Five-Year-Old Son Decides Dad’s Sentence In The Cutest Courtroom Video

Not all cases have to be stressing, and not all judges are heartless or uncompassionate. We have this fantastic judge to thank for when it comes to the funniest and adorable scenes in a courtroom. The world is a much better place with the kindhearted Judge Frank Caprio from Providence, Rhode Island.

When this kid goes to sit in the judge’s place and decide his father’s fate, the entire courtroom starts laughing! More than just being funny and adorable, this boy’s choice of punishment shows how wise kids can be!

24. We All Make Mistakes

Everyone on social media knows who Judge Frank Caprio is, and videos with him became so viral that the local TV channel aired footage from the courtroom called ‘Caught in Providence,’ and it became a global phenomenon. his amazing case has a kid deciding his dad’s sentence.

Some parents make mistakes as all humans do. When they have to go to court and face punishment, they might bring their kids along if they cannot find a babysitter. That’s how young Jacob got to see the justice system from the judge’s chair!

23. A Regular Day In Providence

80-year-old Judge Frank Caprio was having a regular day in the courtroom, dealing with speeding fines, parking tickets and other similar cases when he got to meet little Jacob and his father, Darrell Kroll. Why did this video become viral?

22. A Compassionate Man

In many of his cases, Judge Caprio sees people coming in front of the court with their children, and he always makes sure that the kids learn a lesson that day. That place becomes less intimidating for them, he explained in an interview.

21. Funny Moments In Providence

His approach is unlike other judges’, and that is because he wants people to be relaxed and less anxious about the court system: “I am particularly sensitive when young, impressionable minds come to court.”

And he indeed got to chat with Jacob, an awesome kid!

20. The Aggressive Ticketing

In an interview with Dailymail, Darrell Kroll explained how aggressive the ticketing was in Providence. But he had no idea that his appearance in the court would make him and his son famous all over the world. Let’s check out their story and see their reactions in the next photos.

19. It’s Very Intimidating

“They come in and it’s very intimidating with the oak-paneled courtroom, police officers with guns, flags, the judge comes in wearing a robe and everybody has to stand,” explained Judge Caprio. His methods are unusual, and you can see it in Darrell’s case.

18. A Popular Judge

A few years ago, Darrell and his son Jacob appeared in front of the court to fight a parking ticket which the man thought to be unfair. Here is why this judge is so popular worldwide.

His unusual way of handling cases has made him a star!

17. The Parking Ticket

Darrel was the manager of the Pizza Gourmet restaurant. One day he was delivering pizza and parked in a place where there was no “no parking” sign. So he decided to leave a sign in the window of the car…

16. Delivering Pizza

Darrel left a sign in the window of the car saying that he was a pizza delivery man. Two minutes later, he gets back to the car and sees the ticket. Feeling that it wasn’t just to leave a ticket, although he did his best to remove the car as fast as he could, Darrel decided to appeal the ticket.

15. A Crowded Place

That day, Darrel had no other place to park the car as it was very crowded, so he made his best to deliver the order and get back to leave, said the man in an interview with the Daily Mail: “I took pictures and I wasn’t too happy.” Then, he appeared in court and had a good laugh, along with the entire courtroom!

14. In The Court In Providence

On a school vacation day, Darrel had to go to the courtroom, and take his young son with him. This is how Jacob got on the bench with the judge and stole the show along with everyone’s heart! Here’s what happens after the kid gets next to the judge…

13. What’s Your Name? In Providence

When Darrel got called up, the judge asked his kid’s name and if it would be alright to sit on the bench and assist him. Caprio asked the boy his name and schooling, no longer paying attention to the father…

12. All Eyes on Jacob In Providence

Darrel later explained that he wanted to tell the judge about his case and show him photos of the missing “no parking” sign, “but he never listened to that because he was talking with Jacob.” Here’s what the kid says next!

11. Make Pizza In Providence

Meanwhile, Caprio asked Jacob what he wanted to do later in life, and he said that he wants to make pizza and work with his family. Now that everyone was less stressed about the case, Caprio asked the boy to help him with this “tough case.” This is where things get really funny!

10. You Get to Choose Caught In Providence

The judge explained what his father did wrong and told him that they have to decide what punishment to give him. Judge Caprio asked the kid to choose from three punishments.

Check out the options Jacob gets – his answer is incredible!

9. Three Choices

The judge told the boy he had to decide his father’s punishment. The ticket was $90 – now the kid had three options: pay the ticket, pay a smaller $30 fine, or pay nothing.

This kid is to die for!

8. A Moment of Hesitation In Providence

After a moment of hesitation, Jacob decided that the fair option would be for his dad to pay the $30 fine, and the courtroom exploded in laughter. Everyone was expecting to hear Jacob saying the last option! The Judge was impressed, saying this amazing thing…

7. King Solomon In Providence

Caprio was proud of the boy’s decision, comparing him with the wise King Solomon from the Bible who always chose a middle ground solution. Then, the judge decided to offer one more solution, as he was very impressed by the kid. Everyone laughed again!

6. Breakfast on Darrel In Providence

A fourth option was then concocted on the spot. The judge asked the boy if he ate breakfast that morning and he said no, so the last option was to drop the charges against Darrel with one condition: to take Jacob out that morning for a big breakfast.

The kid’s answer is again phenomenal…

5. Pancakes and Extra Bacon In Providence

After the agreement was settled, Caprio told Jacob to ask a lot of food and drinks to cover the $30 fine. The kid agreed, and in a later interview with the Daily Mail, he said:

“We went to iHop and I had bacon, some pancakes and eggs. And extra bacon.”

4. A “Kind Guy” In Providence

In front of the cameras again, at home with his father, Jacob said that Judge Caprio “was really nice and a really kind guy.” Meanwhile, Darrel agreed that the judge “is much more than fair – he listens,” and that he is a compassionate man.

3. Setting a Good Example

The judge explained to the media that he would not yell at people, telling them they are irresponsible in front of their kids, or else he would risk seeing a kid leave the court traumatized. Caprio added that he will always get kids on the bench and ask them questions…

2. When I Grow Up…

When he gets the kids on the bench, he asks them about their plans for the future and asks them if they want to become a doctor, an astronaut or a judge, always hoping that he will place make them trust themselves: “if the judge thinks I can do this, then I can do this.”

1. Kids Deciding Parents’ Sentences Caught In Providence

A kid’s heart is always pure, especially when they get to have a say in their parents’ sentences. Some take sides, others decide like Jacob, that the parents did a bad thing and that they should somehow make it right. This young girl also had to decide on her mom’s unpaid parking ticket.

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