House Cat Begs Owner To Let Kitten Inside, But That’s Not A Cat At All

Cats are curious by nature, so don’t be amazed when you see your housecat perched on the windowsill, being part of the neighborhood watch group! But what happens when a stray cat climbs to say hi to your cat? You take a lot of photos and then share them with the world!

The cat’s owner went through a one of a kind experience! Here’s their story that made headlines all over the world.

23. Checking Out the Neighborhood

We all know how spoiled these ginger cats are! But Emma was shocked to see that her kitten Waffles was interested in becoming friends with a “stray cat” that appeared one day out of their window. He never liked socializing with other cats… so what was different?

Waffles was never good with socializing, but this time something was different. What was this “stray cat” that magically appeared just outside Emma’s home? Why was Waffles so interested in it?

22. Climbing to Check Out the House

This little guy looked like an ordinary kitten… who could tell the difference after all? He was just coming by to see how her cat was doing. But when the “stray” got closer, Emma freaked out! What did she see?

21. Chilling on the Lawn

Previously, Emma did see this cat chill on her lawn the other day, but she didn’t think much of it. Considering Waffle was not interested in making friends with other cats, the owner didn’t mind the intruder. But little did she know that it would all turn into the adventure of her life!

20. “Stray Cat”

This is the “stray cat” that Emma’s cat, Waffles, insisted on letting her in. Emma was confused… what was going on? If you could hear her yowl, you’ll immediately understand that something wasn’t normal.

But how did all of this happen? What is this innocent, yet mysterious stray cat? Click next to find out!

19. A Spoiled Kitten

Emma definitely did a very good job spoiling her cat. Waffles had everything that he needed and all the freedom he could ask for. One day though after returning from his afternoon walk, he was about to scare Emma to death with a strange discovery…

18. Something Strange

Emma was about to cook some lunch when she heard her usually quiet cat meowing without control. It was obvious that Waffles was a bit shocked or afraid. But what was it?

17. A Huge Cat

Emma was overwhelmed to discover that Waffles’ behavior was because of a huge, rather looking strange, cat laying comfortably outside against the window pane.

16. Confused

Emma was confused. She has never expected Waffles to be interested or even friendly with another cat. She herself had tried to adopt numerous kittens in the past, but Waffles made it clear that he wouldn’t be able to accept that there were other cats for Emma. This time it was different… why?

15. A Real Friend

Emma always wanted Waffles to have some kitty friends and she was happy, though confused to see Waffles being interested in being friends with this strangely huge cat. Emma knew that that could change within seconds because… cats.

Then she realized something shocking.

14. A Bobcat

Emma was shocked to discover that the “huge cat” that was just outside her window pane was in reality a bobcat! She tried to take Waffles away but that turned out to be a difficult endeavor. Waffles desperately wanted to meet his new friend face to face.

13. Following Him Around

Waffles spent the next days following the bobcat whenever it approached Emma’s house. Waffles would jump around the house, running to the doors and follow his new friend wherever he went. The bobcat’s visits were more frequent and Waffles was even more hooked. One day, something strange happened…

12. The Bobcat Was Nowhere to Be Seen!

The winter was approaching and the temperature was dropping but the bobcat was still coming back for Waffles. One day though to Waffles’ surprise the bobcat didn’t visit him. Waffles waited anxiously for the next day, only to be disappointed once again… He was devastated and Emma had no idea what to do…

But here’s where things get better.

11. Missing His Friend

It was a difficult winter for Waffles. Emma noticed some significant changes in Waffle’s behavior but she thought that he just needed time to heal from the loss of his friend. That wasn’t true…

10. Toll On His Health

The loss of his new friend took a toll on Waffles’ mental as well as his physical health. Waffles was refusing to play or walk and he was staying in the same spot for days. He was losing weight rapidly and Emma was worried.

9. Waffles Was Missing His Friend

Waffles had entered “cat depression” state for sure. Nothing that Emma was trying to do could change his behavior or ease his pain. Because of that Emma decided to take Waffles to the vet.

8. The Vet

Emma was worried sick and decided to take Waffles to the vet as a last resort. She knew that finding the bobcat would be the cure but that was impossible. The vet prescribed a mood enhancer for Waffles and hoped for the best. Waffles deep inside knew that one day his friend would come again.

7. The Fateful Day

A week after the trip to the vet, Emma woke up to intense meowing and noise coming from downstairs. She took a camera in hand and rushed downstairs to see what happened.

She couldn’t stop smiling once she saw it!

6. The Bobcat Was Back

The bobcat was back! Waffles couldn’t be happier! He was rubbing his feet on the window and meowing as loud as he could begging Emma to let him outside. Then both Emma and Waffles discovered something truly amazing.

5. The Feline Wasn’t Alone

Emma noticed some movement in the bushes outside. Soon, to Emma’s and Waffles’ amazement, three bobcat kittens made their appearance. It all started to make sense now!

4. The Bobcat Was A Mom

Waffles realized that his friend was actually a pregnant bobcat and her disappearance was for a noble cause. The houscat suddenly realized that she came back for him to meet her kittens and become friends with each other.

3. New Friends

The bobcat seemed to have picked Emma’s backyard to become her new home and Emma watching Waffles being so happy after quite a long time couldn’t refuse such an offer. Waffles finally had some new friends!

2. Safe Place

Emma decided to adopt the bobcat family offering them a safe place to live and grow. She decided not to let Waffles meet the big wildcats face to face and Waffles didn’t seem to care much. He was happy to have his friends right outside of his home.

1. Couldn’t Be Happier

After all, that was all that Waffles needed. His health improved and he became once again the kitten Emma fell in love with. He wasn’t even jealous of his owner taking care of the wildcats. Emma was thrilled to have some really special wildlife in her backyard too.

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