5. New Home


No one at the animal shelter would have guessed that an 18 years old dog can find an adoptive family so fast. Poochie has a new place to call home and this is all that matters after all.

4. Adopting Animals


As we previously noted, older animals have a difficult time finding new homes. This is why adopting a pet instead of buying them from the shop is always a better idea.

3. Staying Humble


Another thing that we want to mention is that Luke Bryan has stayed humble all throughout this. The country singer never “bragged” about saving Poochie which shows us that his good deed is genuine.

2. Keep Up The Good Work


Let’s hope that Luke Bryan continues to have a successful career so that he can keep up the good work and save other animals who might be in need of a home.

1. Heartwarming Story


We told you right from the start that this is going to be a heartwarming story and we kept our word. Nonetheless, did this story make you like Luke Bryan more?

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