24 Fun Dog Facts That Will Surprise Even The Biggest Canine Enthusiast

If you are the type of person who can’t keep your hands away from every puppy that comes into sight, then this is the article to read. Known as a man’s best friend, dogs have been our partners, roommates, pets and I’ll just say it, our greatest confidant over the years. While they probably know all your secrets, can you say the same? Here are 24 facts about our canine friends that you probably don’t know and definitely should. Personally, I found #17, #12 and #7 pretty surprising.

#24. The Color Myth

It sometimes happens, myths are widely popularized to the point they are perceived as the truth. The following is one of these cases. Have you ever heard dogs can only perceive black and white colors? Well, let’s share some truth and debunk this myth.

Photo: Courtesy of Rover

Canines actually perceive different tones of the following colors and their shades; yellow, blue and green. While this is clearly more limited than other animals and even humans, it just goes off to show that there is so much we don’t know about our furry friends, including #22.

#23. Dalmatian Fact

Popularized in the famous children’s movie, 101 Dalmatians, these dogs are known for their black spots that contrast their white fur. Here’s the catch though, did you know that they aren’t actually born with them?

Photo: Courtesy of Honesttopaws

If you’re looking to see the famous black patterns, then be patient for two to three weeks. This is when they start developing and appearing on their skin, so get the camera ready and don’t miss a thing.

#22. Supersonic Hearing

If someone could perceive sound as much as a dog, then that person would probably have a superpower. Dogs are capable of hearing noise coming from any direction, and long distances as well. Why is this so? This incredible animal has at least 18 ear muscles that allow for its incredible hearing ability.

Photo: Courtesy of Acmecanine

In fact, you can tell he is trying to listen to something from a distance when he turns his head slightly and intently. This is to improve the process of concentrating on a particular sound.

#21. A Bathroom Fact That Will Surprise

You’ve probably never given much thought to your dog’s poop aside from the fact that picking it up is not the most fun part of walking your pet. Well, be ready to be surprised, scientists have discovered that there is actually a pattern in the way dogs defecate and it is related to the earth’s magnetic field.

Photo: Courtesy of Honesttopaws
In fact, females have shown to urinate as well as poop either in a north or south direction, males only do this when doing the second.

#20. Sleeping Habits Revealed

A dog getting ready to sleep is probably the cutest thing ever. They curl up on themselves and just look extremely cuddly. Aside from getting into the comfiest position ever, our canine friends are smart and intuitive, can you guess why they actually do this?

Photo: Courtesy of Honesttopaws
Ever hear of the fight or flight instinct? Well, even while they are sleeping dogs are alert and ready to protect themselves, this position allows them to shield their sensitive and vital organs from any potential harm. For more on their sleeping habits read #8.

#19. Superb Sense of Smell

Aside from perceiving colors and having an incredible capacity of sound, dogs actually have an above-average sense of smell. This is due to their humid noses. The wet layer helps absorb particles that carry scent and identify them.

Photo: Courtesy of Honesttopaws

This is why this animal is often used to help in hunting activities, airport security and as police aids. The three species that have their sense of smell most developed are German Shepherd, Dachshunds, and Beagles.

#18. Americans Love Dogs

Who can deny that dogs are generally loved in the United States? Well, statistics actually confirm that the canine population is higher here than in any other place on earth. There are 75 million dogs at least, and within those, the Labrador Retrievers win the popularity contest.

Photo: Courtesy of Honesttopaws

And who can deny it? Dogs have been an essential part of our culture. Dogs aren’t only put to work in our country, they form part of our domestic lives, they help save lives and even become movie stars.

#17. Tail Secrets Revealed

There aren’t many things that can make my heart swell more than opening the door after a long day and seeing my furry friend wagging its tail in happiness. Dogs are just so intensely joyous their body can express it.

Photo: Courtesy of Shutterstock

However, the dog’s tail can be a source of analysis in itself. Depending on the pattern it moves, it can actually express different emotions. So, be careful not to confuse when the dog is actually nervous or even aggressive.

#16. Strong Noses

As explained previously, dogs definitely perceive food and other scents much more than we do. Imagine being able to smell the food from that restaurant across the street…

Photo: Courtesy of Shutterstock

While we have 6 million olfactory receptors, our furry friends have not only double but fifty times that amount. You make the math, their noses are mind-blowingly strong.

#15. Sleeping Rituals

We all have our sleeping rituals, some put on creams, others meditate or listen to music, even dogs have their own. Before resting, dogs tend to move in circles around themselves.

Photo: Courtesy of Shutterstock

This actually is an inherited process that originates in their wolf ancestors, and that has to do with ‘nesting’. This allows them to be more comfortable and get a sense of home. This is their own way of getting into bed.

#14. Furry Caretakers

Dogs are man’s best friend, but they can also take care of us. They are highly receptive of our moods and bodies in a way that might even save us. Since they can notice even the slightest change in our bodies, canines make great aids in cases of onset seizures.

Photo: Courtesy of Honesttopaws

That is why service dogs are such a great help to some patients. while some studies have tried to explain how they do this, there is still much to learn.

#13. Stunning Vision

Dogs are lucky enough to have adorable features that also serve a purpose. Let’s take their whiskers. These tiny hairs actually allow dogs to have better vision.

Photo: Courtesy of Akc

At the base of each hair, there is a follicle filled with nerves that can detect variations in weather and air pressure. In turn, this explains why canines can actually see in the dark. If you think about it, whiskers pretty much work as dogs own special brand of glasses.

#12. Barking Explained

In spite of the fact that canines can’t actually talk or use our vocabulary, they sure can express themselves. Barking works as a way to communicate any needs, wishes or even different moods your dog may have.

Photo: Courtesy of Honesttopaws

A curious breed known as Basenji is one of the only Canines known to emit a sound that is far from a bark. As a consequence of the shape of their voice boxes, the sound that comes out resembles that of someone saying “baroo!”. If you don’t believe us, just look it up.

#11. Graduating Class Of 2017

Along the same lines as #14, service dogs are an essential part of therapy and some people’s lives. In 2017 Johns Hopkins University School of Education awarded Kirsch, a service dog, with an honorary degree after having attended all his owners’ classes in mental health counseling.

Photo: Courtesy of Pinterest

During the ceremony Kirsch wore a cap and gown, making it a day worth remembering for the two students. Let’s note how cute our furry friend looks in that outfit as well.

#10. Six Toes

While it is known that dogs have four toes on each foot, there are breeds that hold the exception. The Norwegian Lundehund and The Great Pyrenees Breed have six toes.

Photo: Courtesy of Honesttopaws

This curious development is actually a way in which theses canines originally adapted to climb difficult cliff paths in order to hunt. Do you know any other fun fact about special breeds that adapted to their surroundings? For more, go to #7.

#9. Dogs Make Us Healthier

Dogs aren’t only excellent for people suffering from certain health conditions, they actually improve everyone’s physical health. Studies have found that giving love and petting your dog actually lower blood pressure.

Photo: Courtesy of Honesttopaws

So forget about searching for unnecessary vitamins or pills, simply interact with your dogs as most as you can. Let’s think for a moment how perfect this is, we actually get healthier by doing something we already love to do; pet out dogs.

#8. Duke, The Mayor

I’ve always wanted to have my dog’s face on a ten-dollar bill. Who hasn’t right? While that may not happen just yet, Minnesota took a leap and elected a dog as mayor of Cormorant.

Photo: Courtesy of Honesttopaws

The lucky canine was Duke, A seven-year-old sweetheart that just couldn’t do anything wrong. Walks, cuddles, and treats await his political agenda. No wonder Duke won by a landslide.

#7. Swimming Master

This breed is known for its incredible swimming technique and ability compared to others. In fact, its large size allows for them to develop muscles that aid in swimming faster. The Newfoundland Dogs have adapted, and their webbed feet can only indicate that this dog enjoys a swim!

Photo: Courtesy of Honesttopaws
Aside from this exceptional ability, be sure this lovely dog is one of the best pets out there. They are particularly caring and gentle with children. What are you waiting for? This is a family member you should surely incorporate.

#6. Hiking Guide

Service dogs are one of the best partners you will ever find. In 1990, A German shepherd named Orient embarked on an adventure with his owner Bill Irwin.

Photo: Courtesy of German Shepherd Dog Forums

Bill who at the time was blind decided to cross the Appalachian trail with the guidance of Orient. The difficult Hike was an extraordinary accomplishment for both. Just imagine 2100 miles.

#5. Do You Smell Corn Chips?

Dogs smell. There is no way around this. Here’s a fun fact for you, have you ever dared smell under a dogs foot? In case you haven’t, try it out, you’ll notice their paws strangely smell of corn chips. Weird, right?

Photo: Courtesy of Shutterstock

The bacteria in their sweat glands produce a natural yeast-like smell, that is sure to remind you of corn chips. Don’t worry, next time you smell chips on your dogs, you’ll know he hasn’t been eating something he shouldn’t.

#4. Does Your Dog Suffer Separation Anxiety?

Have you ever missed someone so much, you felt the need to grab, eat or look at something that reminds you of them? This happens to dogs as well, and you might feel identified with that sad feeling of leaving your loved one alone.

Photo: Courtesy of Honesttopaws

They might have a hard time dealing with separation to the extent that leaving clothes behind for them aids in reassuring them. Since they connect greatly with the world through their noses, leaving something that has your scent might reduce separation anxiety. Another way is leaving a classical music playlist on for them to relax.

#3. Canine Jealousy Is A Thing

While dogs are the best thing ever, they make us smile, laugh, love and confide in them, they also get quite possessive. Jealousy is a common trait in canines.

Photo: Courtesy of Honesttopaws

Be careful to observe next time you express joy towards anything other than your dog. How does he react? Do you notice those jealousy vibes coming from him? But that just goes to show the extent to which they love and appreciate you, take it as a compliment!

#2. Scented Tongues

As mentioned in # 13, dogs have an acute sense of smell. This is due not only to their nostrils and the help of their whiskers but also their mouths. When dogs lick their noses, they are actually tasting scent particles.

Photo: Courtesy of Honesttopaws

The upper part of their mouths contains about 1000 taste buds that allow them to detect even the faintest smells. If you think about it, canines have all they need to sort foods that will be good or bad for them.

#1. The Best Wingman

To all the men wanting to date, take note. Statistics show men are more successful in getting women’s phone number if he owns a dog.

Photo: Courtesy of Honesttopaws

On the other hand, being three times more likely to get a date because of your dog might lead to some awkward first-dates that solely surround the topic of your furry friend. But look at him, he is just so cute, nobody can compete.

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