Lost Dog Finds Pack of Coyotes, the Most Amazing Thing Happens

Many parts of the world have seen the population of coyotes constantly rising against all odds. There is one issue: many people see them as pests. Moreover, pet owners are afraid to leave their dogs or cats roam around their yard fearing coyotes might attack them. But that’s not always the case…

When locals from Kingston, New York heard coyotes in the forest and also saw a stray dog surrounded by them, they quickly called humane society workers. What was the pooch doing there and how did he manage to survive? Let’s find out…


22. Was It In Danger?


They knew the dog was in imminent danger, but Sarah Nace, who works with Lost Pets of Hudson Valley, also saw the truth about this dog and the coyotes…

Would the wild animals post a threat to the dog? Prepare to witness a very weird story!

21. Lost Pets

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Nace knows that the area she lives in is filled with a large population of coyotes. But what she heard and then saw for herself was incredible. There was a stray dog that lived around Kingston, New York. The dog was living mostly in a wooden area, where coyotes lived. She took a closer look and could not believe her eyes…

20. A Danger to Dogs


Even though coyotes seem to be like our own dogs, they are actually dangerous to dogs. Pet owners are always concerned if one of the coyotes get too close to their dogs or cats, as it might end up being fatal for the pet…

19. Way Too Close


Nace knew that coyotes are extremely dangerous around other animals. She also realized that this stray dog that made himself comfortable in the forest was really in grave danger. He was way too close to a family of coyotes!

18. The Dog Was Not Safe!

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Nace knew all these things about coyote-pet encounters and the results were worrying. She had no idea what the dog’s fate would be as soon as he met the wild animals.

There was also a thing she didn’t really know, but then she finally saw it on her own. Prepare to be as stunned as she was…

17. A Member of the Pack

YouTube.com/Ramapo-Bergen Animal Refuge

Oddly enough Sarah Nace saw the stray dog hanging out with the coyote as if he was a member of their pack. Unfortunately, as cute as it sounds being adopted by old animals, a dog wouldn’t live long in those conditions.

So, the woman decided the pup needed to be rescued and, if he was lost, sent back to his home. She called Nicole Asher, the founder of Buddha Dog Rescue & Recovery (BDRR).

16. Playing With the Coyotes

YouTube.com/Ramapo-Bergen Animal Refuge

Nicole Asher answered to Sarah’s story and talked about ways to capture the dog and take him away from his wild pals – and it wasn’t that hard either! Here’s what Nicole said in an interview about this case:

“He was being sighted constantly, playing with them, running with them. How he integrated with them we don’t know. We have no idea.”

15. It Happened Before

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Nicole explained that this is not the first case a dog befriends coyotes, saying that there are “coy dogs” out there, the result of dogs and coyotes mating. However, she added that you don’t see these stories in person. Nicole also said that coyotes are skittish and skeptic when it comes to trusting or accepting other beings.

These guys were probably more laid back…

14. A Better Life

YouTube/Ramapo-Bergen Animal Refuge

No matter how great this pooch was feeling surrounded by his wild pack, the experts at BDRR had a different plan for him. He would be much better off living with humans, running in a backyard and getting regular meals and belly scratches – all of these would be his, but after he’s caught…

How did the rescuers trap him?

13. How to Catch a Dog

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Nicole is known to be a good dogcatcher. She knew she had to be patient if she wanted to get the dog safely: “The first thing we needed to do was get the dog constantly coming back to a certain spot.” By setting up a trail camera, and a feeding station, the team started their rescue mission.

A few hours later, the dog appeared in the camera’s field of view…

12. All of This for Me?


The pooch saw the food and water and went to eat as much as he could. But Nicole had to separate him from the coyotes. So she set a trap, adding a cage and placing food inside. Two nights after surrounding the cage and looking at the food inside, the pooch took a leap of faith and got inside.

Nicole expected it to be far more challenging!

11. That Was Easy!

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Nicole was close by, and as the dog got inside the cage, she close the door. She recalls that “he was a fairly easy trapping.” As for the pooch, who Nicole named Wiley – after the Looney Tunes’ Wile E. Coyote, he was scared out of his mind:

“He was frightened, barking and growling, but this is very common as they are simply frightened and not necessarily aggressive,” said Nicole. But then, he completely changed!

10. An Adorable Lovebug

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Turns out that Wiley was actually a lovebug – probably what made him get friends with the coyotes. As soon as he was out of the trap, he was still a bit unsure and frightened, but immediately warmed up, seeing nobody was going to harm him. Nicole said that he even sat up against her, “leaning on me and even gave a few kisses.”

It was time to get some veterinary help…

9. Wiley Wasn’t Feeling So Great

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Reaching the Ramapo-Bergen Animal Refuge in Oakland, New Jersey, vets checked Wiley and realized his case was a little challenging. The poor pooch had lived too much with the coyotes – almost two years! He was filled with ticks, and a real mess. But nobody wanted to give up on him.

He was going to get better…

8. A Warm Bath

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The team started to pick off all the ticks, gave him a warm and long bath and took him for some tests. Sadly, the pooch was positive with Lyme disease and anaplasmosis, which also made him anemic – both conditions are serious, but the pooch was given antibiotics and a ton of love.

Thanks to Sarah and Nicole, the pooch was going to recover. If not for their help, he wouldn’t have lasted much with the coyotes…

7. On the Road to Recovery

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Even if Wiley was so sweet that the coyotes accepted him in their pack – probably overwhelmed with his need to cuddle with them, Wiley would have been better off with a family. This is why the rescuers had to first find out if Wiley had a family. They searched for a microchip, missing dog queries or spots that would let them find the original family.

But then, this happened.

6. Stray or Dumped

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Nicole concluded that Wiley was either a stray or dumped. He had no microchip, and according to the local authorities and the internet queries, nobody was looking for him: “There’ve been no reports of lost dogs fitting his description.”

The experts estimated that Wiles was almost 2 years old and has been a stray for almost 18 months, which is more than half of his life. Did that mean that he was too wild to be adopted?

5. He’s a Great Pet

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Thankfully, the pooch was far from acting like a stray, said Nicole: “He’s a sweetheart. He was leaning on me, smooching on me. A lot of these rescue dogs are incredibly grateful. People think, ‘Oh my God, they’re gonna be wild.’ But it’s not the case at all.”

She added that this lovebug was ready to be adopted. Here’s what happened next!

4. Riley the Sweet Marshmallow

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In less than a week, Wiley learned a lot of tricks, walked on a leash and adored all the attention coming his way. He was crazy about the toys and the treats, of course. But what this pooch loved more than toys was to get belly rubs and pets!

Frannie Laurita, a RBARI shelter volunteer called Wiley a “big marshmallow.”

3. Fitting In

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It seems that Wiley was the definition of “fitting in.” He was a dog raised by coyotes that were ready to live a domesticated life. He’s a young pup that went through a lot, but he’s ready to live a new life, with a family that wants to show him a lot of love and attention.

2. A New Family

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Wiley will need an experienced family that knows how to handle a pooch like him. He’d be better off to get a home with a fenced yard – to avoid escapades back to the coyotes. He’ll also have to be walked on-leash, for the same (adventure- and tick-filled) reasons.

But what about the coyotes?

1.Still Out There, Running Around Kingston

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The coyotes are still there, running outside Kingston. They have one less pack member. But Wiley is getting ready for a healthy life as a pet. Looking at this adorable pooch, he’ll have a fur-ever home soon enough!

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