They Came Across A Giant Orca, On Closer Inspection Something Didn’t Look Right

Indonesia is one of the world’s most amazing places. This country has a rich culture and beautiful locations. However, those locations can be dangerous because they are filled with wildlife who are looking for food. Things get even worse when it comes to Indonesia’s waters.

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23. Rich Culture

It’s very common to see whales very close to the shore in Indonesia and sometimes they even appear on populated beaches. It’s a great way to watch wild creatures in their natural habitat. But you never know what’s hiding underneath the waves…

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Indonesian people have a rich culture and the country is full of beautiful beaches. That’s why it became a hot spot for tourists who want to experience something different. As soon as they get on the beach, the tourists can talk with experienced divers, like Julian Dunggio, our story’s hero!

22. Fishing Crews

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Thousands of tourists pass through Indonesia every year and this is why fishing crews love to take them out to the sea. However, these boat trips can prove to be quite dangerous at times because you never know what is hiding in the water…

21. Julian Dunggio

Photo: Courtesy of WhaleStrandingIndonesia

The man we are seeing in this picture is Julian Dunggio and he is an experienced diver. Julian’s job is to take tourists out on the water and show them the surrounding corals and wildlife. Although, he had no idea that he would encounter this huge creature!

20. Fun Boat Ride

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Julian was ready to show the tourists the wild sea, but he had no idea that they’d get so close to the creatures! As Julian and the tourists were enjoying their fun boat ride, he spotted something moving underwater. What could it be? He was not prepared for this!

19. Experienced Diver

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The weird thing about this is the fact that the animal which was moving underwater appeared to stay in one place. Julian is an experienced diver who isn’t afraid of going under the ocean’s waves. As you can imagine, he was very curious about the animal that attracted everyone’s attention…

18. Curiosity

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Curiosity got the best of Julian and he decided to check out what type of animal was causing so much commotion. Without giving it any second thought, the diver jumped into the water in hopes of finding out what’s going on with that animal. The tourists were stunned!

17. The Experience of a Lifetime!

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What was under the boat? Before jumping in, the tourists were advising Julian not to go into the water because they could see a huge fin popping out. Was it a shark?

Little did Julian know, he was in for the experience of a lifetime!

16. Huge Fin

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The tourists held their breaths as they watched Julian jump. They were afraid that it might be a shark that’s tangled in some fisherman’s line and that it would attack Julian. However, Julian didn’t listen to what they had to say and did THIS…

15. Needing Help

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In an interview with the media, Julian explained that no matter how dangerous that animal he would cross paths with is, he would still help them out. This animal was, thankfully, not a killer shark. However, it was a huge orca that could have killed him with a flip of a tail! Why was it not moving?

14. The Orca Was Stuck

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The poor creature appeared to be stuck and that is why it stayed in one place. Julian saw fishing lines wrapped around it, and called one of his fisherman friends to help him out. Here’s how the orca got stuck, according to a post on Facebook by Whale Stranding Indonesia at #6. You will not believe what happens next!

13. Tangled Orca

Photo: Courtesy of WhaleStrandingIndonesia

As risky as this mission was, Julian knew that he needed to untangle the orca if he wanted the poor animal to survive. The orca was close to the boat, but they had to get closer so that they can help her. She got scared and tried to scare her rescuers… The tourists have never seen something like this!

12. Dangerous Situation

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The orca got scared when it saw the boat come closer and it started blowing water as if to scare Julian away. Luckily, Julian did not get scared and he decided to start untangling the fishing line that held the orca in place. He had no idea how the creature would react during that time…

11. Calming The Orca

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Julian noticed that the orca was getting scared and he wanted to calm it down. We all know how to calm a dog or a cat, but an orca? What do you do to make her feel safe? Julian had to try something, so he decided to head over to its fin and start petting it…

But did it work?

10. The Orca Stopped Moving!

Photo: Courtesy of WhaleStrandingIndonesia

As risky as this move was, it worked! The orca stopped moving around and allowed Julian and his friends to help it out. As he cuts through the fishing lines, Julian realizes that he has to do something far more dangerous. That’s when the tourists are shocked!

9. Julian Goes Underwater

Photo: Courtesy of WhaleStrandingIndonesia

At one moment Julian disappears underwater and everyone got scared. The tourist who was filming this incredible moment thought that Julian was hit by the orca. Fortunately, that was not the case! What was Julian doing underwater?

8. Untangling The Fishing Line

Photo: Courtesy of WhaleStrandingIndonesia

Julian took a big breath of air and dipped under the orca to start cutting the fishing line. This shows us just how brave the man is because we can be sure that not everyone would have the courage to do this. What the orca did after she was set free is unbelievable!

7. Whale Stranding Indonesia

Photo: Courtesy of WhaleStrandingIndonesia

Whale Stranding Indonesia posted this video on their Facebook page explaining that this orca was entangled and “the fishers chose to rip their fishing net (and thus lost the two tonnes of fish they had caught earlier) to rescue the orca.” Thanks to Julian, the magnificent creature was free once again! But then he noticed something strange…

6. Helping Stick

Photo: Courtesy of WhaleStrandingIndonesia

The orca was freed from the fishing wire, but still did not move! That is when Julian pulled out a huge stick in order to push it away from the boat. The orca had no idea that it was finally free and it did not even try to move away. Do you think the trick with the stick worked?

5. Slowly Moving Away

Photo: Courtesy of WhaleStrandingIndonesia

It seems like the orca understood that it was free and it slowly started moving its tail. The orca was getting away from the boat and everyone on the boat started clapping. This was an amazing moment and everyone was happy to see that Julian freed the orca.

4. Amazing Moment

Photo: Courtesy of WhaleStrandingIndonesia

I am sure that the tourists who got on the boat with Julian were never expecting this to ever happen. Although, I bet they think they received their money’s full worth for taking this amazing boat ride.

3. Finally Free

Photo: Courtesy of WhaleStrandingIndonesia

Freeing the tangled orca was no easy task, but it was all worth it in the end! Julian showed to the entire world that he is brave and that his love for wild animals is great.

2. Swimming Away

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As soon as it realized that it has been freed, the orca didn’t waste any more time and it started swimming away. Julian didn’t need any thanks or show of gratitude because he knew in his heart that the orca lived because of his actions.

1.Incredible Story

Photo: Courtesy of WhaleStrandingIndonesia

Julian is surely an experienced diver and everyone who gets on a boat ride with him needs to get ready for an adventure. Nonetheless, what did you think of this incredible story?

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