22 Stars Who Dated Before They Were Famous

There are so many celebrities in Hollywood, and yet, we think we know all about their love lives. But we don’t! In fact, there are many celebrities whose early love life remains a mystery to us. Luckily for you, we brought you this list of 22 stars you never knew dated each other when they we not so famous, or not even famous at all. Wait until you see #20, #14, #6 and #1!

#22. Matthew Morrison & Kristen Bell

Photo: Courtesy of Getty Images/Bruce Glikas

Before Bell became Veronica Mars and the voice of Gossip Girl, and Morrison made a name for himself on Broadway and on Glee, the pair briefly dated when they were students at New York University.

#21. William H. Macy & Felicity Huffman

Photo: Courtesy of Getty Images/Jeff Kravitz

Before they got married on September 6, 1997, the pair dated on-and-off for 15 years! They met in the early 1980s at New York City’s Atlantic Theater Company. Huffman says it was love at first sight, and according to her, she and the Shameless actor bonded over their love for acting.

#20. Michael Keaton and Courteney Cox

Photo: Courtesy of Getty Images/Jim Smeal

During the early-to-mid 80s, Michael Keaton began dating Courteney Cox. You may now know her as Monica Geller, from Friends, but at the time, she was an unknown aspiring actress. They were together for six years before splitting up, in 1995.

#19. David Gallagher and Megan Fox

Photo: Courtesy of Getty Images/Jim Spellman

The young lovers were inseparable during 2003, the year they dated. He was the teen heartthrob from 7th Heaven and she had two film roles to her name, including the 2001 Olsen twins film Holiday in the Sun.

#18. George Clooney & Kelly Preston

Photo: Courtesy of Getty Images/Jim Smeal

We may say that the ’80s were a time for future A-Listers to date each other. George Clooney and Kelly Preston dated from 1987 to 1989, and even lived together with Clooney’s  pet pig Max! The pair broke up, and they eventually found happiness with their respective spouses (Amal Clooney and John Travolta).

#17. Zooey Deschanel and Jason Schwartzman

Photo: Courtesy of Getty Images/J. Vespa

This was Deschanel’s first real relationship. They were both 19 years old, and  dated  before her breakout role in Almost Famous and right after Schwartzman’s role in RushmoreThe couple broke up in 2005.

#16. Reese Witherspoon and Chris O’Donnell

Photo: Courtesy of Getty Images/Ron Galella, LTD

They both may be big stars now, but when these two stared to date, they were  just two kids trying to make it big in Tinsel Town. When the couple got together, Witherspoon was only 16 years old, and O’Donnell had just landed his breakout appearances in School Ties and Scent of a Woman.

#15. Angela Bassett and Courtney B. Vance

Photo: Courtesy of Getty Images/Steve Granitz

Before getting romantically together, the American Horror Story star and Vance met in the masters’ program at the Yale School of Drama in the ’80s, and were friends for years. The couple got married in 1997 and welcomed twins in 2006. Basset told People that he was dating another girl when they studied together. Some years later, they run into each other, they were both single, and the rest is (a love hi)story…

#14. Liam Neeson and Helen Mirren

Photo: Courtesy of Getty Images/Matt Crossick – PA Images

Shocker, right? After meeting on the set of Excalibur, in 1981, the Taken actor and the Oscar-winner actress dated for whole five years.

#13. Busy Philipps & Colin Hanks

Photo: Courtesy of Getty Images/Sgranitz

Before they were famous, the pair attended Loyola Marymount University. Even though they are no longer together, they remain good friends. They are so close, that they go on family vacations together! The couple dated for a long time and they were still together when they landed their first roles.

#12. Minka Kelly & Donald Faison

Photo: Courtesy of Getty Images/Frank Micelotta

Donald Fison was already a star, thanks to Scrubs. Minka Kelly, however, was just taking her first steps into acting. The two of them were never shy about being seen together in public.

#11. Justin Timberlake & Fergie

Photo: Courtesy of Getty Images/J. Shearer

The singers used to be a thing before NSYNC and The Black Eyed Peas were famous in the music industry. Fergie was 23, and Justin was 16 at the time. While after their short affair, Justin began dating Britney Spears, and ended up marrying Jesical Biel (another member of our list!), Fergie started a family with Josh Duhamel.

#10. Keira Knightley & Jamie Dornan

Photo: Courtesy of Getty Images/Evan Agostini

When Keyra Knightley was known for roles in Star Wars: Episode 1 – The Phantom Menace and Bend It Like Beckhamand far from the mega star she is today, she used to date Jamie Dornan, who at the time was a Calvin Klein model. After dating for two years, the couple broke up in 2005, a year before Dornan first film credit.

#9. Ashton Kutcher and January Jones

Photo: Courtesy of Getty Images/Jim Smeal

Before landing several roles on both the small and the big screen, Kutcher and Jones dated from 1998 to 2001. According to her, the actor was not very supportive of her acting career, and didn’t think that Jones would be good at it. Ouch!

#8. Jessica Biel & Chris Evans

Photo: Courtesy of Getty Images/Steve Granitz

When the pair used to date, their relationship had many ups and downs. In fact, they dated on-and-off for four years. Even though Biel’s career had already taken off and Evans had several parts in mini-series and TV movies, it is safe to say that these two have come very far since they used to date.

#7. Juliette Lewis & Brad Pitt

Photo: Courtesy of Getty Images/Barry King

When he was 26, and before he broke out in Thelma and Louise, Brad Pitt used to date his 17-year-old Too Young to Die? costar Juliette Lewis. Despite the age difference, their relationship lasted for years. When asked about their relationship in 2010, Lewis told The Daily Mail:

“It amazes me that people are still fascinated that we went out for four years. I was a teenager at the time. It’s a lifetime away. I was in my high-school years and it was a wonderful, loving relationship with a fun, smart guy. Then it was over and he went on to become incredibly famous.”

#6. Lisa Kudrow & Conan O’Brien

Photo: Courtesy of Giphy

The two comedians met in an improv comedy class and hit it off right away. Their relationship didn’t work out, though, and they decided that they would be better off as friends.  We have to thank Conan for being a good friend to Lisa, as he encouraged her to keep on going when the actress felt too embarrassed to continue in her improv class.

#5. Carey Mulligan & Marcus Mumford

Photo: Courtesy of Getty Images/James Devaney

The couple’s adorable love story dates back to their childhood, when they used to be pen pals. Many years later, in 2011, Mulligan and Mumford reconnected at a party in Nashville. How does the story end? With a happy ending! The couple got married in 2012, and had to children: a daughter, and a son.

#4. Jon Hamm & Jennifer Westfeldt

Photo: Courtesy of Getty Images/Ben Gabbe

Before Mad Men launched Hamm’s career into stardom and before Westfeldt co-wrote and starred in Kissing Jessica Stein, they were together for almost twenty years. The pair dated from 1997 to 2005.

#3. Robin Thicke & Paula Patton

Photo: Courtesy of Getty Images/Frederick M. Brown

The couple began their love story when they were only 15 years old, and remained together when both of their careers exploded. Sadly, their relationship ended in 2014, after 21 years together.

#2. Scarlett Johansson & Jack Antonoff

Photo: Courtesy of Getty Images/Evan Agostini

The now hit music producer and the ultra-famous actress dated for two years while attending the Professional Children’s School in New York City. Can you believe they even went to prom together? However, according to a school pal, Jack was absolutely obsessed and Scarlet didn’t reciprocate. The actress broke his heart, and the couple broke up shortly after graduation.

#1. Neil Patrick Harris & Christine Taylor

Photo: Courtesy of Getty Images

The How I Met Your Mother star may be openly gay and happily married to David Burka now, but before that, he dated actress Christine Taylor, for a short period of time, back in 1997.

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