Grab A Tissue, Here Are The Most Beautiful Cat Stories That Prove Cats Are The Best

We all know that cats are amongst the most loyal and beautiful animals that we can have at home. In almost every family there is cat that spends his or her whole life bringing warmth and love to the family. These stories about cats will warm your heart. Our favourites are #10, #4 and #1!

#15. Young Hero

Photo: Courtesy of Jezebel

It does not matter how old you are if you want to make good. Wendell Overton is the perfect example of this: when Wendell encountered three boys that were doing horrendous things to a cat, he stepped in to stop the attack and brought the cat to his home.

Photo: Courtesy of Pinterest

Wendell’s mother called Outer Banks SPCA so that they could take care of the cat, known now as Jackson, that got some minor injuries. Fortunately, and thanks to Wendell, this cat will have a new chance at life!

#14. Cat Saves Afghan Soldier

Photo: Courtesy of Pinterest

Koshka is the name of the cat who was rescued by an American soldier, Jesse Knotts, while he was serving in Afghanistan. The cat reminded Jesse of his life back in Oregon City. After a suicide bomber killed two of his friends, Staff Sergeant Jesse Knotts was devastated.

Photo: Courtesy of

While he was grieving, the cat, Koshka, game him the comfort he needed to go through one of Jesse’s darkest times. He knew that there was no way the could leave Koshka in Afghanistan, so he decided to take him back to Portland, Oregon. His parents had to pay $3,000 for the flight home, but Jesse stated that “for them, it was an easy investment, as the cat saved his son’s life”.

#13. Amazing Recovery

Photo: Courtesy of Giphy

Unable to walk, this little black kitten was found by a woman who brought him to Tenth Life, a rescue group for stray cats in the St. Louis area. They found out that the cat was quadriplegic, but something amazing happened…

Photo: Courtesy of Pinterest

His foster parents, Bobbi and John, took the little kitten named Lincoln to physical therapy six times a day. He is now slowly starting to take a few steps per day, but at this recovery rate, he will be running in no time!

#12. Golden Retriever Mom

Photo: Courtesy of Giphy

Ichimi the kitten was rejected by her own mother, but a Golden Retriever that started caring for her since she was rescued, adopted her as his own.

Photo: Courtesy of Boredpanda

Ponzu is a Golden Retriever that fosters little kittens and is always caring for those little needy ones. After he lost his previous foster kitten, he was heartbroken, until Ichimi came into his life. He uses his body to keep the kitten warm, comfy and even cleans him!

#11. Blind but Happy Cat

Photo: Courtesy of Love Meow

Mr. Magoo is a cat who was found wandering the streets of Philadelphia, but when he was picked up by animal control and brought into a shelter, they discovered that he survived in the streets blind. He has a birth defect by which his eyelids did not fully develop.

Photo: Courtesy of Pinterest

Coleen Angstadt and her husband underwent a mission to rescue this special kitty. She spent 4 days calling different shelters until a Monday she received an e-mail that Mr. Magoo was there. Unfortunately, the cat fell sick overnight and they were not able to bring him home. After a few days of not recovering, the couple took Mr. Magoo home and after 3 days with them, he was much better!

#10. One-eyed Pirate Cat

Photo: Courtesy of SDPnoticias

Sir Stuffington is a one-eyed kitty who survived a raccoon attack and saved alongside his two brothers. Sadly, his mother and his other brother were killed by the raccoon.

Photo: Courtesy of Gawker

He was rescued by Multnomah County Animal Services who discovered that he had calicivirus, a severe flea infestation, a heart murmur, a missing eye and a jaw fracture. The fracture healed and he now resembles a pirate! And when he purrs, he whistles!

#9. Cat and Cow

Photo: Courtesy of Dailymail

This couple may be one of the most unlikely friends that you may encounter. Yochi Aranov Zwilling, the owner of the farm, said “We live on a kibbutz and have a cowshed with a designated area for the young calves. There are also three stray cats in the area”. Every day these cats come in for food, and one of these little cats wanders off to see the calves after he had breakfast.

Photo: Courtesy of Dailymail

Ever since the cat met the cow, he never missed one encounter with her. They give themselves a lot of love and affection that they need to go through the day!

#8. Cat Found in Dumpster

Photo: Courtesy of Pinterest

Reddit user strallweat found this little kitten, Ash, behind some dumpsters when he was leaving a bar. Ash was hungry and dirty, and his new owner could not leave him there, so he took Ash home with him. The first night, Ash was given food and water and slept on an old towel.

Photo: Courtesy of Pinterest

After that, Ash was bathed and his human dad gave him a stuffed cuddly bunny for Ash to sleep with. It seems that Ash was a fan of Kung Fu movies, as Reddit user strallweat used to watch them after a long day remodeling his home. Nowadays, Ash is fully grown up but still sleeps with his bunny.

#7. Full Recovery Journey

Photo: Courtesy of Find Cat Names

When Chester the ginger cat was adopted from the shelter, his new family found out that he needed a lot of medical treatment and surgery, but they were not giving up on his new family member. At first, Chester could not play or eat and was always sick. Chester started going to a vet that was not helpful.

Photo: Courtesy of Gumtree

Four months later, they changed to another vet who found out what had happened to Chester. He had been hit by a car and had a chronic diaphragmatic hernia. Chester needed surgery. After two surgeries, and two toes less, Chester is like any other cat!

#6. Human Meowing

Photo: Courtesy of ASPCA

A 6-year-old girl saved a 6-week old stray kitten hiding in her neighbor bushes by meowing to her until the kitty trusted her. The girl’s father wrote “She spent a week coming outside and meowing to her. The cat would always meow back. Eventually, we trapped the kitten for her safety. My daughter was still the first one she let touch her.”

Photo: Courtesy of Imgur

After a few days of living with his new family, the kitten went to the basement. Neither of the parents of the girl could find the kitten until the 6-year-old girl started meowing and the kitten meowed back. This is the story of a bond that will last forever.

#5. Inseparable Dog and Cat

Photo: Courtesy of PetMD

Diego is a dog that had a very close relationship with a stray cat, Boots. Every day the cat would wait outside Diego’s house to be together for a while. After Diego’s family saw them together, they decided to adopt Boots and make him a member of the family.

Photo: Courtesy of Pinterest

The family added that “They really are like brothers, they play and teach each other and keep each other out of trouble”. This is proof that dogs and cats can get on well together and they can learn and grow up together!

#4. Retired Stray Cat

Photo. Courtesy of Gotcats

Rita Wood, founder of PurrEver Ranch, cat sanctuary for senior, special needs cats said that a 12-year-old cat found his way to the sanctuary one day when she was sweeping the front steps. He was road weary and very, very hungry. She had to feed him small portions, otherwise, he would fill his mouth with food.

Photo: Courtesy of Gotcats

They named him Curtis and took him to the vet for a microchip, getting tested and vaccinated. PurrEver Ranch also stated that “He is quickly gaining weight as his ribs no longer stick out. He was so very hungry when he appeared on our doorsteps. Right now he is making biscuits getting ready for a nap then yummy wet food for all”

#3. Rainbow in a Dark World

Photo: Courtesy of Thepurringtonpost

Michael King, who has been a hitchhiker since 2003, found Tabor taking shelter under a table at a cafe from the pouring rain. He stated that he found cats all the time and never picked them up, but this time he had a hunch that he should pick this cat up. They traveled 3,600 miles to King’s foster father home.

Photo: Courtesy of Catdefender

After King arrived at his foster father’s home, they took the cat to the vet where they found a microchip and located the owner of the cat. The family was excited and planned a party, but for King, this is a sad goodbye. He also told Independent Record that “It’s going to be a sad day…. I’m homeless. Depression is a big thing out there. The cat was a rainbow in a dark world.”

#2. Swimming Cat

Photo: Courtesy of Montreal Gazette

Kevan Yaets and his cat Momo were stranded in their pickup truck in the middle of floodwaters and had to swim to safety. In order to accomplish this, Kevan climbed out of the window with Momo and started swimming. Momo first, Kevan behind.

Photo: Courtesy of Edmonton Journal

Even though his truck had been completely flooded and submerged, Kevan is happy that his cat, Momo, is safe and sound.

#1. Growing Old Together

Photo: Courtesy of Imgur

Since she was a baby, Miss KitKatt 908 of Imgur spent her time with a ginger cat that taught her a lot of things, for example, how to roll when they were on the floor. They started growing up together and the cat was never far from her.

Photo: Courtesy of Imgur

They spent all their time together. On her first day of school, the cat was there to wish her good luck. When she graduated, the cat was also there. Even when she played video games, the cat would never leave her side. 19 years later, sadly, the cat passed away, but her family will never forget him.

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