Here Are the Best Shows of 2018

Every year many new shows are aired, here is a list of the best shows of 2018! Slide down to see if your favs are in it!

#16. The Americans

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The Americans is about a pair of KGN agents planted in the US to raise a family with the aim of spying on government officials.Fans of this  ’80s spycraft intense domestic drama were worried about its final season,they wanted to know if Philip and Elizabeth (Matthew Rhys and Keri Russell) would survive and if their daughter, (Holly Taylor) would follow in their footsteps.However, nobody wondered what was going to happen with their son, Henry(Keidrich Sellati).In the end, the season finale managed to satisfy and surprise everybody.

#15. Barry

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In this HBO’s  dark comedy Bill Hader shows his  dramatic actor side.Barry is a hit man who tries to go straight by studying acting.The outstanding role played by Henry Winkler as Barry’s  acting teacher makes you want to binge watch the show.Whereas is yet to know if the second season can succeed, the first one is well worth a watch.

#14. Big Mouth

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This series about the terrors of puberty, as South Park used to do, delights in humiliating its characters.In Big Mouth the jokes about puberty are many and filthy, and the obsession with sex is pretty big.Even though horrors and humiliations on its characters, never fails to side with them, it is also a sincere, sweet and empathic series. We all love its characters and care about them.

#13. The Chi

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This fictional drama about Chicago’s notoriously violent South neighborhoods was needed to humanize their struggle.Lena Waithe, the creator, really pulls it off here.Jason Mitchell plays the role of an aspiring chef whose ambitions are threatened by his brother’s murder and Alex Hibbert plays the middle-schooler who saw the killing happen.

#12. Crazy Ex-Girlfriend

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This four seasons series is about  high-powered lawyer Rebecca (Rachel Bloom) who totally changes her life to chase down the boy she thinks is the one.Although, no season adressed Rebecca’s mental illness the show managed to engage, responsibly and tastefully, with a character’s attempted suicide.We’ve come to love this acidly funny show whose risky endeavor is paying off by giving the members of the cast room to develop their own storyline.

#11. The Good Place

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The Good Place is a physical comedy with dumb puns, brilliant one-liners and unexpected observations.Its consideration of philosophy are the other calling card of the show, it asks over and over: What does it mean to be a good person? What do we owe to each other?Michael(Ted Danson) and the gang face new questions in the third season that make the series remain thrillingly inventive.

#10. Homecoming

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The latest fad in TV-land is to build a new series from a popular podcast.Sam Esmail, the Director/ Executive producer managed to develop an inventive show that turned out to be the best drama of the year. The legendary Julia Roberts plays a frazzled, damaged administrator discovering the dark side of a corporate-run program for veterans.Esmail  transforms this show’s half-hour episodes into a visually ambitious drama.

#9. Killing Eve

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Sandra Oh is Eve Polastri a low-level staffer in British intelligence who figures out how to track a notoriously psychopathic assassin, played by Jodie Comer.This story might be the strangest and most compelling one of how opposites attract. Eve and the assassin play a deadly cat-and-mouse game fueled by their mutual fascination with each other that’s worth the watch.

#8. The Kominsky Method

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When you hear about a show about  a silver-haired acting teacher  aging with his even older best friend and agent, it doesn’t seem to be fun, does it?Well, you shouldn’t think that if the show is starred by Michael Douglas as actor/ teacher Sandy Kominsky and Alan Arkin as his agent Norman because there you have gold!

#7. Legion

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This show can be called distinctive as the least weird thing you’ll see is a guy with a wicker basket on his head who talks only through androgynous android-clones.Season 2 of Legion is helmed again by Noah Hawley who also runs Fx’s Fargo.It  is a visual feast that shows what a director with a good eye and a loose leash can deliver to television.

#6. One Day At A Time


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Everybody was hoping that Roseanne returning to ABC would give “working-class families” more of a presence, well if you look for a working-class family you already have choices. One of them  is the Alvarez family from Netflix’s One Day at a Time.Penelope (Justina Machado) is a single mom who dates ,is raising two kids, and lives  with her mom (Rita Moreno).This is a totally smart show with an amazing cast.

#5. Pose

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Pose is a series that matters because a once-marginalized group tell its own stories in it.The show features an amazing cast of LGBTQ characters exploring 1980s New York through the city’s ball culture competitions.Blanca,transgender actress Mj Rodriguez, plays the house mother to LGBTQ competitors who have chosen each other as family after biological relatives rejected them. It was produced by Anet Mock and Our Lady J. The story is truly a revolution.

#4. Queer Eye

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This Netflix original series is a reboot of the Bravo series Queer Eye for the Straight Guy but this time with five new gay guys: Antoni Porowski, food and wine expert; Tan France, fashion expert; Karamo Brown, culture expert; Bobby Berk, design expert; and Jonathan Van Ness, grooming expert.The new series stays true to the formula but brings less acid humor and a lot more heart than the original.

#3. Shut Up and Dribble

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This Showtime documentary series that examines the relationship between race and the NBA is produced by LeBron James.The show was inspired by a cable-news insult directed at James and looks back at players,such as Oscar Robertson,whose activism was fundamental to their careers. It depicts the inevitable links between racial justice and professional basketball.

#2. A Very English Scandal

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This series is a British comedy-drama based on John Preston‘s book of the same name.It depicts the 1976-1979 Jeremy Thorpe scandal.Hugh Grant plays Thorpe, a posh member of British Parliament who enters into an illicit affair with Norman Scott (Ben Whishaw).It’s funny and performed with a kind of headlong verve that’s a joy to behold.

#1. Vida

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This Family story breaks new ground, it is inspired by the short story Pour Vida by Richard Villegas Jr.The mother dies and two sisters who left home return to face all the complications, one of them being taking ownership of a crumbling bar in gentrifying East Los Angeles neighborhood. What these sisters never knew was that their mother was a lesbian who married her partner and left her one-third of their family business.

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