Man Sticks Hand Into Leopard’s Cage Then Something Unexpected Happens

Visiting the zoo is a great way to see wild animals. Some people have a special gift when it comes to interacting with them, just like the caretaker from Cedar Cove Feline Conservatory & Education Center who gives a spotted leopard belly rubs until the beast falls asleep.

20. Spotted Leopards

Spotted leopards are incredibly fast and there isn’t anyone who can outrun them. But they can also transform into adorable kittens!

19. Meet This Little Fellow

Meet Voodo, the sleepy leopard. When he was a baby he was rescued and raised by a man who did his best to provide forhim. But it turned out to be a challenge.

18. Getting Help

Luckily, the man who bought Vodoo decided that the leopard is just too big to be a house cat and decided to donate him to the Cedar Cove Feline Conservatory & Education Center from Kansas where Vodoo can get all the help that he needs.

17. Living Comfortably

Vodoo was no longer in danger and he could live a comfortable life. The leopard surely deserved this, don’t you think so?

16. Having Fun

The leopard is now happy and he is always looking for new trees and rocks to climb in the enclosure. He is having fun every single day and this is all that matters. Not just that, but Vodoo has also made a new friend.

15. New Friend

Even though the Cedar Cove Feline Conservatory & Education Center has lots of other big cats, Vodoo has not befriended any of them and instead, the leopard got attached to his caretaker. Don’t believe us? Well, then make sure to check out the next picture and see for yourself.

14. The Caretaker

As the picture featured above clearly shows us, this caretaker has a way with wild animals. Vodoo loves being around the caretaker, and as if this picture wasn’t crazy enough, the caretaker sticks his hand in Vodoo’s cage in the next ones.

13. Viral Video

The caretaker sticks his hand inside Vodoo’s cage and scratches the leopard’s belly and head. One day, the caretaker filmed this interaction, and as you would expect, the video went viral and Vodoo became a local celebrity.

12. Afternoon Nap

The video starts with Vodoo trying to take an afternoon nap. After all, what is a big cat like him supposed to do all day long other than to eat, have fun and sleep? What happens next will make your jaw drop!

11. The Hand Is In

Out of nowhere, the caretaker shows up and he sticks his hand inside the cage. Can you believe how careless this man is? The wild leopard can bite his hand off at any given time.

10. Holding The Hand

Instead of biting the caretaker’s hand, the leopard takes it into his paw and starts showing the caretaker where he wants to get scratched. Isn’t this incredible? No wonder the video went viral…

9. The Right Spot

The craziest thing about this video is that the leopard guides the man’s hand with his paw so that he can scratch the right spot. The big wild beast is acting just like a house cat.

8. Brave Man

We have to give it to the caretaker for being brave enough to stick his hand inside the cage. Would you ever do something as dangerous as this? I know that I would stay away from Vodoo’s cage if it were me.

7. Strong Bond

There’s a strong bond between the caretaker and Vodoo. The leopard feels safe around the man and this is why he is letting him scratch his hand and get so close to him without even trying to bite.

6. How Many Views?

We mentioned that the video of Vodoo has gone viral, but can you guess how many views it got? You better stick around for the next picture because you will be amazed to find out how many people watched the video.

5. Millions Of Views

The incredible video of Vodoo being pet by the caretaker has gotten more than 4.4 million views. This makes Vodoo the biggest star at the Cedar Cove Feline Conservatory & Education Center.

4. Happy Cat

It’s amazing to see how a giant leopard who is one of the world’s fiercest beasts turns into a happy cat whenever the caretaker comes around. There’s a special bond between these two and there is no doubt about that.

3. Feel The Love

Some are saying that the leopard feels loved and that this is why he acts so gentle with the caretaker. The animal knows that the caretaker doesn’t want to hurt him.

2. Amazing Experience

Being able to pet an African spotted leopard is a once in a lifetime experience and we can be sure that there aren’t that many people who did this and lived to tell the story.

1. Falling Asleep

The video ends with Vodoo falling asleep. The big cat is finally getting the afternoon sleep that he wanted so much.

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