20 Animals That Will Make You Reconsider Vising Australia

When you think of Australia, amazing landscapes and cute animals usually come to mind. You’re not wrong about the country’s beauty, but Australia also has a reputation for being home to some of the most dangerous animals in the world.

The scariest part about the continent is its diversity when it comes to spiders, snakes and bats. Don’t believe us? Just take a look at this list of creepy animals from Australia.

20. Snakes Everywhere


A snake is not that scary if you see it in its natural habitat. However, things change dramatically when you see it in a clothing shop. Maybe the long guy was just looking for a change of style, but he was rudely kicked out of the shop.

19. Huge Bats


Some people find bats really cute and all for the right reasons. They look pretty harmless being so small and adorable. But this guy? This huge bat is absolutely terrifying. Fortunately, they only hunt insects and maybe rodents.

18. The Tree Lobster


Trust me, you don’t want to eat one of these guys. The species was believed to be extinct by 1920, but it was rediscovered in 2001. Where? Australia, of course. These stick insects are known to be the rarest insects in the world!

17. The Redback Spider


Even the name sounds a little scary, right? This spider is one of the most venomous spiders in Australia. But where does he like to live, you might wonder. Well, he really enjoys living in close proximity to humans, often in places like sheds and garages.

16. Saltwater Crocodile


Where do you think you will find the largest living reptile? That’s right. Australia. This formidable predator is the most dangerous type of crocodile when it comes to humans. This type of crocodile should definitely be avoided at all costs!

15. Coconut Crab


Just imagine walking down the street or taking the trash out and you see this creepy creature. This guy is a coconut crab and the largest species of crab in the world! You probably want to know if they’re dangerous or not, since they’re so scary big. Fortunately, these guys only hunt birds occasionally.

14. Ostriches


You probably already know that Australia is famous for hosting these giant birds. They are not as dangerous or scary as the crocodiles or spiders, but these huge creatures are incredibly fast. Don’t even think you can ever outrun one.

13. The Blue-Ringed Octopus


Ok, you have to admit, this guy looks incredibly cute, right? Well, this is the perfect example of “looks can be deceiving”. This guy’s bite is one of the venomous ones in the world, which makes him one the deadliest animals out there.

12. Giant Earthworms


Well, this long dude is not dangerous or scary, just big and kind of gross. You don’t expect to see such a huge earthworm anywhere else than in Australia. The worst part? They can reach up to nine feet in length.

11. Marbled Cone Snail


By the looks of it, it doesn’t seem very threatening, you might think. In reality, one sting coming from this colorful guy and you will experience fatal respiratory muscle paralysis. He sure looks like he enjoys living in Australia.

10. The Great White Shark


We had spiders, snakes and crocodiles. What is missing from this dangerous mix? The shark, of course! This type of shark is the world’s largest predatory fish out there. These sharks are often found off the coast of northern Australia and are responsible for the largest number of shark attacks on humans worldwide!

9. The Inland Taipan


Australia is very rich in diversity when it comes to its snakes. The Inland Taipan is the snake with the most toxic venom in the world. The only good news is that they generally avoid human contact unless they are provoked or cornered.

8. Tiger Snake


Ha! As if the snake itself wasn’t scary enough, now it has to resemble a tiger? Joke aside, this type of snake has a highly toxic venom and it’s usually found in coastal areas of Australia. Keep in mind that you should seek immediate medical help if you ever get bitten.

7. Stonefish


Spiders are venomous, snakes too, what else is extremely venomous in Australia? That’s right, a fish. The Stonefish is one of the most venomous fishes in the world. One sting from this grumpy-looking guy and you can have a near-death experience.

6. The Funnel Web Spider


Just one more extremely dangerous spider found in Australia. The Funnel Web Spider is incredibly aggressive as well as highly venomous. This guy will attack anything and anyone who stays in its territory.

5. Giant Lizards


Ah, what a great start of the day with this guy climbing on your window, am I right? The man who found this creature on his house was Eric Holland, who made the wisest decision of his life when he ran away from it.

4. Soldier Beetles


These guys are not dangerous, venomous or toxic, they’re just a little gross and creepy. Why Soldier Beetles? No, they didn’t join the army. They were named after the red coats of early British soldiers.

3. Ticks


Ticks are both gross and dangerous at the same time. These two are the same type of ticks, except the bigger one already ate before the photo was taken. The worst part? Its victim can’t even feel the bite or its presence, because they inject toxins into their hosts.

2. Giant Jellyfish


Would you still want to go for a swim if I told you that this is a giant jellyfish? The huge creature was unable to return in the water and found its end right on the Australian beach. Because where else would you find a giant jellyfish?



In Australia you can find countless flies that just one to sit on you at any time of the day. As if the environment wasn’t already unwelcoming and sometimes hostile, there has to be this issue too!

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