Service Dog Calls 911 On Special Phone And Then Runs Through Fire To Save Blind Owner

Today we have an incredible story to show you about a service dog named Yolanda that saved her blind owner’s life by calling 911 and pulling her out of a burning house. As crazy as this might sound, service dogs are actually trained for this type of situations and Yolanda was simply doing her job. With that said, let’s get into it.

20. Life Saver

This picture was taken moments after Yolanda saved her owner’s life. As you can clearly see, Yolanda’s owner can’t believe that the service dog saved her life and she is giving Yolanda all the belly rubs that she could ever ask for.

19. Service Dogs

Many people don’t know this, but service dogs are trained for all types of life-threatening scenarios. The craziest thing about this is that special service dogs like Yolanda are taught how to call 911 and they use a special phone to do this.

18. Little Helpers

The first thought that comes to people’s minds when they think about service dogs is that they help disabled people get around crowded cities. This is true, but this is not all that service dogs can do as you will soon find out.

17. Important Skills

There are special types of training camps for service dogs that teach them various types of important skills that can make the difference between life and death in some situations such as when the owner’s house starts burning.

16. Meet Yolanda

This adorable dog is Yolanda and she has been assigned to a blind woman. Yolanda’s owner says that she could never imagine life without the service dog by her side because she makes everything so much easier and safer.

15. Incredible Story

Yolanda’s incredible story started when the dog smelled that something was burning inside the house. This was happening late at night and Yolanda’s owner was asleep. Luckily, Yolanda learned how to use a special phone and call 911 whenever this happens. However, this was not the only thing that Yolanda did.

14. Running Through Fire

Even though most dogs would be afraid to get close to fire, Yolanda didn’t hesitate to run through it in order to save the life of her owner. Yolanda started barking to wake up her owner and then she grabbed her by the hand. Keep reading to find out what Yolanda does next.

13. The Alarm Goes Off

Yolanda’s owner says that she was in shock when she woke up. Her service dog was barking and the smoke alarm was going off. She knew that a fire started in her house and she was too afraid to move because she could step on the flames at any time.

12. Inspiring Courage

The service dog gently grabbed the blind woman by her hand and started pulling her toward safety. The woman was scared, but Yolanda was making her feel brave.

11. Getting To Safety

The woman still gets shivers down her spine when she remembers how Yolanda dragged her through the burning house. She could smell smoke everywhere and she feared that she might step into flames. However, Yolanda was there for her at every step she took.

10. Out Of The House

Fortunately, Yolanda was able to get her owner out of the house. Can you believe this? The service dog saved her owner’s life and to top it all off, she also called the 911!

9. Nightmare

The blind woman says that she doesn’t even want to imagine what would’ve happened if Yolanda was not there for her. She added that she couldn’t get out of the house alone during the fire and that Yolanda saved her life.

8. Best Friends

The blind woman doesn’t see Yolanda as a service dog anymore, she considers the dog to be her best friend. Isn’t’ this amazing?

7. Firefighters Are Amazed

The firefighters arrived fast to the house and they put the fire out. However, they had to admit that they were shocked by what happened and by the bravery of Yolanda.

6. Doing Her Job

The most amazing thing about this story is that Yolanda doesn’t act any way differently. The dog simply did her job and rescued her owner. Aren’t service dogs incredible?

5. Great Dog

We think it’s safe to say that Yolanda is a great dog and that her owner is never going to leave the house without her. Yolanda proved that she is a life saver and she is going to get all the delicious treats that she could ever ask for.

4. Big Hug

This incredible story shows us just how important service dogs are. They can make the difference between life or death in certain scenarios for disabled people who can’t take care of themselves.

3. Making The News

This should come as no surprise, but Yolanda’s acts of bravery have made her a local star. Yolanda appeared on the news and everyone was impressed by her actions.

2. Smoke Inhalation

On the downside of things, Yolanda suffered from smoke inhalation. Luckily, it wasn’t anything severe and the dog started feeling better the next day.

1. Delicious Treats

If there’s something that we can be sure about, then it must be the fact that Yolanda is going to get lots of tasty treats. She definitely deserves them!

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