15 Game Show Hosts That Were Pretty Scandalous

Game shows have been around since the beginning of television, so it’s no surprise that their hosts have been involved in major scandals over the years. Today, we’ll look at the 15 most scandalous game show hosts. You’ll never believe the audacity of #12, #5 and #3. Outrageous!

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#15. Bob Eubanks

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Bob Eubanks, the host of The Newlyweds, was under fire several times because of his inappropriate jokes. During an interview in 1989, he took the opportunity to randomly toss our a joke that was both homophobic and anti-Semitic. He also did the same thing in 2012. Some people never change!

#14. Bob Barker

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The unofficial king of daytime game shows Bob Barker was sued for sexual harassment by one of the models who worked with him. He was sued for the same reason several times after that, however, he reached private settlements with all plaintiffs.

#13. Pat Sajak

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Wheel of Fortune host Pat Sajak went on several Twitter rants about his disbelief in the science behind climate change. He later stated that he meant it as a joke, but nobody bought it. The next one on our list is even worse though…

#12. Chuck Woolery

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Chuck Woolery took it to Twitter to vent his political beliefs for the whole world to read. Among many statements, he said he believes that minorities don’t deserve civil rights, and the idea of gay rights is unnecessary.

#11. Alex Trebek

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Alex Trebek, host of Jeopardy! is known for teasing contestants and going too far sometimes. For example, in 2016, he told a contestant that she was a “loser“, and called another “young and dumb“. Ouch!

#10. Dick Clark

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Pop culture icon Dick Clark had his fair share of scandals during his career. He was a producer of American Bandstand, a show that was investigated for some shady business dealings.  However, he sold off his interest in the show, so he was never prosecuted.

#9. Ray Combs

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Ray Comb‘s story is a tragic one. He was fired from Family Feud, and on his last episode, he told a contestant:  “Thought I was a loser until you walked up here, and you made me feel like a man.” That was only the beginning of a downward spiral that culminated with his committing suicide in 1996.

#8. Richard Dawson

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Richard Dawson, who also hosted Family Feud, was accused of being a tyrant behind the scenes. He would clash with producers, eat up screen time telling stories and jokes that had to be edited out, and even forbade a producer from coming on set and hired his own daughter-in-law to fill the role.

#7. Anne Robinson

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Weakest Link host Anne Robinson was stern and stone-cold not only during the show, but also is off-camera. She weighed in on the #MeToo movement saying women are fragile “for being unable to deal with the treachery of the workplace“.

The next one of our list has a long history of scandals behind him.

#6. Alec Baldwin

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Baldwin is known as something of a hothead. He was caught using anti-gay slurs, but his biggest scandal was in 2007, when he left a voicemail for his daughter Ireland, calling her “a thoughtless little pig“. This prompted a judge to temporarily restrain him from contacting her.

#5. Ben Stein

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Aside from his career on TV, Ben Stein is also known for having some pretty questionable ideas. He made a movie criticizing evolution, linking those who believe in it to the Nazi party. He also defended Dominique Strauss-Kahn, who was accused of numerous sexual assaults over the years.

#4. Steve Harvey

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The Family Feud host not only has a history of sexist and intolerant comments but is also known for treating people poorly backstage. A staff email he sent was leaked to the press, where he wrote: “my security team will stop everyone from standing at my door who have the intent to see me or speak to me.”

#3. Gene Rayburn

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Gene Rayburn, who hosted Match Game in the 70s, routinely engaged in banter that, by today’s standards, would qualify as sexist, racist, or just plain offensive. He was also caught groping a woman on the show. Ew!

#2.  Fergie Oliver

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Fergie Oliver hosted Just Like Mom, a show that featured children as contestants along with their moms. Although the show aired in the 80s, only a few years ago clips began to circulate showing how he frequently kissed the little girls on the show which made the show a horrific sight.

#1. Donald Trump

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The Apprentice host and now President of the United States, Donald Trump has been involved in uncountable scandals over the years. From fraud allegations to sexist and racist comments, Trump surely takes the cake on this list.

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