Dogs Call 911 16 Times In 30 Minutes, Then This Happens

The internet is filled with weird 911 calls, but we bet you haven’t heard this one! It was a regular day at Lakeville Police Department when the 911 dispatcher began getting repeated calls from a number. In just half an hour, the same number called 16 times!

Something was definitely off, but police officers never thought the following hours that day would turn out to be an unforgettable experience.

19. The Same Number Called Again

It was a cold morning when the Lakeville Police Department in Minnesota began receiving their strange phone calls. The first one was not eventful at all. The other end of the line was silent, even though the dispatcher talked and asked what the emergency was. 9 News

The mystery did not end there, as a few more calls were received from the same number. What could be happening there? Was someone unable to talk and somehow only called 911 for them to arrive at that address?

18. Something Is Wrong! FOX 9 News

The police officers had to do something, so they went to the location of the calls and found a house. Officers Michelle Roberts and Emily Bares were in charge of this case. They approached the front door and knocked…

17. Nobody Answered FOX 9 News

Nobody answered the door, and it all seemed locked and empty. But the officers walked around the property to see if something was off. That’s when they learned that the dispatcher got three more calls while Roberts and Bares were there. What could be happening in that house?

16. Dogs Began Barking

The calls kept coming and, according to the local station KMSP, the dispatcher heard no human voices except for some dogs barking in the background. Roberts found the phone number of the homeowner and called him. What he said was even weirder!

15. Is There Someone Inside? 9 News

Roberts called the owner and asked him if someone was in the house. The police officer received the code to enter through the garage inside the house and check for clues of who could have got inside, or why call 911. Then, the two police officers get it…

14. The House Was Empty 9 News

In a later interview with the local news, Roberts said that she was “more concerned because I thought there was a human in there who can’t talk or move and just keeps calling for help.” The house was empty, except for two dogs, so who called 911? It was time to solve that mystery!

13. Solving The Mystery 9 News

When Roberts and her partner got inside the house, they were met by two pups – a hound mix and a Papillon called Remy and Bomber. They were a bit taken aback by the intrusion, but happy to have guests. What Roberts didn’t know was that these two pups would lead her to the “crime scene.”

12. Super Friendly Pups 9 News

“They barked at first and then they were a little timid,” Roberts explained, adding that it “didn’t last very long.” Then they asked for some cuddles and “were super friendly.” As they led her up into the home office, Roberts looked on the desk!

11. In The Office

Right on the desk, a cell phone was there, set on “emergency call only.” Then, it all made sense! Nobody was answering on the other line, only dogs barked, the baffled owner that wasn’t even in the house… That’s when everybody lost it!

10. Remy and Bomber Up For No Good! 9 News

It was the perfect crime! Remy and Bomber somehow made their way on the desk; the hound could easily press with his nose the screen of the phone! They were “pawtners in crime!”

Nonetheless, these pups got all the attention they wanted. As for the owner…

9. Hounding the Cops

Forget about training dogs to call 911 when you are in trouble and ask the two pups that hounded Lakeville Police Department in the funniest way possible.

“I never thought it was the dogs, that’s for sure,” said Roberts, adding this next theory in the interview.

8. A Funny Case

Dogs can easily take our gadgets, remote controls, and other stuff, press some buttons and turn on the TV, but calling 911 is a new record! The police department was delighted by this funny experience, even cracking jokes about it! What did the owner do?

7. Seeking Assistance 9 News

Officer Roberts theorize that maybe “the dogs were having a rough day and it was the dogs that were seeking assistance through 911.” If dogs could actually do that and talk, they would call every day 911 because the owner has been missing for the past five minutes and what if he’s never coming back?

6. He Didn’t Believe It! 9 News

Roberts had to show the owner of the house the 911 tape to believe the officers!

“He didn’t believe it was the dogs at all until he heard the 911 tape with the dogs barking in the background and you can tell they’re really close. Then he seemed kind of baffled.”

5. The Phone Was Working Just Fine

Whoever has a dog can definitely agree that they know the dogs very well, but the homeowner was so stunned, that he even took his phone into AT&T and it was nothing wrong with it, explained Roberts who said that after 20 years on the force, it was the first time she came across such a case!

4. Two Dogs and a Cell Phone

On Their Twitter account, the Police Department wrote: “2 dogs + 1 cell phone = 3 911 calls to dispatch. Did you two really need a potty break that bad? Pups advised of proper 911 etiquette.” Hopefully, they won’t get their noses close to phones for a while.

3. A Good Day

Officer Roberts did agree that they’d rather get this kind of 911 calls to laugh and talk about the dogs, and “if that’s the biggest news of our day that’s a good day.”

2. Once-in-a-lifetime Experience 9 News

The officers have never spent their days like this, but Roberts was glad that this emergency was an accident, adding that “It’s mind-blowing, really.”

1. Good Girl!

While Roberts has never heard of dogs being “up to those kinds of shenanigans,” this pup stole his owner’s phone as she was recording a video and ran with it in her mouth around the house, while recording the entire chase! Keep your phones safe, people!

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