The 20 Most Stunning Roads in the United States

Whether you are intending to trip around the United States in a car or fly from one city to the other, we recommend that you take your time to get in your car and drive in one or more of these panoramic roads that this country has to offer you. The extra time that traveling in a car represents will be greatly rewarded! Don’t miss out #8, #11 and #15!

#20. Highway 12

Photo: Courtesy of Bryce Canyon Country

Located in Utah and running from the Bryce Canyon National Park to Capitol Reef, this road presents us with a vast diversity of landscapes – from deserts to canyons and forests, and it only takes a few hours to view everything!

#19. Hawaii Belt

Photo: Courtesy of Hawaii

Known as the Hawaii Belt of the Big Island, Routes 11, 19 and 190 allow travelers to choose from a number of varied Polynesian views. Take into account that in this road there are several volcanoes and you should be careful to drive even when there are no active volcanic eruptions!

#18. Ruta Panoramica

Photo: Courtesy of Puerto Rico

Located in the U.S. territory of Puerto Rico, this 167-mile roadway in San Juan boasts of having the most vibrant rain-forests of the island, and is a match to anything you may be able to see in the mainland! Don’t forget to check out the mountains!

#17. Lemhi Pass

Photo: Courtesy of Flickr

Located right on the border of Idaho and Montana, in the Beaverhead Mountain, this pass was seen for the first time by Lewis and Clark on their United States Expedition. It has an elevation of 7,300 feet above sea level!

#16. Skyline Drive

Photo: Courtesy of Giphy

Skyline Drive, atop Virginia’s Blue Ridge Mountains, rewards us with views of the state and a picturesque view of nature’s beauty. You wouldn’t believe that this road is only one hour away from Washington, D.C. If you are a nature lover, make sure you don’t miss the next one.

#15. Bluebonnet Trail

Photo: Courtesy of Flickr

If your trip is going to take place in spring, you should head to Ennis, located 35 miles to the south of Dallas, as every meadow in the road is covered in bluebonnet blossoms that allow you to be in a sea of flowers! A really stunning view, isn’t it?

#14. Sleeping Bear Dunes and Glen Lake

Photo: Courtesy of Flickr

Formed by ancient glaciers, these geographical treasures are located in Michigan’s Lower Peninsula. Good Morning America referred to Sleeping Bear as the most beautiful place in the country! Nearby, the crystal-clear waters of Glen Lake and its charming villages are another place to visit!

#13. Park Loop Road

Photo: Courtesy of Bangor Daily News

Acadia National Park in Maine contains this scenic freeway, and this loop was designed by the Central Park architect, Frederick Law Olmsted. The best views of New England are around this loop, just for you to see!

#12. Seward Highway

Photo: Courtesy of Flickr

This Alaskan highway runs from Anchorage to Seward and the route passes around snowed mountains and towering glaciers. If you are lucky, you may even see moose and bears along the road! Many people discovered a whole new side of the ocean after visiting the next route.

#11. Oregon Coast Highway 101

Photo: Courtesy of Flickr

One of the biggest competitors of the Pacific Coast Highway, the Oregon Coast Highway 101 is considered by most people to be a better trip along the ocean. The road presents us with beaches, forests and cultural sites to be visited in Oregon!

#10. Brandywine Valley

Photo: Courtesy of Flickr

This picturesque road wouldn’t be complete with the elegant homes and abundant greenery that make you feel in a fantasy novel. This road of the Brandywine Valley takes only 20 minutes to cover it. So, if you don’t have a lot of time, you should try this one!

#9. Beartooth Highway

Photo: Courtesy of Flickr

If you are taking a trip to the Yellowstone National Park, you should continue your trip along the Beartooth Highway. Only open in summer, this road zig-zags through a steep mountain pass, so be careful! Whether you love mountains or volcanoes, number #8 is for you!

#8. Patchwork Parkway

Photo: Courtesy of Flickr

Named after the quilts used by the early settlers of this Utah region, this road presents one of the most unique rock formations in the world! These red brick spires are a product of volcanic activity that took place millions of years ago!

#7. Trail Ridge Road

Photo: Courtesy of Flickr

If you are up for an adventure, this rocky road that passes through Colorado’s Rocky Mountain National Park is a sight you shouldn’t miss! Trail Ridge is closed during winter as extreme snowfalls make it impossible to travel it. You should tackle this road in summer!

#6. Overseas Highway

Photo: Courtesy of Flickr

Once a crumbling structure, this 113 miles highway crossing the Florida Keys was bought by the state government in 1935 after a massive hurricane. Taking this road will let you take in the sight of the beautiful blue water and the wildlife it contains.

#5. Route 66

Photo: Courtesy of Flickr

Once known as the Main Street of America, Route 66 connects Chicago to Santa Monica, California. Even though it was replaced by most modern highways and most roadside towns perished, Route 66 provides an escape for most adventurers!

#4. North Shore Drive

Photo: Courtesy of Wikimedia

If you are intending to see Lake Superior, we recommend you take this road as it has the best views of the lake. Apart from those views, the road has several National Parks that you can access and the Split Rock Lighthouse overseeing the lake! A view you should not miss at all!

#3. Pacific Coast Highway

Photo: Courtesy of Flickr

One of the most famous roads in the United States, from which you are able to see the Golden Gate Bridge, Monterey Bay, and a forest of redwood trees, this road extends 659 miles! You may be able to take really good photos of the Golden Gate!

#2. Great River Road

Photo: Courtesy of Flickr

The Great River Road, which runs along almost the along entire Mississippi River in Louisiana, features several different landscapes, and according to the locals, one of the most beautiful is the Oak Alley, a plantation surrounded of really old trees covering the road!

#1. Going-to-the-Sun Road

Photo: Courtesy of National Park Service

In Montana’s Glacier National Park, at 7,000 feet above sea level, there is this stunning and breathtaking road which consists purely of hairpin turns, so you should be really careful when driving. But you will be rewarded with one of the most beautiful views of Montana mountain range and forests!

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