War Veteran Adopts Dog, Now They’re Best Friends

We all know how tight the bond between dogs and their owners is. Starting with the moment you take them home and show them their toys, food bowl and bed, dogs get to trust you and become your best buddies. You teach them how to be good boys (or girls), and they teach you how to be a good and responsible human. Years pass and their loyalty never falters.

But life gets difficult for some dogs. Sam, an old German Shepherd, found himself in a shelter after years of living with his owner…


Serving in the military and having to be deployed means you must say goodbye to all the loved ones. Unfortunately, since you cannot take your dog along, they must stay home and wait for you.

But Sam had no idea why his owner stopped coming back home…

23. His Owner Had to Go Away


The man was deployed in the Navy and realized he had no other way than have his best friend put up for adoption. No matter the situation, Sam was an old abandoned dog, and nobody ever thought that he’d get a new owner.

22. Sam’s Story Gets Better


When Sam was abandoned by his owner, he lost all hope of ever finding happiness again. He was old, alone and no one wanted him.

That changed when someone, surprisingly like Sam appeared and changed his life forever!

21. The Beautiful German Shepherd


The thirteen-year-old German Shepherd lived a good life with his family until the day that his owner was deployed in the Navy. Sam was left lonely and frightened and experienced severe anxiety and depression… He was left alone, without a home and the attention that he desperately needed.

Then something terrible was about to happen!

20. The Shelter


When Sam was abandoned, his previous owner left him in a shelter. The shelter did their best to provide for him but given his age as well as his health they realized that Sam may have to be euthanized…

But his story was only beginning!

19. Only Days Left


Days were passing by and the dreadful day of Sam’s euthanization was approaching… The senior dog had lost all its hope and nothing could save it but a miracle. And a miracle did happen, right on time!

18. Nobody Wanted to Adopt an Old Dog


People were coming in and out of the shelter adopting cute and young puppies but no one wanted to bring a senior dog home, knowing that it was a huge responsibility… Then something amazing happened!

17. The Shelter Received A Call


Only a couple of days before Sam’s euthanization, the shelter received a call from a senior that was looking to adopt a German shepherd. The man didn’t care about color or age, he just wanted to bring home a German shepherd… Could this man be Sam’s guardian angel?

16. A Navy Veteran Wanted to Adopt Sam


The man that wanted to adopt Sam was a 93-year-old Navy veteran named George Johnson. Ironically, while Sam was abandoned because his previous owner was deployed to the Navy, his soon-to-be owner was a Navy veteran. But why did he want to adopt a dog?

15. He Needed A Friend


George was very old but still in shape to take care of a dog and provide it with love and care. His previous dog – also a German Shepherd – had just passed away and George desperately wanted a friend.

14. He Was Looking For Sam


The finding Sam was no accident. George wanted only to adopt a German shepherd as he loved this particular breed and when he heard about poor, old Sam, his heart melted. Here’s what he said at #8 about is new best friend…

13. Meant To Be


It appears that Sam and George’s meeting was meant to be. They were so much alike… both seniors but with joy and compassion left to give. After the confirmation call, George departed to go meet his new friend in the shelter.

12. Love At First Sight


When the two soon-to-be best friend finally met, it was obvious that it was love at first sight. Sam knew that this man had just saved him from the worst and George was inspired and happier than ever to have a best friend once again.

11. Award-Winning Match


Petco Foundation somehow learned about Sam and George’s story and decided to award the shelter a $25,000 cheque for their incredible match. But Sam and George had something waiting for them too!

10. Gift Cards


George had also received a gift card with a generous amount of money to redeem on goods. He finally had the opportunity to buy everything that he’d dreamed for Sam.

9. Finally Home


When Sam arrived at George’s home, it was obvious that this was the place that he’d always dreamed of. George had already bought all the essentials and the two of them were set to spend the best days of their lives together.

8. Two Old Dogs


“So I say this, two old dogs together, old sea dog and an old German shepherd and we’re going to hang in there as long as we can,” he laughed.

7. Only An Eighty Year Difference


George noticed a fun fact about his and Sam’s age. Sam was thirteen, while he was ninety-three. Only a difference of 80 years!

6. Same Age


George also stated that if you calculate his age in dog years you could find out that he and Sam were just about the same age!

5. Lucky To Find Each Other


Sam and George were really lucky to find each other. Both of them being in such an age, one could tell that their social lives were pretty much over. That appeared to be wrong after all.

4. Great Impact


After a while, George said that Sam had already made an enormous impact on his life. Sam helped him to maintain his mental health and offered him all of his love. George of course did the same thing!

3. More Than Metals


Even though George seems to have acquired many titles and won many metals as a veteran, as himself said, Sam, is the best thing that happened in his senior life.

“Sam has made a tremendous impact on my life… I’ve received a few medals, ribbons and commendations during my Naval career, but this dog fills my heart more than all of them put together.”

2. Proud To Be His Owner


“I am honored to be Sam’s caretaker and companion, and I don’t know what I’d do without him,” added the veteran.

1. Living Together


It’s safe to assume that Sam and George’s lives drastically improved after the met each other. They’ll surely live the rest of their lives happier than ever!

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