19 Side Characters that Stole the Spotlight

We all know those characters that, despite not getting much screen time, absolutely steal the show. Our favorite series wouldn’t be the same without them, and that’s why today we’re counting down the 19 best side characters on tv.

#19. Titus – Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt

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We just can’t get enough of him, and we know many people love the show simply because he’s on it. Up next, the real reason many people decides to keep watching this show.

#18. Janet – The Good Place

Photo: Courtesy of TV Guide

Whenever Janet shows up, the show becomes 100 times more interesting. It would be nice to see how each of Michael’s reboots made her more human, wouldn’t it? Another character from a Netflix original series is next.

#17. Rogelio – Jane the Virgin

Photo: Courtesy of Vanity Fair

Rogelio is over-dramatic and never fails to make us laugh, while also being the ideal husband. Rogelio isn’t the only Jane the Virgin character on our list though…

#16. Petra – Jane the Virgin

Photo: Courtesy of TV Guide

The award for best character development on this show goes to Petra. She might as well have her own spin-off! Our favorite New Girl character is next.

#15. Winston – New Girl

Photo: Courtesy of EW

One word can describe Winston: hilarious. Nothing more to say. One of the many great characters on Orphan Black is next.

#14. Delphine – Orphan Black

Photo: Courtesy of Glamour

Delphine constantly had viewers on the edge of their seats, wondering if she was good or bad after all. She could’ve definitely gotten more screen time, so we could know more about her complex character. The first cartoon character on this list is coming up on #13.

#13. Matthew – Big Mouth

Photo: Courtesy of Netflix

Matthew is one of those characters that are so interesting that could have their own show, or at least have their full story told. Another Netflix cartoon is next.

#12. Princess Carolyn – Bojack Horseman

Photo: Courtesy of Buzzfeed

Princess Carolyn struggles to balance her career and personal life, while also dealing with her toxic relationship with Bojack. She’s extremely resilient and that makes her one of the pillars of the show.

Doctor Who fans will love #12.

#11. River Song – Doctor Who

Photo: Courtesy of BBC

Smart, crazy, and badass; that’s what River Song is. Plus, there are plenty of stories to be told about her 200 years of adventures, and we’d love to see that on the show. Another fan-favorite Doctor Who character is coming up next.

#10. Rose Tyler – Doctor Who

Photo: Courtesy of We Got This Covered

Who could forget Rose, the first companion of the Doctor on the series reboot? Fans would love to see her make another appearance, and know what happened after she and the 10th Doctor were left on that beach. Our favorite Gilmore Girls character is next.

#9. Sookie – Gilmore Girls

Photo: Courtesy of Bustle

In an era where plus-sized women were the butt of the joke, or were defined by their weight, Sookie was a breath of fresh air: smart, talented, witty and beautiful, she stole everyone’s hearts. She’s not the only Gilmore girl on this list though…

#8. Paris Geller – Gilmore Girls

Photo: Courtesy of Buzzfeed

Paris, Rory‘s frenemy, was clever, outspoken, had no filter, and was 20 times more relatable than Rory herself. We wish he had been on every episode of the revival! The best character on The Good Wife is next on #7.

#7. Kalinda Sharma – The Good Wife

Photo: Courtesy of Players Mag

This badass character had the best side plots, and watching her complex friendship with Alicia was always great to watch. One of our favorite funny ladies of TV is next.

#6. Gina – Brooklyn Nine Nine

Photo: Courtesy of The Galleria

Everything about Gina is hilarious, and fans would love to see more of her crazy antics (specially her dance group, Floorgasm). Don’t miss our Top #5 picks!

#5. Andy – Parks and Rec

Photo: Courtesy of Bustle

Andy‘s improv and one-liners definitely stole the show. Plus: Chris Pratt. Nothing more to say. The most unforgettable Grey’s Anatomy character is coming on #4.

#4. Cristina Yang – Grey’s Anatomy

Photo: Courtesy of Bustle

Cristina was the perfect combination of sass and brutal honesty that never failed to make fans laugh. She should have her own show and run her own hospital to be honest. We have reached our Top #3!

#3. Whilhelmina – Ugly Betty

Photo: Courtesy of Hamptons Daily

The evil queen of Ugly Betty was the perfect example of a strong woman who makes her own way. Also, her character development was simply incredible. The best character on Frasier is next on #2.

#2. Niles – Frasier

Photo: Courtesy of The Ringer

Funny and relatable on many levels. What’s more to say? Slide to see who made it to the top!

#1. Janice – Friends

Photo: Courtesy of In Touch Weekly

Oh… my…. god. Who doesn’t love Janice? The iconic catchphrase had us all in tears. Annoyingly adorable, Janice should’ve had more screen time.

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