In the Late 1800s Two Miners Found One of the Largest Pieces of Gold in the World

Prospecting is the art of mining for gold. While this isn’t common today it was extremely common back in the day. Many people would spend their whole lives looking for gold. Some came up empty handed but those who came up with something to show were set for the rest of their lives.

20. Prospecting History

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Prospecting is an art that isn’t found commonly today but in the past, it promised riches for anyone willing to drop everything in the search for gold. There were several places rich with gold and one of those places was Victoria, Australia.

19. Victoria, Australia


Victoria is one of the most densely populated areas in Australia and this is due in part to the droves of people relocating there during the gold rush. Victoria is now known for its beautiful beaches.

18. Striking Gold

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Near the year 1851 in the town of New South Wales, there was a strike of gold nuggets being found by prospectors. This struck interest in other prospectors causing them to relocate to Australia.

17. Gold Rush


Melbourne was getting around two tons of gold a week from the prospectors searching for gold all over Australia. This not only helped the economy but it also helped industrialize Australia.

16. Flocking To The Gold

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Hearing of this large amount of gold being discovered many people would relocate to Australia in hopes of finding riches. However, with the large influx of people, many were leaving empty-handed.

15. Relocating

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It is said that over a million people would relocate to Australia in hopes of making a new life as a prospector. That is an increase in the population of over a thousand percent!

14. John Deason and Richard Oates

Dunolly Museum, Victoria, Australia

The news of the potential gold rush spread throughout the world and landed in the laps of two miners by the names of John Deason and Richard Oates. Like many others, they decided to head to Australia and find out just how much gold was there.

13. 1853 Gold Rush


The two men stopped to stay in a town by the name of Moliagul located in Victoria. The town was once small but due to the influx of prospectors it was more lively than ever!

12. Thriving Towns


The towns benefitted the most from many gold rush opportunities. Many towns were transformed from ghost towns into profitable towns for people to stay in.

11. Coming Up Empty

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After many attempts at finding the shiny gold both the men kept coming up empty. They were both running out of food and supplies as they were depending on the gold they would hope to find.

10. Not Giving Up

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However, unlike most prospectors, the two decided to keep on trekking and relocated to another mine. This is where their hard work and dedication would pay off.

9. Digging Deep

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Inside the new mine, one of the men would start to dig only to find what he thought was a large tree branch in his way. However, this wasn’t any ordinary tree branch.

8. Finding Treasure

Dunolly Museum, Victoria, Australia

After digging up the supposed “tree trunk” the pair soon found out that it was actually a large piece of gold. They finally stumbled upon the very thing they set out to find.

7. A Huge Chunk of Gold

Dunolly Museum, Victoria, Australia

Not only did they find gold they found one of the largest deposits and rocks of gold anyone had found in Australia up until that point. They were estimating the chunk of gold to be worth upwards of six thousand dollars.

6. Covered in Quartz

Dunolly Museum, Victoria, Australia

The gold was in their hands but not technically as the gold was still encased and surrounded by a thick layer of quartz. They had to go through a process of burning the quartz off and collecting the gold.

5. Stashing It Away

Dunolly Museum, Victoria, Australia

They were quick to take it to a bank and have it weighed and get cash out for their find. The two men were beyond excited to finally have the life they always dreamed of having.

4. Weighing The Gold

Dunolly Museum, Victoria, Australia

The large chunk of gold was so large that it couldn’t be weighed on the bank’s traditional weights. Therefore, they had to break the chunk apart until they could successfully weigh it all.

3. 210 Pounds of Fortune

Dunolly Museum, Victoria, Australia

The two men’s find came out to a whopping 210 pounds worth of gold. This is one of the largest pieces of gold ever found still to this day!

2. Worth The Weight In Gold

Dunolly Museum, Victoria, Australia

Not only did the two get a commemoration for having the biggest gold find in the world they also cashed out at around 12,000 dollars for their find.

1. The Largest Uncovered Piece of Gold

Dunolly Museum, Victoria, Australia

The pair were reported to have been generous with their wealth. The story will go down in history as when the largest chunk of gold was found on Earth.

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