20 Cutest Mommy And Baby Animals Too Pure For This World

If there is one pure thing in this world is watching animals with their babies. Even the most vicious predators in the world are unbelievably cute as babies. Today, we’ll look at 20 mama-and-baby pairings so cute you won’t help to say “aaaaawww!”. Pay special attention to #16, #6 and #2 they are too adorable!

#20. Polar Bears

Photo: Courtesy of Pinterest

Who doesn’t love polar bears? This mama bear keeps her cubs close so they stay warm. So cute!

Photo: Courtesy of Pinterest

Although they grow to a considerable size, baby polar bears are actually as small as puppies when they’re born.

#19. Pigs

Photo: Courtesy of tah-heetch.com

Pigs spend most of their time sleeping while snuggling together.

Photo: Courtesy of PBS

It’ll be hard to eat bacon after seeing these extremely adorable pictures.

#18. Alligators

Photo: Courtesy of Pinterest

Alligators carry their babies on their heads while swimming when they’re too small to swim alone.

Photo: Courtesy of Pinterest

And to think these tiny little things will be huge, scary predators in a matter of months!

#17. Possums

Photo: Courtesy of Reddit

Mama possums are so protective, they carry all their babies on their back.

Photo: Courtesy ofThemeta Picture

Now, this is a strong, independent woman who clearly needs no man.

#16. Ducks

Photo: Courtesy of Pinterest

Ducks are one of the most protective parents in the animal kingdom. They don’t even lose sight of their babies for one minute.

Photo: Courtesy of Harford Cunan

One of the cutest things is going to the park and watching a row of ducklings following their mom, isn’t it?

#15. Foxes

Photo: Courtesy of Themeta Picture

This little fox cub loves playing with its mom’s tail and we love it too.

Photo: Courtesy of Good Fon

This little guy just wants its mom’s attention, but she seems pretty preoccupied with the photographer.

#14. Grizzly Bears

Photo: Courtesy of Themeta Picture

Just like their polar cousins, grizzlies love swimming together.

Photo: Courtesy of MPAA

How scary can these huge, strong creatures be so cute when they’re small?!

#13.  Dogs

Photo: Courtesy of Youtube

How could we not include man’s best friends on the list? Anyone who doesn’t love puppies is dead inside.

Photo: Courtesy of Pinterest

This poor pug thought motherhood was going to be easy! Then reality hit her hard.

#12. Hippos

Photo: Courtesy of Pinterest

Hippos are one of the most aggressive animals in the world and actually kill several people every year…

Photo: Courtesy of Fan Pop

So how can they be sofriggingCUTE?

#11. Cows

Photo: Courtesy of Wired

Calves are undeniably one of the most adorable babies on the planet.

Photo: Courtesy of Kirschner’s Korner

Burgers aren’t so appetizing now, are they?

#10. Swans

Photo: Courtesy of Pinterest

Swans usually carry most of their babies (if not all) cradled under their wings.

Photo: Courtesy of Pinterest

This one is checking if all her babies have their seatbelts on before setting sail.

#9. Giraffes

Photo: Courtesy of Themeta Picture

Do you know what’s cuter than a giraffe? That’s right, a baby giraffe.

Photo: Courtesy of Pinterest

Their long necks are perfect for snuggling all day.

#8. Wolves

Photo: Courtesy of Emo Images

Baby wolves look just like puppies. The only difference is that they can actually bite your arm off.

Photo: Courtesy of Youtube

And, just like puppies, they love play-fighting.

#7. Elephants

Photo: Courtesy of Pinterest

Elephant babies don’t split from their moms for a second until they get older.

Photo: Courtesy of Pinterest

This proud mother had twin babies. Soooo cute!

#6. Bunnies

Photo: Courtesy of Pinterest

Bunnies are extremely protective when it comes to their tiny babies.

Photo: Courtesy of Squeaks and Nibbles

And, they usually have their hands full: they can have up to 14 babies in one litter.

#5. Lions

Photo: Courtesy of Pinterest

If there is an empowered woman in this world it is definitely a lioness…

Photo: Courtesy of Pinterest

They go hunting, while also raising their cubs. Meanwhile, male lions just sleep most of the time. You go, girls.

#4. Squirrels

Photo: Courtesy of Themeta Picture

This proud squirrel is holding her newborn in her arms. If this doesn’t melt your heart, we don’t know what will!

Photo: Courtesy of Photo.net

This one is kissing her babies’ goodbye before leaving to get food.

#3. Monkey

Photo: Courtesy of Youtube

This scene doesn’t seem so different from how humans act, right?

Photo: Courtesy of Pinterest

If only we were are pure as monkeys…

#2. Otters

Photo: Courtesy of Pinterest

Did you know that otters swim while holding hands so that they don’t drift away from each other?

Photo: Courtesy of Huff Post

We don’t deserve otters, really.

#1. Cats

Photo: Courtesy of Youtube

The indisputable kings of the internet are definitely one of the cutest creatures in the world.

Photo: Courtesy of Pinterest

Cats literally sleep and cuddle their lives away, and we’re so jealous.

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