15 Protagonists Who Were Replaced In Your Favorite Show And You Didn’t Notice!

Many times actors were swapped out, and we haven’t even noticed! Slide down to see who really fooled you on screen! Beware of #12, #9 and #4, they are pure betrayal!

#15. Lena Headey – Game of Thrones

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Headey plays the Game of Thrones villian, Cersei Lannister, when her character was dressed down to parade through the streets of King’s landing in nothing but a short haircut, viewers watched it with a sadistic glee. What fans of the show don’t know is that in this humiliating scene, they’re not even watching Headey.The walk is performed by a body double merged with Headey‘s expressions and body language.

#14. Natalie Portman – Thor: The Dark World

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One of the steamiest moments in all the Marvel movies is the heated kiss between Thor and Jane Foster in Thor: The Dark World. The reason why it is so hot is that Chris Hemsworth isn’t making out with Natalie Portman but his real-life wife, Elsa Pataky. As the kiss shot was made after principal photography had wrapped, Portman was unable to perform it but luckily the producer’s solution was perfect. Wasn’t it?

“Hemsworth was working in Hong Kong and I couldn’t get there because I was working on my own film,” Portman told the New York Daily News

#13. Paul Walker – Furious 7

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When Furious 7 was halfway filmed, Paul Walker died in a tragic automobile accident. As Walker was the main character and there simply wasn’t eneough filmed to cobble a movie together, the producers asked his family what they would like to do. Walker‘s family wanted the movie to be finished, so his two brothers volunteered as stand-ins as they resembled the actor physically. The special effects crew at WETA, who brought Gollum to life in Lord of the Rings, turned Cody and Caleb Walker into Paul Walker for the remainder of the film.

#12. Brandon Lee – The Crow

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The charming and talented Brandon Lee, son of the legendary Bruce Lee, was shot by a prop gun that had a dummy round left in the chamber while he was filming on the set. Unfortunately, he died  after six hours in surgery. As there was so little days left of filming to complete the movie, director Alex Proyas was encouraged by Lee’s mother and fiancé to finish the film. Chad Stahelski, Lee’s friend and stunt double, took Brandon‘s role and special effects were used to give him Lee’s face while another stunt double help finished out some of the action scenes. In the end, Lee’s role in the film is perfect.

#11. Harrison Ford – Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom

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Harrison Ford is one of the most iconic actors in Hollywood, so you might assume that he’ll be impossible to mistake. However, in the 1980’s, Steven Spielberg and his production team replaced him and you surely never even noticed. On the set of Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom, Harrison Ford suffered a pretty severe back injury that led him out of filming for several weeks. During this time, Spielberg swapped Ford for his stunt double Vic Armstrong who amazingly looked just like Ford and he move alike him.T he epic fight between Indy and the massive Thugee cult member on the conveyor belt in the mine, and many other action scenes were film without Ford.

#10. Jennifer Aniston – Friends

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Jennifer Aniston is one of the biggest stars in Hollywood, she was part of the massive success of Friends. In one episode of this series, Aniston inexplicably disappears but it was years after the show was off the air when someone happened to  notice it. A fan spotted one scene from a random episode from the ninth season where Aniston  is standing next to Matt Leblanc but it’s not Aniston at all. On set that day was her stand-in and ended up in the final cut.

#9. Oliver Reed – Gladiator

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In a 1994 interview, Reed gave his own obituary which began “I died in a bar of a heart attack full of laughter.” Although his friends agreed that he went the way he would have wished, it caused a major headache for the cast and crew of gladiator. The Gladiator team had to rewrite the film’s ending and a body doublé with Reed’s face digitally attached filled the void. Reed was even nominated for a BAFTA for his performance in the film.

#8. Bruce Lee – Game of Death

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The most important martial arts film ever made might be Enter the Dragon. Lee died of a brain edema on July 20, 1973, a month before Enter the Dragon hit the screens. With about 40 minutes already filmed, Game of Death, however, was left unfinished. Although Game of Death was five years in limbo, producer Clouse decided to finish it. As Lee hadn’t finished the script of the story, Clouse was free to create a new plot. He crafted a story which had room for Lee‘s previously filmed scenes, shot from old Lee projects an a footage from Lee‘s real life funeral.

#7. Nicholas Brendon – Buffy the Vampire Slayer

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Xander Harris, Buffy‘s geeky pal was played by Nicholas Brendon. When Brendon wasn’t available or when Buffy’s supernatural shenanigans required more than one Xander on screen at once, Brendon’s twin brother Kelly Donovan took his place. Donovan most memorable appearence was in the fifth season episode ¨The Replacement¨, a demon creates  a second Xander who threatens to take over the original’s life. Donovan performance was so convincing that Brendon, Donovan, and Brendon‘s wife Tressa di Figlia couldn’t tell them apart.

#6. Crispin Glover – Back to the Future Part 2

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This actor’s swap ended up in a law suit. As Crispin Glover refused to take part as George McFly in the sequels to Back to the Future because of a dispute over his salary or ethical concerns about the moral of the movie, we never really knew the truth, the producers replaced him with Jeffrey Weissman. Weissman was covered in make-up and prosthetics that had been cast from Glover’s face in the first movie when they aged him for the scenes when he’s older that is how Weissman became a Glover’s doppelganger. Of course Glover won the lawsuit for using his likeness and after that,the Screen Actor’s Guild made it a rule that no actor’s likeness could be stolen in such a way again.

#5. Gene Hackman – Superman II

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In the 70’s there was only one superhero franchise that ruled the screens. At that time, the Cristopher Reeve Superman made $300 million at the worldwide box office which was almost six times its budget. Richard Donner, the producer, was expected to return for the sequel after such a big success, but it wasn’t the case. He was constantly arguing with producers Ilya and Alexander Salkind about the film’s budget so he was replaced by Richard Lester. The cast was furious about Donner dismissal and the way the Salkind treated him, that is why Gene Hackman, who played Lex Luthor in both films, flat-out refused to show up to finish shooting Superman II.

#4. Penelope Cruz – Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides

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Penelope Cruz played the lead female role in the 2010 Pirates of the Caribbean sequel. While she was filming , she learned that she was pregnant and in order to minimize the risks for the unborn baby, Mónica Cruz, Penelope’s sister replaced her. Mónica is a dancer and actress who took part in many movies but she is certainly famous in America for her part in Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides.

#3. Shemp – The Three Stooges

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In 1956, Shemp Howard signed a contract to produce eight films of Three Stooges. Sadly, after filming four films Shemp Howard died of a heart attack at age 60. Jules White, the producer, produced four brand films with ¨Fake Shemp¨ starring. The actor Joe Palma, who had already filled supporting roles in Stooges films, replaced Shemp. He was filmed from behind or with his face obscured.

#2. The Cast of Evil Dead

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Sam Raimi, Evil Dead‘s producer needed to use many stand-ins for the production of his iconic horror film. It was a low budget film so the producer and the actors couldn’t always work on the same schedule.In the end, Raimi used nearly 18 stand-ins to complete the film what is more incredible than that is that the movie shows no sign that so many extra people were needed.

#1. Michael Pitt – Hannibal

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For Hannibal Season 3, Pitt decided to pass for unknown reasons so, he was replaced by Joe Anderson even thouh they look nothing alike. In Pitt’s last appearance on the show, Hannibal drugs Mason and convinces the villain to cut off his own face and feed it to Will Graham‘s pack of stray dogs, fortunately this gave room to cover Anderson with some gnarly make-up during whole season 3. Anderson vocal performance along with the make-up resulted in a great replacement.

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