The 24 Unimagined Royal Baby Rules That Meghan Markle And Prince Harry Have To Follow

Nothing in the British Royalty is unplanned. We can see every little detail is under the eye of Queen Elizabeth II as it always has been in her family. The last Royal wedding (between Meghan Markle and Prince Harry) has captured media attention around the world. Imagine the emotion when they announced they were expecting their first child! But as we were saying, nothing is unplanned. Keep on reading the following list of the 24 unimagined rules the couple has to follow during the pregnancy. Don’t miss #17, #7 and #1!

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#24. The Baby Shower

As a typical tradition, the baby shower is a special meeting between close female friends and family with the future mom in order to give her everything she will need for the baby, such as clothes, children’s products and toys. The purpose of the reunion is to celebrate the arrival of the new baby; it’s a moment of joy and giving.

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This tradition doesn’t happen in the Royalty world as expected. Why? As we know, the future baby in the Royal family will have everything he or she needs, so Royal experts said that is not necessary to have this meeting between the future mom and closest friends to give gifts to the baby because of the family’s wealth. Although this is not the only party they can’t be a part of.

#23. The Gender Of The Baby

One of the most expected moments of the baby shower is to reveal the gender of the baby; that’s why people often celebrate the party with blue or pink balloons and a matching cake. It seems that this is one of the deepest secrets of Royalty. The Royal family has never revealed the gender of a future baby in the family. Although, some friends spilled the beans by mistake!

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The case of Kate Middleton and Prince Williams is similar: they didn’t find out the gender of their baby until birth! The public image of the Royal family has to be away from any bad rumor or any speculations, that’s why they try to keep most of their private life… in private! This, of course, doesn’t include the charity works and politics they usually participate in.

#22. The Queen First

We can’t imagine the mix of feelings a pregnant woman can have while she is in labor. Sometimes the father is in charge to tell every member of the family that their child was born. Not the case of Prince Harry. By the Royal rule, Queen Elizabeth II has to be the first of the family to be notified that her great-grandchild was born. As an omnipresent Grandma and also Great-Grandma, she has to know it first!

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We are completely sure that Queen Elizabeth II loves all her grandchildren and great-grandchildren, despite this mandatory rule the Royalty has. Another crazy rule is that it’s not possible to announce a birth between 10.00 pm and 8.00 am because the Queen has to rest because of her busy life. These rules don’t include members of Markle’s family and closest and dearest friends of both of them. They will know about the birth a few hours prior to the family’s decision to announce it to the world.

#21. The Royal Trips

It’s not usual to see the members of the Royalty traveling around the world when they are expecting a baby, especially the women of the family. But the Duke and Duchess of Sussex have proved over and over again that they are anything but usual. They announced they were expecting a baby when they were starting a royal tour in Australia, New Zeland, Tonga and Fiji.

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The members of the family have a special airplane to fly and special vans to travel around Great Britain. That’s why is not recommended to travel while they are expecting a baby. Meghan Markle has shown herself as a radical woman in the Royalty so can’t be surprised if she decides to visit her mom who lives in California, crossing the Atlantic Sea! 

#20. No Social Media

It’s not like the Duke and Duchess of Sussex aren’t influencers these days but it’s a royal rule not to share anything on social media like Instagram or Facebook. It is very usual for people to share a pregnancy or a wedding through their profiles on social networks but in the Royalty, everything works differently from the rest of society. They have their own “royal social networks”.

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It’s a tradition that the Kensington Palace make a formal announcement to share to the world the happiness of the birth of a new member of the family. When the couple announced they were expecting their first child, the Kensington Palace did it for them. The announcement was: “Their Royal Highnesses The Duke and Duchess of Sussex are very pleased to announce that The Duchess of Sussex is expecting a baby in the Spring of 2019.” In addition, they announced the pregnancy by a handwritten missive to the Buckingham Palace.

#19. Hey! Hey! News Are Coming

Maybe we can think about different ways to find out about a piece of news: social media, television, radio or the Internet. There are many options for the Royalty. However, their preferred choice is the official town crier. Like the old times, the Britsh Royalty still has a town crier, a person in charge to communicate all the official news.

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The man in office is Tony Appleton, who was part of the Royal Navy and trained to be a toastmaster. Eventually, he became the official town crier of the British Royalty. Some tabloids wondered about the real work of Appleton, and even though he doesn’t have an official royal title, he announced the births of Prince William and Kate Middleton’s children.

#18. A Strong Woman

Living with the Royalty doesn’t mean the members of the family don’t have any working obligation. Princess Kate Middleton during her three pregnancies continued with her royal engagements, like representing Queen Elizabeth II in public events. Meghan has been doing the same in the company of her husband, Prince Harry.

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Meghan Markle presents herself to the public as a strong and independent woman. She always talks about the general problems of women and the patriarchy tradition that is behind. She speaks about equality for women and men and the rights of children. We are not surprised by the actions she has taken because we believe she constitutes a refresh to the traditional Royalty.

#17. They Share The Work

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex have many royal responsibilities and activities to fulfill on behalf of the Queen and Markle’s pregnancy wouldn’t stop them from doing it. They are not like the princess and princesses we read in books, they are really hard working people! Of course, Meghan will have six months after birth to rest and take care of her child.

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Parental responsibility nowadays is shared by both parents, so we wouldn’t expect less from the royal couple. Prince Harry will have to help Meghan during the first days of their child, just as his brother Prince George did when his daughter, Princess Charlotte was born. We are completely confident Markle will receive plenty of help! Keep on reading the list!

#16. A Present Father

In the past, Prince Harry has been on the spotlight not exactly for good reasons. However, we have to say that in the past few years this has changed, especially because of Meghan Markle. In many interviews, he has declared he is very happy for the birth of his first child and how he would love to accompany his wife. But, there are royal rules that may difficult this…

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The Royalty has many antique rules to follow, like the one that does not allow men to be in the delivery room! But we see in this royal blood big airs of changing… The mother of Prince Harris, Princess Diana, asked for her husband Prince Charles to be there with her. Their son, Prince William, had followed the tradition that their mother started and ¡we hope Prince Harry does the same!

#15. The Royal Custody

In regular life, it’s common that the custody of a newborn lies on the parents until the person is an adult. Well, this doesn’t happen if you a royal member. Of course, Royal Baby Sussex will have the company and love of Markle and Prince Harry. But a special royal rule changes everything we expect about the custody of a new member of the family. See what is it about!

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¡The legal custody of Markle and Prince Harry’s baby lies on Queen Elizabeth II! As you are reading, this law is based on a 300-year-old law enacted under King George I. Of course, the real life it’s not necessarily the same as the law says and the Queen will leave the parents raising their child freely (or well, royal-free). One thing that we are sure of is that this baby will have a lot of love!

#14. The Long Heritage Of The Name

Choosing a name for a future baby is maybe the most difficult part of being a parent. There are so many options! Maybe the Duke and Duchess of Sussex won’t have this problem as there is a longstanding tradition of royal names in the list waiting to be used. Of course, the name has to be perfect for their child, as he or she will be famous since the very first minute of life. Maybe it won’t be an exotic name —as celebrities choose for their children— but we are sure it will be a very long name.

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There are many royal names from this short list but they have to pick one of them and then add three more royal names! Actually, the real name of Prince Harry is Henry Charles Albert David… Is there any possibility of having a surname? Well, in the Royalty nothing is easy and the surname of the members will be the royal title that it’s given by the Queen. For example, Markle and Harry are The Duke and Duchess of Sussex and their child will be using Sussex too.

#13. Royal Titles

For common people, it’s normal to wonder if the baby will be like the mother if they will have the personality of the father or maybe look similar to grandma. Maybe this is the case of Markle and Prince Harry but there are more important royal responsibilities to think about. There is a tradition of titles that new generations inherit through their parents. What is the case of this couple? Will their child be a Princess or Prince? According to King George’s decree in 1917, only the firstborn son of the Prince of Wales could have the title of Prince. But Queen Elizabeth II had something in mind…

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Sometimes, traditions are changed by the decision of a strong person and this the case of Queen Elizabeth. In 2012, she decided to make a revision of the 1917 decree and now all the great-grandchildren of the family have the title of Prince or Princess. But we have to say this don’t apply for the baby Sussex because according to the title of him/her parents, the baby will be Lord/Lady of Sussex. Don’t feel bad, Megan and Harry have also the title of Baroness and Baron Kilkeel in Ireland and Earl and Countess of Dumbarton. These titles will be extended to their children too.

#12. The Importance Of The Midwife

Every detail in the life of the royal family is under the sight of the Queen. Of course, an important event like the birth of a new member is not the exception. By tradition, it’s mandatory to have at least one midwife on hand to be part of the childbirth. For example, Kate Middleton had three midwives when she had her first baby!

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Why is it necessary to have three midwives at all? Well, like a basketball and cricket team, you need someone in the different positions to cover all the spaces. In royal childbirths, things work this way and they need different medical professionals, even if they are having the baby in a hospital!

#11. An Important Decision

By royal tradition, all the women of Royalty should have their child at home but Princess Diana changed this for the first time. Diana was the first lady in the family to have her first son in a hospital, so nowadays a homebirth is not necessary. Kate followed her lead and all her children were born in the private Lindo Wing. 

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There are many special requests for a royal pregnancy, so every detail is under control. There is a big team of different medical professionals like midwives, obstetricians and anesthesiologists. They have to be prepared during all the pregnancy and they have to keep every detail in secret until the day they are called.

#10. The Long Training

Having a new baby is a landmark moment in people’s life. We can imagine all the details that parents prepare for the moment they will receive their baby. Well, imagine this moment in the Royalty. Every member of the birthing team has to be prepared for the moment of Markle is going to have baby Sussex and this means, a lot of practice.

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First, the birthing team has to be selected by royal experts but also by Markle and Prince Harry. After that intensive process, each member of the team has to meet with them once a month to review the birthing plan. As the big day comes closer, meetings are more frequent. This is to ensure that nothing goes wrong when the time comes.

#9. Fashion Revolution

Apart from the different rules that the Duke and Duchess of Sussex have to follow during their pregnancy, there are other different royal rules they have to follow as they are members of the Royalty. This is the case with the clothes and outfits they are allowed to wear in public (and we imagine in private too). There are general rules that every member has to follow, but Markle is probably the exception…

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In theory, Markle is not allowed to wear denim or show cleavage in public, but the Duchess has shown that she can wear modern clothes and at the same time, respect the royal rules. We often see Markle with sheath dresses, well-tailored menswear-inspired outfits and nude pumps. We also see her with thigh-high slit dresses and modern shoes. She gives to the Royalty a modern and fresh air. 

#8. Natural Beauty

It’s a tradition that the royal family pose in front of the hospital with the new baby of the family. Ladies seem to be calm and full of glamour, with jewels and perfect outfits for the photo. Even Kate Middleton called her hairstylist after the birth of her first son, Prince Louis, and Princess Diana looked amazing with Prince Williams in her arms.

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We can’t expect less from the Duke and Duchess but we believe they will do a little change to this royal tradition as they seem more modern compared to other members. In fact, Markle has declared in many interviews that she wouldn’t like to show herself after birth so glam and well dressed, she would like to show a natural mom.

#7. Fashion Influencers

Despite the fact that Meghan and Prince Harry don’t have their own social networks, they have their own official Instagram, which was a big innovation in British Royalty. They became influencers trough new generations and nowadays all teenagers around the world want to dress and look like Meghan. This didn’t go unnoticed to the most important fashion houses around the world.

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Even Kate Middleton made an effect in the fashion world with the birth of her children Prince George, Princess Charlotte and even Prince Louis. All the designers wanted to make clothes exactly the same as them! We can imagine the Meghan Markle Effect these days but also the future Baby Sussex Effect!

#6. Royal Fashion For Children

If there is a royal rule related to clothes for adults, there is a royal rule for children too. We can only imagine how hard it must be for children who like playing on the grass and running all the time to follow a dress code.

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There is a longstanding tradition stating that all royal children need to be formally dressed when they are in public. For ladies, it’s very common to wear a dress with light and pastel colors and for boys, luckily, the tradition has changed and they don’t have to wear breeches anymore. Instead of that, they can use shorts and formal shirts.

#5. A Royal Baptism

When Prince Harry proposed to Meghan Markle, she had to fulfill some royal responsibilities before the day of the wedding. Markle was baptized in the Church Of England as a royal tradition. She looked amazing in the black dress that she chose.

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After one year of life, baby Sussex will be baptized wearing a traditional and special gown. In 1841, Queen Victoria ordered a white satin and lace christening gown for her first child and it has been in the family for centuries! In fact, since that year, 62 royal babies have born. All the children of Kate Middleton and Prince William used that gown and, of course, baby Sussex will too!

#4. Choosing The Godparents

A godparent is a person that will teach important life lessons to the child or the designated person to take care of him or her if something happens to the parents. We know it’s an important decision for the parents and, of course, we know that consensus is not easy to reach.

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The case of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle is different… Maybe we might think that Prince Williams or Kate Middleton are perfect options for this royal duty but, in reality, baby Sussex is really close to them so they are not the first options. Suitable persons may be distant relatives like cousins or old school friends or maybe some famous friends like George Clooney or Serena Williams.

#3. A Big Event

Such a big and amazing event will be forever in the hearts of the family. After all the things this family has been through, we are completely sure that this will bring love and joy in their lives. In this occasion, we have to add that this birth is part of the British Royalty, so it’s a special moment for most British society. 

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There are some special occasions the palace celebrates with a 41-gun salute but this is a big celebration… So the day baby Sussex is born, the palace will add 21 additional rounds! A 62-gun salute will go off during the day Meghan and Prince Harry welcome their child.

#2. A Good Love Story

Maybe it was destiny or chance that put these two together, and now, they are one of the most adorable and lovely couples around the world. The Duchess of Sussex confessed once in an interview that she loves a really good love story and we are completely sure this is the case of Prince Harry and her.

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In July of 2016, they first met by the arrangement of a common friend in a party when Prince Harry was completely surprised by the beauty of Meghan Markle. After that night, everything moved really fast for the couple and they started dating and showed themselves together with many romantic gestures like posts on her Instagram. But in the Royalty, everything needs to be announced officially and in November of 2016, Kensington Palace confirmed the relationship between Prince Harry and Meghan Markle. 

#1. A Fairy Tale

At first, the relationship may not have been what the Crown expected, but they have shown really supportive of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle during these years. Perhaps, some traditions state that members of the Royalty should marry only members of the same society. But Meghan has proved that she respects the royal rules, like in March 2017 when she decided to shut down her lifestyle blog, The Tig after a warm goodbye message.

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In March 2017 some tabloids reported that Prince Harry asked Queen Elizabeth’s permission to propose to Markle. Of course, she had to quit Suits (the series she was part of) and moved to Kensington Palace with Prince Harry and in November 2017 they announced their engagement. After that, they got married in March 2018 in a big celebration at Windsor Castle while the world was watching them and then, in October 2018 they announced they were expecting their first child. Everything happened like a real-life fairy tale.

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