Pack of Dogs Wait Patiently At Entrance For Their Owner

A friendship between a dog and their human is nothing but heartwarming. Having a loyal friend next to you, always ready to help and make you happy is all we would ever wish for. This man from Cianorte, Brazil knows very well how much his dogs love him. He might not have many things in life, but he does have his furry friends!

The footage caught by cameras is proof that his loyal companions will never leave his side.

20. You Are Not Alone

Even though he was homeless, this man had his friends by his side. He would rather stay hungry than not give his pooches food, and wherever you saw him, the pack followed. But one day, the dogs would be left alone…

19. Chasing the car Júlio Antoneto

But one day the ambulance arrived to take him to Santa Casa Hospital because he had some health problems. As soon as he was taken away, the dogs began chasing the vehicle.

People started filming the moment when they arrived at the hospital.

18. Running for Miles Júlio Antoneto

After miles of chasing the vehicle, the dogs waited for their human for over a day and did not want to budge until they would see him.

However, the heartwarming reunion almost did not take place, explains a volunteer at Amigos de Patas, an animal welfare group who knew the man and his dogs…

17. The Dogs Won’t Leave Júlio Antoneto

The homeless man, whose first name is Luiz, was taken out of the ambulance as the dogs caught up and began surrounding him. But then, the doctors had to take him inside the hospital, where animals are not allowed. What did these loyal pooches do?

16. The Dogs Were Desperate

In an interview with the Brazilian media, Amigos de Patas’ Simone Zilane said that she saw how loyal the man’s dogs were: “The dogs were desperate. They followed the ambulance, racing after it down the roads and arrived just as Luiz was being taken into the hospital.”

15. Howling and Refusing to Go

“They went mad as they took him in and howled non-stop at the entrance,” added Zilane, explaining that the dogs did not want to leave the hospital.

The dogs’ reaction when they see him is priceless.

14. Crying for Him

Believe it or not, but the six dogs settled down on the pavement, right in front of the Emergency entrance. Hours passed, and you could see them whimpering and howling for their owner!

The next day, Luiz almost didn’t meet his friends…

13. A Heartwarming Reunion

People passing the hospital noticed the pack of dogs and wondered what was happening because, let’s face it, it is a peculiar sight. But Luiz was released and taken to his brother’s house, while the poor dogs were still waiting for him!

12. The Pups Are Still Waiting!

Zilane then learned that Luiz was no longer in the hospital, so another volunteer went to get him from his brother’s house and lead him to his loyal pups! When they saw their human, everyone was fighting back the tears…

11. Perked Up

When Luiz turned up, one of the dogs perked up and ran toward his human, greeting him. Then, the others gathered around him, “ecstatic” to see him again, recalls Zilane. Luiz knew his dogs loved him a lot, but not that they actually waited for him!

10. He Didn’t Know His Dogs Were Waiting Júlio Antoneto

Luiz told the volunteers that he had no idea that his dogs waited more than a day for him in front of the hospital, but agreed that he wasn’t surprised about it either. They would follow him everywhere.

But this is not their entire story.

9. Homeless in Brazil Júlio Antoneto

Luiz has been homeless for years, but it was his choice to stay on the street with his pups. He has been diagnosed with psychiatric problems, which is why he doesn’t want help from his family or charities.

Zilane added that they even rented him a house with a yard for the dogs.

8. His Home Is the Street Júlio Antoneto

Even though the house was good and the yard was big enough for all dogs, Luiz “didn’t accept it and refused to enter the house. He said his home is the street.”

After the stroke, Luiz agreed to get a shower and food before leaving with his dogs, and the animal welfare organization did more than that!

7. Caring for the Dogs Júlio Antoneto

Seeing that Luiz loved his dogs so much, the animal welfare group fed and watered them, also treating the pooches for worms, vaccinated and neutered and chipped them. These dogs surely have his back, no matter what.

6. Getting Treatment

Just like Luiz and his pups, another man in Brazil showed up one night, at the Hospital Regional Alto Vale. Healthcare worker Cris Mamprim saw a homeless man named César enter the hospital for a health problem. But the man was not alone. Just outside, he had a group of dogs waiting for him to return!

5. Chubby Pooches

In an interview with The Dodo, Mamprim said that these dogs looked chubby and well taken care of, and seeing them at the door showed how much this man loved them. Then, the staff decided to make a heartwarming gesture…

4. He Saved the Food for His Pups!

The staff decided to let his pooches in, and they offered both the patient and his dogs some food. After eating a little, César saved some of his food for later, so that he can feed his dogs.

In Peru, two dogs didn’t want to leave his master alone in the ambulance!

3. An Injured Man

In Peru, an emergency crew arrived to rescue a man who fell on the street an injured his head. But he was not alone – his two dogs were by his side and even hopped in the ambulance, guarding him as he was on the stretcher!

2. You Can Stay…

Seeing that they didn’t want to leave him alone, the caretakers decided to let the dogs stay in the hospital next to their owner. Joha Morillas Zapata, a hospital intern, posted these photos on social media.

1. “Example of Loyalty”

The photos showed an “Example of loyalty,” wrote Zapata, adding that these were “the patients of the day.” It’s so great to see how much our dogs love us and that they are willing to stay by our side no matter what! Now smooch your dog!

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