What A Father Does For His Children After Receiving Heartbreaking News

Parents are everything their children. They teach them everything they need to know about life, how to make the right decisions, how to take care of themselves and so on. However, what does a parent do if he finds out his time on this planet is limited? This is what happened to James Beeching who got diagnosed with cystic fibrosis and found that his days are numbered and that he might not get to see his beautiful pair of twins grow up. You better stick around until the end because you will never believe what James Beeching does to make sure his twins learn all the life lessons that he has to teach them

20. Happy Life


The man in this picture is James Beeching and he is living one of the happiest moments of his life, getting married to Becky. The two form a great couple and they have a beautiful pair of twins. Keep reading to see them.

19. The Twins

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Aren’t these twins adorable? Nonetheless, while it might seem like James is living a dream life, this is not the case. There is a dark side to James’s life and you will find out about it in the next picture.

18. James Is Sick

Sadly, not everything is going well in James’s life. The man is sick and he needs to get a lung transplant in order to get better. As we all know, transplants are hard to come by.

17. Happy Man

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Despite being sick and bedridden at times, James never lets this get into the way of his happiness. James has everything he needs as long as his loving wife and twins are by side. Isn’t this amazing?

16. Cystic Fibrosis

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The sickness that James suffers from is called cystic fibrosis and it makes it difficult for him to breathe, even impossible at times! This is why James needs to visit the hospital on the regular. Keep reading to see what James has to say about this.

15. Diagnosed At A Young Age

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James says that even though something as simple as breathing is challenging for him, he got used to it because he was diagnosed at the young age of two. Not just that, but James says that he will always be in good spirits as long as his children are there to support him.

14. Sad News

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On the downside of things, James’s health has kept getting worse to the point that he had to check in at the hospital. Things were not looking good for him and he needed a donor to save his life.

13. His Days Are Numbered


The doctors told James that his days are numbered if a donor doesn’t show up. Hearing this, James started worrying about his children and about how hard life will be for them without him around. This is when James came up with a rather interesting idea…

12. Interesting Idea

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Knowing that there is a high chance he might not make it, James started recording videos of himself. James used these videos as a way to talk with his children in hopes of them getting to know him better once they grow older. Isn’t this heartbreaking?

11. Life Lessons

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James started recording the videos so that he could give his twins all the life lessons that they need to live a happy life. However, this is not the only reason why James started recording the videos…

10. Fading Memory

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The twins are young now and they might forget him as they grow old if he passes away now. This broke the heart of James and he wanted to make sure that he never becomes a fading memory.

9. The Good Times

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Instead of becoming a fading memory, James wanted his children to remember the good times they had together and to know how much their father loved them.

8. The Phone Starts Ringing

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As James was recording one of these videos for his children to see when they grow older, his phone started ringing. It was someone from the hospital telling him that a lung donor has been found and that James should be rushed to the hospital. Can you believe this?

7. Lung Transplant


The hospital has managed to find a donor for James and the doctors were going to make him better! This brought James to tears because he was in shock. Nonetheless, keep reading to find out what happens after the transplant.

6. Incompatible

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Sadly, James was incompatible with the lungs from the donor. This broke everyone’s hearts and it made James feel like he has no hope left. However, the doctors never gave up on him and after a couple of months, they were able to find another donor.

5. The Second Transplant


James made sure to keep his expectations low for the second transplant after what happened the first time. However, he couldn’t help himself from hoping that things might go better this time and that he could live to see his twins grow up.

4. Never Give Up

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The doctors never gave up on James and the second transplant worked! Yes, you read that right. James was now feeling better and his days were no longer numbered.

3. Back Home

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James spent a couple of weeks in the hospital to make sure everything is going as it should and then went back home. The twins were happy to know that their father is no longer in danger and that they can spend as much time as they with him.

2. Precious Time

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James says that this experienced taught him how precious time really is. He will never take anything for granted and he will use all his power to teach people how much it can mean to register as an organ donor.

1. Delete The Videos

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We are glad to say that this incredible story has a happy ending. Not just that, but James can go on and delete all the videos that he recorded for his beautiful twins.

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