Top #22 Fitness Trends for 2019

Although mainly heavy-lift stays at the top of the exercise lists, nowadays new trends are popping up. More people are starting to exercise and these new and very interesting trends are going to be a highlight of 2019. These are our favorites! Also, don’t miss #12, #6 and #5!

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#22. Group Training

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Nowadays, cardio and HIIT training feature groups of up to (or more) than five like-minded people to sweat and test their endurance together. Heavy lifters, though, are not into this trend.

#21. Wearable Tech Gets Good

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Technology has evolved a lot since the first time we all used it, and now it is here to help us train. From keeping track of our movements, heart rate, calories burnt, and exercise routines, fitness technology will be a blast in 2019!

#20. Alkaline Diet

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This not-so-new diet focuses on eating food that promotes the alkalinity inside our body and that reduces acidity, therefore, helping increase bone and muscle strength while reducing inflammation.

#19. Drinkable Soups

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If you think that soups are only drunk when it’s cold, then you’re wrong. This new trend states that drinking cold soups gives the same benefits as drinking a smoothie, but it also gives more fiber, helps to drop your sugar levels and has better vitamin and mineral levels!

#18. Food As Medicine

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Whether you are recovering from an injury or illness, or you are into fitness, doctors in 2019 are starting to emphasize that reducing sugar, salt, and processed foods may be very beneficial. This is not surprising for those are already working out and eating healthy!

#17. Bandbell Bars

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These bars are the top trending now. They feature wooden ends (like bamboo ends) with grooves in which you can hold exercise bands and hold weight. It is considered a new “kinetic” workout to strengthen, heal and protect your joints.

#16. Swim Fitness

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Aqua, water, or swim fitness consists of using special weights, resistance fins, and other underwater gear to boost your time training in the water. Swimming a few laps now falls short as an exercise.

#15. E-Bikes

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This new trend in bikes may not be appealing to serious cyclists, but studies have shown that riding e-bikes burns less 20% calories than a normal bike, there is a 10% increase in fitness and, as it is electric, it helps the environment by reducing car trips.

#14. Mind And Body Connection

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Exercising does not only mean building muscle and bone strength, but it also means having a training mentality. Every person training has to be mindful when working out to construct a better connection to your muscles and know how they function as a system. You also need to know how to breathe properly!

#13. Nootropics

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These “Nootropics“, also known as “smart drugs“, are supplements that have been created to enhance brain power and attentiveness. As the brain plays a very important role in training, these supplements will become more popular this year.

#12. Virtual Reality / Interactive Fitness Entertainment

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High-quality VR headsets and games are now available from major companies, and that trend is starting to develop into other areas like fitness. Be on the lookout because soon working out and relaxing will mean the same thing!

#11. Smaller Niche Gyms

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From CrossFit to martial art studios, people are being more enthusiastic in trying new particular workout experiences. Yoga and Pilates still stand like one of those trends, but newer trends like climbing machines are starting to spread out!

#10. Rowing For Cardio

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Rowing is one of the most efficient workouts for the whole body, as experts say. Although rowing machines are not very popular, this year you will see a lot more of those in your local gyms to train cardio!

#9. Multi-Function Exercise Machines

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People have less and less time to work out, so one of the upcoming trends are exercise machines like the Bowflex HVT that combines cardio with strength training. You’ll have the same gains in less time!

#8. HIIT Fusion

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High-Intensity Interval Training, also known as HIIT, came into the lives of those persons with little time to train. New HIIT moves will incorporate a mix of exercises, like high-intensity rowing, coupled with a quick round of kettlebells.

#7. Shorter Classes / Lifting Sessions

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As we have been showing, people have less time to train every day due to stress or pressure. Recent studies have shown that doing one set to failure of heavy lifting once a week can produce more strength compared to the standard of 3 sets of 10, thrice a week.

#6. E-Stim For Recovery

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Electrical stimulation devices, like the ones used in therapy to alleviate pain and speed up recovery, are starting to become better and cheaper, and may be used by everybody after training for a fast recovery!

#5. Inline Skating

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Skates have been around since the ’80s, and now they are coming back! People are starting to use them for the full-body workout that skates can provide while having a lot of fun!

#4. Streaming Classes On Home Fitness Equipment

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Home exercise machines, like Peleton, combine a top-quality exercise machine for home with streaming fitness classes for those who don’t like to go to gyms to train!

#3. American Ninja Warrior Gyms

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Based on the popular NBC obstacle course TV show, Ninja Warrior gyms combine moves to improve acrobatics, agility, and strength in one place and are starting to spread around the country!

#2. DNA Testing For Optimizing Workout

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Knowing your DNA code may provide insights on how to improve your daily workouts, meals and sleep time to boost your performance. Companies like Helix can help you find out more about this!

#1. Lab-Grown Meat

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Companies like Mosa Meat and Memphis Meats are making “cultured meat”, grown in a lab from the muscle cells of cows, chickens or pigs. It helps to reduce the pressure on the environment (as one sample from a cow can make 20,000 lbs of beef) and reduces the inhumane treatment of animals. Protein without guilt!

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