22 Hilarious Animal Photobombs

We love animals and all the hilarious things they do. But has it ever happened to you that just when you were about to take a selfie, an animal got in the way and stole the thunder? Well, here’s a list of 22 bizarre and hilarious animal photobombs that will definitely make you laugh. Make sure to check out #15, #8 and #6!

Photo: Courtesy of OneGreenPlanet

#22. Gosh Darn-it, Honeydew?

The first thing that catches your sight when you look at this picture is the ridiculously elaborated fruit basket, which includes chocolate-covered strawberries and – for some strange reason – marshmallows. But did you notice the funny-looking creature sneaking behind the basket?

Photo: Courtesy of OneGreenPlanet

The white cat that stands behind the fruit basket is making one of the strangest and most ridiculous expressions ever. In fact, it seems as if it were photo-shopped. It seems to be saying: “A fruit basket? Are you serious?”.Well, the cat has a point!

#21. Drama Queen

This picture was taken during a family reunion on what appears to be someone’s backyard. The picture itself was horribly taken since a woman – whose age we can’t really tell – is cut in half. The girl, in turn, has a very original expression in her face. She seems half frightened, half bewildered. Quite of a drama queen, to be honest. But what would her expression be if she saw the creature standing right behind her?

Photo: Courtesy of OneGreenPlanet

Well, this strange bird seems to be putting all his effort into placing himself in the oddest position possible. I have no clue what he’s trying to do, but one thing is for sure: its neck sure is bendy! Slide next to find out the newest trend among millennials!

#20. The Tongue Out Pose Is Now The New Duck-face

I’m pretty sure we’ll all aware of the current trend among millennials, of sticking out one’s tongue when being photographed. Nobody knows why people do it… for some reason, it’s just cool to do it.

Photo: Courtesy of OneGreenPlanet

This selfie trend needs to stop. Because as it turns out, now even giraffes follow the trend! These two guys seem like long lost brothers, don’ they? But believe or not, the following pair of long lost brothers are even more similar than these guys, so slide next!

#19. When You Find Your Lookalike

I know what you’re thinking: this photo has to be fake, but apparently it’s not. The moose seems to be putting all his effort into imitating the man’s ridiculous face. And we must admit: the moose did a pretty good job at it!

Photo: Courtesy of OneGreenPlanet

You know what they say: everybody has a twin somewhere out there! Now, we know that this man certainly found his.

#18. Looks Like You Have Some Competition

All of the animal photobombs that we’ve seen so far were all amusing. But I’m not so sure whether “amusing” is a suitable word for this picture. If you failed to notice it at first glance, please take a look at what’s lying beneath the waters.

Photo: Courtesy of OneGreenPlanet

“Scary” is the first word that pops to mind. However, at the same time the picture is kind of sad because if you look closely, the shark is being fished. This probably explains its unhappy face.

#17. When You Just Wanted A Cute Picture

It is widely known that many dogs are quite photogenic. And the dog shown in this picture is no exception. He clearly seems to be posing for the picture, and he did quite a good job at it. However, he’s not the only animal in the photo.

Photo: Courtesy of OneGreenPlanet

Look behind the chair, and try not to laugh. Not only is the cat ruining the picture, but he seems to be fully aware of what he’s doing, given the mocking and foolish expression it has. How dare he!?

#16. Look At The Road, Karen!

Dogs are photogenic, but cats definitely make the funniest expressions. Take a look at this little fellow: have you ever seen a creature as frightened as this little black cat? It seems as if he had some kind of monster in front of him.

Photo: Courtesy of OneGreenPlanet

Well, it appears to be that the cat was not at all amused by the fact that her owner was taking a selfie while driving. So he’s a very responsible and cautious little creature. Just look at the road, woman!

#15. I’m Just So Tired Of You

We all have our bad days. But isn’t it annoying when you’re in a terrible mood, and someone keeps on teasing you? Well, that’s what this photo is all about. But with cats instead of humans.

Photo: Courtesy of OneGreenPlanet

The cat that is standing seems to be saying “I just can’t stand you any longer”. And the other cat, whose face is popping in the picture… Well, he couldn’t care less. But talking about animals that couldn’t care less, don’t miss the next photo!

#14. Til Alpaca Does Us Part

Many people say that the most important day in one’s life is the day you get married. So the moment in which a couple gives each other their first kiss after saying “I do”, is definitely a moment they’ll want to treasure for the rest of their lives. But what if an alpaca is standing in between their faces?

Photo: Courtesy of OneGreenPlanet

This is the most unexpected love triangle, in my opinion. And it’s funny how little this funny-looking animal cared about ruining the newly-weds’ picture. My question is, didn’t anyone notice that the alpaca was there?

#13. Really, Dude!?

Do any of you have a younger brother or sister who you love but sometimes can’t stand? Well, that is exactly what this picture is about. But instead of two siblings, we have a cat and a dog.

Photo: Courtesy of OneGreenPlanet

The dog looks like he wants to play, while the cat seems to be saying “Get out of my picture, you peasant!”. Unfortunately, we have no clue about what happened next. Do you think the cat got in a better mood?

#12. Betrayal

It seems like the person who took this picture wanted to photograph the cat lying on the mattress, but the dog did a really good job spoiling the moment. As all dogs, it wants to be the focus of attention.

Photo: Courtesy of OneGreenPlanet

His expression is quite hilarious: it’s hard to tell whether he is frightened or in disbelief. It’s almost as if he were screaming out loud: “How could you take a picture of the cat instead of me!?”.

#11. Fishy Face

This picture leaves you kind of startled. It kind of looks like a character from Bojack Horseman, where people are half-human and half-animal. Talk about pictures taken at the right time and right moment!

Photo: Courtesy of OneGreenPlanet

Apparently, this fish is an expert in stealing people’s thunder. The poor man wanted a picture to document his amazing scuba-diving experience, but this little fellow wasn’t willing to let this happen.

#10. I’m Quite Fawnd Of You

It is widely known that deer get scared easily: as soon as they hear a footstep from a one-block-distance, they immediately run away. But this is no ordinary deer! In fact, he seems to be quite fond of human company.

Photo: Courtesy of OneGreenPlanet

Evidently, this funny-looking deer understood what selfies are about because its smile is as wide as the one on the girl’s face. In fact, I even think it’s laughing. Oh, Deer! Slide next for a cute goat.

#9. Goat Sheriff

This picture shows a policeman, or maybe a sheriff, sitting on a bench with a serious expression on his face, probably waiting for the next call. But he’s not alone. And I’m not talking about the man sleeping right next to him, whose head has been cut off from the picture.

Photo: Courtesy of OneGreenPlanet

This little goat seems to work for the police department as well. And funnily enough, the goat didn’t want to miss the picture. In fact, she even tilted her head in order to look good!

#8. I’m Here Too

This guy asked someone to take a picture of himself together with his dog, and let’s be honest, the photo is really really cute! But there’s something quite bizarre about it. At first, everyone’s eyes point directly at the super cute black dog. But he’s not the only animal in the picture.

Photo: Courtesy of OneGreenPlanet

If you look outside the window, a cat seems to be knocking at the window. It seems as if he were saying “Hey! What about me?”. I think someone is jealous and is feeling left out.

#7. Snapchat Filters?

As I have said before, cats are experts when it comes to funny and ridiculous faces. But this one here takes all the prizes. Well, to be honest, both the cat and the boy have hilarious expressions.

Photo: Courtesy of OneGreenPlanet

His face takes up like half of the picture, so I’m pretty sure he was sniffing the cell phone that the boy used to take the selfie. He seems to be thinking: “What’s this about?”.

#6. That Cloud Looks Like A Dog

This photo is almost like an optical illusion. Those two people are gazing at the clear blue sky, and looking at the puffy white cloud that is getting nearer and nearer… Oh, no, wait, that’s not a cloud.

Photo: Courtesy of OneGreenPlanet

If you look at the picture quickly, the poodle’s hair definitely seems as if it were a cloud. But in the end, it was just a dog trying to steal the focus of attention.

#5. I’ll Puff And I’ll Huff

Flashback! This picture looks quite similar to #11. Once again, we have a man trying to get a picture of his scuba-diving experience. But this one is even funnier because the creature blocking him is no ordinary fish.

Photo: Courtesy of OneGreenPlanet

What are the chances of a blowfish showing up while taking a selfie? Well, this man was lucky! And the best thing is that the fish seems to be laughing. I didn’t even know that blowfish could do that!

#4. Jealous Pug

There is no doubt that dogs are playful creatures. But sometimes, they’re kind of like human brothers: at times they love each other, but at times they fight over their toys and can’t stand each other. And this is what’s happening in the picture.

Photo: Courtesy of OneGreenPlanet

The dog in the back seems to be having an awesome time playing with his new toy, but apparently, he has no intention of sharing it. Meanwhile, the poor doggie in the front just wanted to be included in the game.

#3. I Miss You Too

This picture is just hilarious. The woman lying on the couch is skyping with her friend, family or partner. If they’re skyping, there’s a high chance that the man is traveling or living someplace far away. She probably misses him and wants to say hi. But she’s not the only one who misses him.

Photo: Courtesy of OneGreenPlanet

The dog that appears in the picture seems to be saying “Hey! I also miss you! Don’t forget about me!”. That’s so sweet!

#2. On Holidays

This couple evidently asked someone else to take their picture with the breathtaking mountainous scenery lying behind them. But the beautiful mountains and the incredible lake are completely overshadowed by this little squirrel’s presence.

Photo: Courtesy of OneGreenPlanet

Honestly, the picture looks much better with the little rascal, doesn’t it? It definitely makes it more original and unique. The little fellow seems to be saying: “don’t leave me out of the picture!”.

#1. Yogi Cat

Our number one sure is hilarious. In the back, we have a young woman practicing some yoga. But she’s not alone. And apparently, it seems that the cat isn’t too fond of yoga. Not even the slightest bit, to be precise.

Photo: Courtesy of The Daily Dot

Basically, the cat seems to be saying: “Are you done with that?”. Namaste, cate. Namaste. You’ll soon have time to play with your owner.

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