Bride Leaves Everyone In Shock After She Calls Her Husband’s Ex-Girlfriend To Stand Up

What do you think is going to happen when a bride asks her husband’s ex-girlfriend to stand up during the wedding ceremony? Even though we all believe that the bride wants to start drama during her big day, this is not the case for Katie Hild. No one was prepared for what Katie had to say during the wedding ceremony to her husband’s ex and we promise that you will be shocked too!

19. The Next Level

Katie Hild and Jeremy Musser are a beautiful couple who have been dating for a couple of years now. They are a perfect match! However, there’s something about Jeremy that Katie needed to understand before she could marry him…

Katie and Jeremy have been together for a long time and they were ready to take their relationship to the next level. They wanted to get married and start a family of their own. Isn’t this great?

18. Ready To Marry

Even though Katie and Jeremy love each other very much, there is something that Katie needs to come to terms with if she wants to be his bride. Check out the next picture to find out Jeremy’s secret!

17. Young Son

Jeremy has a young son from a previous relationship. The boy is named Landon and Katie needs to understand that she has to accept him in her life if she wants to marry Jeremy. Do you think she is willing to do that?

16. Katie Loves Landon

This should come as no surprise, but Katie loves Landon. Even though he is another woman’s baby, this didn’t stop Katie from falling in love with him. However, Katie was preparing something big for the wedding that neither Landon nor Jeremy knew about.

15. The Big Question

Jeremy asked the big question and Katie said yes. Even though she wasn’t the mother of his son, Katie was willing to put it all on the line for Jeremy. You will never believe what Katie is planning to do during her wedding day.

14. Secret Plan

Katie invited Casey Bender who is Jeremy’s ex to the wedding. Jeremy had no idea that Katie did this, but things don’t end here…

13. Clueless

Jeremy was having the time of his life partying with friends and family members. However, he had no idea that his new wife was has prepared a big speech for the wedding which includes his ex-girlfriend. What do you think Katie wants to say?

12. The Speech

As the wedding ceremony was coming to an end, Katie announced that she will be holding a speech. She then decided to call out Casey Bender, Jeremy’s ex, to stand up from the crowd. You will never believe what happens next!

11. The Ex

Jeremy knew that Katie and Casey didn’t get along when they first met, but he also had no idea that the two women have patched things up and that they kept in touch. The next picture will show you what Jeremy imagined would happen when his new wife called his ex to stand up.

10. Drama

Jeremy was afraid of something bad happening when his new wife called Casey to stand up. He feared that Katie might start drama during her big day, but this wasn’t the case. In fact, Jeremy was brought to tears when he heard what Katie has to say.

9. Big Surprise

Casey got up when she was called and that’s when Katie started talking. Katie told Casey that she thanks her for always being at Jeremy’s side and for giving birth to his beautiful son Landon. Can you believe this?

8. Great Mother What Matters

Katie went to say that she promises to Casey that she is going to be a great mother for Landon and that the young boy is going to receive lots of love from her. No one expected this to happen and the guests were brought to tears.

7. Taking Care Of Landon What Matters

Katie vowed that she is always going to take care of Landon and that Casey should consider her a friend. This is a fantastic thing to do by Katie and what happens in the next picture will bring a smile to your face.

6. Big Hug What Matters

Landon rushed on the stage and he gave Katie a big hug. The boy didn’t really understand what’s going on, but he knew that Katie loved him and this is all that mattered to him.

5. Amazing Moment What Matters

Isn’t it amazing how Katie decided to dedicate some time to her husband’s ex? It was Katie’s big day and she was willing to share it with Casey.

4. Special Day

Jeremy says that at that moment he knew that he made the right choice by marrying Katie. She is an amazing woman that is going to be a great mother to his son.

3. Kids

The young couple already has a son, but they want to make their family bigger and have more kids in the future. Nonetheless, Katie proved that is a powerful woman and that she loves Landon despite him having another mother.

2. Lucky Man

We think it’s safe to say that Jeremy is a lucky man. His life is going to be filled with happiness as long as he is going to have Katie by his side.

1. Great Wedding

All weddings are great, but Katie and Jeremy’s wedding was more than great, it was amazing! The two are made for each other and Landon is going to have the time of his life now that he can call Katie his second mother.

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