Here’s Why Brock Lesnar Picks Canada Over The US

Brock Lesnar is one of the most famous athletes to ever step foot in the ring of WWE and the cage of the UFC. This man is an American legend known for his sheer size and giant muscles that help him toss other WWE wrestlers like he is picking up a bag of groceries. However, did you know that despite being born and raised in the US, Brock Lesnar loves spending time in Canada more than anything? With that said, today we are going to show you the top 20 reasons why Brock Lesnar picks Canada over the US.

20. Representing Canada

Even though Brock Lesnar lived most of his life in the US, the wrestler makes sure to represent Canada at every chance that he gets. While this might come as a shock to many WWE and UFC fans, there are many reasons that make Brock Lesnar love Canada more than the US.

19. Hockey Fan

Brock Lesnar is known for being a ferocious wrestler and MMA fighter, but he is also a big fan of hockey. In fact, Brock Lesnar’s favorite hockey team is the Winnipeg Jets.

18. Health Care Benefits

Being involved in the fight business, Brock Lesnar has had many injuries throughout his career and the healthcare program of Canada has helped him avoid all the expensive healthcare bills that he would have to pay in the US.

17. Friendly Culture

If there’s something everyone knows about Canada, then it has to be the fact that everyone is friendly there. In fact, the internet is filled with memes of Canadian people always saying sorry even though it’s not their fault and it seems like Brock Lesnar likes the attitude of Canadian residents.

16. He’s Seen It All

Brock Lesnar has traveled all over the US performing for the US and he has seen the entire country. This doesn’t mean that he hates the US, just that Canada has lots of unexplored locations for Brock Lesnar to visit.

15. Cold Weather

Brock Lesnar grew up in South Dakota and this is why he likes cold weather, something which Canada is renowned for. What’s coming next on our list will shock you!

14. Live A Normal Life

Brock Lesnar is a giant star in the US and he always gets recognized on the streets. The wrestler says that Canada gives him the opportunity to have his personal space because the location of his home is not public knowledge and he doesn’t get any unwanted visitors.

13. Sable

All Brock Lesnar fans know that he is married to Sable who used to be a WWE superstar herself. However, Sable doesn’t like being in the center of attention that much and living in Canada lets her spend time with her kids without having to worry about being recognized everywhere she goes.

12. He Hates Fashion

What many people don’t know about Brock Lesnar is that he hates fashion. Therefore, living in the cold weather of Canada gives Brock Lesnar the opportunity to dress as he wants.

11. He Is A Farmer

Brock Lesnar will always be a farmer at heart and he built his own farm in Canada. Brock Lesnar says that he enjoys spending his time growing the fields and making his own food instead of buying everything from the market.

10. Retirement Days

Even though Brock Lesnar might still be active in the UFC, he doesn’t fight more than once a couple of years. Therefore, moving to Canada is Brock Lesnar’s way of enjoying his retirement days.

9. He Is A Hunter

Just like Brock Lesnar likes to grow his own vegetables and fruits, the giant wrestler also loves to go hunting for meat and Canada is renowned for being a hotspot for hunters.

8. The Kids

Brock Lesnar says that living in Canada makes it possible for his kids to live a normal life without having to be followed by paparazzi everywhere they go.

7. He Is A Car Fanatic

Brock Lesnar has made lots of money during his time in the entertainment industry and the one thing that he loves to spend that money on the most are cars. Brock Lesnar said multiple times during interviews that the roads in Canada are excellent. Not just that, but the difficult terrains give him an opportunity to drive his offroad cars.

6. Canadians Are Fighters

Even though Canadians are nice, they are also really tough. Brock Lesnar is a fighter himself and he loves to be surrounded by other men that are as tough as him.

5. A Quiet Place

Another great thing about Canada that Brock Lesnar loves is the fact that there are lots of forests and mountains where he can enjoy being alone. Although, who can blame Brock Lesnar for being sick and tired of getting recognized everywhere he goes?

4. Wrestlers Are Loved In Canada

Another fun fact about Canadians is that they love the WWE and wrestling legends such as Brock Lesnar are respect in this country. This is why many WWE wrestlers who want to retire end up moving to Canada.

3. Good Education

We previously mentioned that Brock Lesnar likes living in Canada because it lets their kids live a normal life, but this isn’t the only reason. Canada is known for having a great education system and Brock Lesnar’s kids get to benefit from this.

2. Sparring Partners

Brock Lesnar is set to return to the UFC during the next year and what better place to find tough sparring partners other than Canada where fighters such as George St. Pierre come from?

1. Tasty Food

The last reason why Brock Lesnar moved to Canada is the tasty food. Brock Lesnar is a big man and he needs lots of good food in order to keep his size and stay strong.

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