Chicago High School Receive Unannounced Guests, Everyone Is Stunned

Oh no! Who doesn’t think this way when they hear the school intercom calling students into an assembly? They’ll talk again and again about safety drills, jobs and so on, boring most of the students to death. But this time, Chicago teenagers at a high school got the surprise of their lives when they saw two “speakers” approach the meeting.

Not only they are super famous, but they also came with unbelievable news!

20. A Surprise Guest

A little while ago, Chicago teenagers received the best news ever about their school. And the news was delivered by two famous visitors. It started as a regular school day, and nobody knew how extraordinary the day would become!

19. Special Events In the Past Decades

Hyde Park Academy High School was founded in 1863, and it has taught many bright young people. The high school doesn’t just have a usual curriculum, but also give students other opportunities. One day, the students would be asked to come to the library to hear out a special guest…

18. No Events for That Day

The students didn’t know of any event scheduled for that day, but a group of students was asked to go to the library, and the only clue they had was that someone was visiting the school.

It wasn’t anything out of the ordinary – or so they thought!

17. Special Guests

Students at Hyde Park would be visited by famous alumni like Amelia Earhart who came to the school a few times, and even back in 2013 Barack Obama came to visit them, considering his history was in the Hyde Park neighborhood…

16. The White House

After his tour in 2013, Barrack Obama gave the students in the “Becoming A Man” club a tour of the White House after visiting the school and delivering a speech. However, this time it wasn’t the former president visiting again!

15. The Good News!

The bad news was that Barack Obama wasn’t the special guest, but the good news was that Michelle Obama walked through that door and she wasn’t alone! You won’t believe who joins her a little later…

14. Everyone Was Thrilled

When spotting her enter the room, everyone was thrilled to see her there. They didn’t even care if she just came to say hi or she had a message for them. It was obvious that this national and local hero was more than welcomed there. Then, she shared an awesome surprise with the teens!

13. Settling Down for the News

She let everyone settle down and told them that she had a few surprises for them. The first one was that she came with a friend from far away and that he was quite remarkable. When this man enters the room, everyone loses it…

12. The Students Were Stunned!

Believe it or not, Prince Harry enters the Hyde Park Academy library and all the teenagers who saw him on TV and magazines for years were stunned to see him standing there so close to them!

They finally settle down again, and that’s when Michelle and Harry explain why they were there.

11. Special Surprise Palace

Michelle Obama explains that they have a surprise for Hyde Park: “Been in Washington for a little while, but we’ve come back home. We still have our house here, my mum still lives here. All of you kids, you are me.” Then, Prince Harry chips in…

10. “I Was You”

“I was you. I grew up in the same neighbourhood, so I know what you’re capable of. When you look at me, you should see yourselves,” added Michelle Obama. That day was about the students and not about them, says Prince Harry, revealing the surprise.

9. The Cure to All Problems

The Obama Foundation/Photographer: Christopher Dilts

Prince Harry said that from his experience and travels, “all over the world, speaking to people your age – the younger generation is the cure to all of the problems.” And this is why he feels like young people should get their voices being heard. How will this be possible?

8. The Big News Palace

“And what we’ve got to do, is making sure that somehow – of course it’s possible, we’ve got to get it right – is creating a platform for young people to be able to have your voices heard,” concluded Harry. But what did that mean? Here’s where Michelle reveals the big news!

7. The Obama Presidential Center

Michelle told the students that they would build the Obama Presidential Center in Chicago, right across the street from Hyde Park Academy! The Center will be a library and a civic center where the people from Chicago will learn, attend lectures, talks, and discussions with each other. When will it be available?

6. In a Couple of Years

Funding, logistics, and placement are still an issue, and the completion was estimated for 2021. Whenever the Center is finished, it will be crucial in Chicago’s future, explained the two famous guests.

5. Did He Eat Chicago?

Harry also told the students his experience in the city and swore that he never really ate pizza. One student said to the former First Lady: “Make sure, when Prince Harry’s here, he eats Chicago.” But then Prince Harry responded…

4. An Italian…

“Make sure he has a pizza, an Italian…” tried to finish the student, but the Prince replied that he had already done that: “I had a pizza last night.” And that was not all!

3. He Was One Step Ahead!

Prince Harry didn’t just get a taste of one pizza! “I don’t even eat pizza anymore but I had a pizza last night. We had deep dish and we had thin crust.”

2. A Promise Chicago 7

Along the serious promise Michelle Obama and the Prince made, Harry promised them that he “will make sure I eat Chicago.”

1. Helping the Young Generation

It’s great to see the people that inspire visit students and listen to them, giving advice and encouraging them to dream and fulfill their goals. We all know that children are our future, and it’s essential to support and offer them a way to strive!

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