Miley and Liam’s Love Story Will Melt Your Heart

In spite of all their ups and downs through the years, these two have finally tied the knot last December. To honor their union, we have gathered some information  that will keep you well informed about everything that went on from the day they met until the day they have finally said I do!

When It All Began…

Photo: Courtesy of  Instagram / Miley Cyrus

They might be happily married now, but little did they know that this was going to be their fate when they met ten years ago. Especially, when Liam wasn’t the first choice to play Miley’s onscreen love interest.

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Liam had lost all hope. Not only had he lost out to one of his brothers for the part of Thor (Yes, Chris, we’re looking at you!) but he also wasn’t lucky enough to land the leading role for The Last Song. But that was not the end of it, as he was soon going to find out…

Fated Love

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He was ready to go back to Australia when his agent gave him the news that changed his fate forever: things weren’t working with the other actor, so they wanted to him to read with Miley. The chemistry was undeniable.


The movie was a hit, and everything around them seemed to be blessed by their luck. The couple got engaged in 2012. Just like their love, their careers blossomed. Liam became Gale Hawtorne on The Hunger Games franchise, and Miley continued with her career as a singer.

Ten Years Later

Photo: Courtesy of Instagram / Liam Hemsworth

After getting engaged, things weren’t a fairy tale, as the couple called it quits in April, 2013. They started dating other people, but as we all know, they were meant to be together. A few years later, we slowly began to see the two of them together. That could only mean one thing… The engagement was back on! Do we need to tell you how the story goes?

Photo: Courtesy of Mike Smith / TODAY 

The pair got married two days before Christmas in their Nashville home and, according to what Liam said on a recent interview, it was a really special day in which they were surrounded by their loved ones.

Short And Sweet

Photo: Courtesy of John Sciulli/Getty Images

According to what their wedding pictures show, it looks like it was a lovely ceremony, filled with love and good moments. Can you believe that it was planned and organized in a very, very, very short time?

Photo: Courtesy of Instagram / Miley Cyrus

“They did some quick pre-planning before the holiday and decided that they didn’t want a big elaborate wedding. They truly wanted to keep it a secret, “ revealed a source close to the couple.

Happily Ever After

Photo: Courtesy of Twitter / Miley Cyrus

After their wedding, the couple has done nothing but support each other via Twitter and Instagram.  From Valentine’s Day messages, to sweet and funny posts, these two surely enjoy sharing their love they feel for each other.

Photo: Courtesy of Matt Baron/REX/Shutterstock

We couldn’t be more excited to see what the future has in store for the newlyweds, what about you? Hopefully, Miley will write many love songs about their new life!

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