Man Is Left Speechless After His Family Heirloom Gets Appraised For $500,000

Do you ever look at old items in your house that have been passed from generation to generation such as paintings or statues and think to yourself about how amazing it would be if those items were worth millions of dollars? This would make your life so much easier and you wouldn’t have to worry about money ever again. Well, this is exactly what happened to a man from Houston when he visited the Antiques Roadshow to get a statue appraised by an expert.

20. Antiques Roadshow

Everyone who has ever watched an episode of Antiques Roadshow knows just how wild things can get on the show. People from all over the world come to the show to get their household items appraised in hopes of getting rich overnight, but not many of them are this lucky.

19. Getting Rich

Obviously, the coolest part about watching the Antiques Roadshow is seeing how shocked people are when the expert tells them that their family heirloom is worth thousands of dollars. Although, there’s something even more interesting about this show…

18. Strange Items

What’s interesting about Antiques Roadshow is that people bring all types of strange items to get them appraised. However, everyone was amazed to see what a man from Houston brought to the show. No one has ever seen an item like his before.

17. Hitting The Jackpot

There aren’t that many people who actually manage to hit the jackpot while visiting the Antiques Roadshow, and James Keener is one of the few who actually managed to do this. Check out the next picture to see the item that he brought to the show.

16. The Statue

James Keener heard that the Antiques Roadshow is in Houston and he decided to visit the experts and show them an interesting statue that he owned. Little did James know, the statue would prove to be worth a fortune!

15. Family Heirloom /Antiques Roadshow PBS

This beautiful statue has been passed down in James Keener’s family from generation to generation. Therefore, James knew that the statue had some kind of value, but just how much?

14. Auguste Rodin

The first thing that the expert told James Keener is that the statue is made by Auguste Rodin. He was one of the world’s greatest sculptors and he lived between the 19th and 20th centuries.

13. The Sculptor

The man in the picture above is Auguste Rodin and his work is held in such high praise that many experts are saying that Auguste Rodin was on the same level as Michelangelo! How much do you think the statue is worth?

12. Big Surprise

The expert told James Keener that he was in for a big surprise if he could somehow find out if the statue is authentic. James Keener was excited because he had no idea just how much money he could get for this family heirloom. You will never believe what the expert finds next!

11. The Proof /Antiques Roadshow PBS

Luckily for James Keener, the expert was able to find the signature of Auguste Rodin. You better check out the next picture to find out how much the statue is worth!

10. A Fortune /Antiques Roadshow PBS

The expert looked James Keener straight in the eyes and told him the statue is worth between $400,000 and $500,000. Judging by the expression on James Keener’s face, he was not expecting such good news.

9. Speechless /Antiques Roadshow PBS

James Keener was so shocked and amazed after he found out how much the statue costs that he couldn’t speak. Although, who can blame the man for being speechless when he just found that he is in possession of a fortune?

8. Life-Changing Money /Antiques Roadshow PBS

Can you imagine that James Keener had $500,000 sitting in his living room all along? This massive sum is life-changing money!

7. Rich Overnight

James Keener got lucky and the statue that his grandparents passed down to him was worth $500,000. He became rich overnight!

6. Piece Of Art

Looking at this piece of art, we think it’s easy to see why Auguste Rodin is believed to have been on the same as the famous Michelangelo, don’t you think so?

5. The Master Piece

The statue from the picture above is one of Auguste Rodin’s most important masterpieces and it shows us just how skilled this man really was. Isn’t it crazy that one of Auguste Rodin’s statues has been sitting in the house of a regular man from Denver all along?

4. No More Worrying

If there’s something that we can be sure about, then it has to be the fact that James Keener is no longer going to worry about paying rent or bills anymore. He has all the money that he could ever ask for!

3. Awesome Gift

James Keener likes to think that the statue is a gift from his grandparents. Even though they didn’t know how much the statue was worth, they made sure to keep it in perfect shape for James Keener.

2. Shocking News

Who would’ve ever thought that you can have $500,000 sitting in your living room without you even knowing about it?

1. Old Items

Now that we’ve shown you the story of how James Keener got rich overnight, you should make sure to get all your family heirlooms appraised. You never know, maybe your old statue might be worth even more than $500,000!

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