Pediatrician Thinks A Patient Is Waiting For Her Inside Exam Room, Then This Happens

Many brave women and men risk their lives for the American people, and their spouses are the ones that cope with the suffering of seeing them leaving the country. Both the ones serving in the army and their husbands or wives suffer every day, living each day with a fear that they may not see each other again. This is why we all love seeing videos or photos of families being reunited.

There is no greater happiness than seeing such reunions after so much time being apart, and this is why we chose to share with you a heart-melting story…


It’s always heartbreaking when families have to say goodbye to their loved ones. Every day they think of the moment when they get to see each other again. And it’s obvious that there’s nothing better in this world than seeing your loved one return from active duty in the military.


The best kind of reunion is the one that comes as a surprise. Dr. Joshua Splinter was serving in the Texas Army National Guard, and when he came home, he didn’t announce his wife. Instead, he called his friend and concocted a plan to surprise her. His wife Alice Splinter is also a doctor – she is a pediatrician.


Dr. Joshua was ready to stun his wife, but he needed the help of his friend at the Lakeland Medical Associates. He was going to film the moments and post the video online, and thousands of people were grateful for seeing this heartwarming scene… What did he say about his plans?


It was all going according to plan. Joshua knew his wife Alice was at the office when he slipped into the exam room. He placed a camera and started to record and see her reaction on tape.

Not knowing anything, Alice was almost ready to see a child patient, but she finds the love of her life…


Dr. Alice Splinter is a young pediatrician who just began her career. Her husband is a family physician, but he had to go for five months to the Port of Africa. Meanwhile, Alice had to move to a new town, finish the residency and find a job. That’s how she got to work with Lakeland Medical Associates.


As she was struggling with the moving and the new job, Joshua said in an interview with Inside Edition that: “While I was there deployed … she was really just holding everything together while I was just out, you know, having fun.”

Here is how she got the surprise of her life…

14. HARD WORKING Edition

Joshua was very grateful that his wife was struggling with all the new things in her family’s life and trying to prepare their new home. To show her how grateful he was for her managing everything on her own, he decided to surprise her. He found out he would come home earlier, so he called a friend…


Alice deserved this surprise, so Joshua collaborated with a friend and found a way to stun his loved one. But to keep everything a secret, he had to lie to her and pretend that he was still in Africa. He even talked with her on the phone a few minutes before setting up the camera!

12. TALKING ON THE PHONE Medical Associates

“I’m talking to her on the phone and I’m having to say, ‘Alright, I have to go to bed,’ but really it’s the same time. Otherwise, this is all gonna give it away,” Joshua explained in the interview. Dr. Swartwood was the accomplice who helped Joshua get in the room unnoticed!

11. WAITING ON THE CHAIR Medical Associates

After he got into the room with Joshua, Dr. Swartwood then got out to tell Alice that she has a patient waiting for her. She had no idea that her husband was actually waiting on that chair!

Check out her reaction at #9 – we have completely melted!


Before we show you the photos with the reaction, we wanted to show you the two as they talked in the interview in front of the cameras and recalled these moments that happened a month ago. Look at their faces – they’re truly a happy couple! Here is Alice’s reaction in the next photo…

9. HELLO! Edition

As the door opened, Dr. Swartwood entered first and, as if talking with the patient, he said: “Hi, let me introduce you to Dr. Splinter.”

Alice entered the room and reflexively said Hi after her husband said Hi. Only a second after that it all dawned on her!

8. “OH MY GOD” Medical Associates

Her face then immediately changes as she realizes what she is actually seeing. As the ‘Hi’ left her mouth, she says “Oh my God,” and goes for a heartwarming hug. There was not a hesitation – it was only shock and happiness. This is what Alice said about those seconds…

7. SHE ALMOST PASSED OUT! Medical Associates

After hugging him tight and being lifted off the floor, Alice realized how shocked she was. In the interview, she recalls that: “It took a second for me to take it in. I honestly almost passed out.”

Thankfully, her husband was there to hug her and help her stand!

6. WEAK IN THE KNEES Medical Associates

“My knees got a little weak, but I was so happy to see him I just tried to hug him and stand there and take in the moment,” explained Alice. We’re so fortunate that we were able to see this wonderful couple get reunited.

Will they have to separate again?

5. TOGETHER AGAIN! Medical Associates

There is some great news about Alice and Joshua! They will be able to spend the time in their new home for a long time, as he is going to work with her at the Lakeland Medical Associates! He does not plan on deploying again, at least not in the near future.


As for Alice, she is very happy: “This was the greatest surprise, I’m happy to have him home.” You can see that their reactions were the sweetest and the surprise paid off.

They were all overwhelmed and glad to be together…

3. “MISSED HIM QUITE A BIT” Medical Associates

Alice admitted that after all these months without Joshua, she “missed him quite a bit.” After reuniting, the couple posted this video on Facebook, and a behind the scenes footage of the surprise – both going viral!


It is so great to see service people return home to their families safely, and this surprise and all the work and thought put into it was worth the time! And there is one question that still has to be answered…

1. RAISING THE BAR Medical Associates

One thing is true: Joshua raised the bar when it comes to surprise reunions, but if he ever is deployed in the future, will he be able to outdo himself?

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