Destinations That Were Amazing When Our Grandparents Visited Them

Do your parents tell you stories about the amazing places they visited when they were younger? Unfortunately, you might not be able to visit some of those locations because they are not in good shape anymore. With that being said, today we want to show you the top 20 amazing vacation destinations that got ruined during this past couple of years.

20. Mallorca

Mallorca is one of the world’s most beautiful places and there’s no doubt about that. However, there is a big problem with Mallorca. This place is visited by more than ten million tourists each year which makes Mallorca very crowded and unpleasant.

19. Amsterdam

Just like the vacation destination above, Amsterdam is overcrowded. More than twenty million tourists come to visit Amsterdam each year and as you can probably tell, traveling through Amsterdam becomes an annoying hassle.

18. Cinque Terra

As the picture above clearly shows, Cinque Terra is a fantastic location that will leave you breathless. Unfortunately, the small village is overpopulated and the government only allows 1.5 million tourists to visit Cinque Terra each year.

17. Nepal

Nepal used to be one of the coolest travel destinations in the world. Sadly, the city was devastated by a big 7.8 magnitude earthquake that destroyed everything in its path.

16. Tree of Ténéré

Tree of Ténéré is an incredible place that everyone wanted to visit back in the day. This is the only tree in a 250-mile radius in the Sahara Desert, bud sadly, a drunk driver somehow managed to knock it over back in 1973.

15. Lady Liberty

Even though you might be allowed to visit the Statue of Liberty, you will not be allowed to climb inside the torch. Someone tried to sabotage it a couple of decades ago and the government has decided that no one should ever get the chance to do that again.

14. New York Hippodrome Theater

The Hippodrome Theater was one of New York’s hot spots for tourists and magicians such as Harry Houdini performed there. Sadly, the giant building which used to hold 5,000 people is now being used as an office space.

13. The Chacaltaya Glacier

Bolivia used to have a giant glacier known as the Chacaltaya and it was known for being a touristic hotspot. Even though the glacier was 18,000 years old, it got destroyed by the El Nino hurricane.

12. Boracay

Boracay is one of those travel destinations that leaves everyone in awe with its beauty. On the downside of things, Boracay is a small four-square-mile island that gets visited by more than two million tourists each year which makes it inaccessible.

11. Angkor Wat

Angkor Wat is known for being one of the greatest places when it comes to learning more about the Hindu culture. However, the place is overcrowded by 2.5 million tourists every year. Therefore, finding accommodation or a parking spot here is an impossible task.

10. The Great Barrier Reef

The Great Barrier Reef is so massive that it can even be seen from space! Although, due to global warming, the reef is slowly shrinking and tourists are not allowed to visit because they might end up damaging the reef.

9. Disney’s River Country

Most people don’t know this, but Disney was the first company to try and build a water-themed park. Unfortunately, the park was closed back in 2001 and no one can visit it anymore. Talking about Disney, you really need to see what’s coming next.

8. Disney’s Discovery Island

Disney had another amazing park that was located on the water. The park opened back in 1974 and your grandparents probably had lots of fun here. On the downside of things, the park has been closed since 1999.

7. Machu Picchu

Machu Picchu has a serious tourist problem. The place is located on top of a mountain and people need to hike it if they want to get there. To make things even worse, Machu Picchu gets visited by more 1.4 million visitors every year.

6.  Pink and White Terraces

These beautiful pink and white terraces have formed in New Zealand due to silica deposits. However, a volcanic mountain eruption covered the terraces in lava and they are inaccessible now.

5. The Pioneer Cabin Tree

Can you imagine how cool it must be to drive in the woods and go with your car beneath this massive tree? This used to be one of America’s most famous trees, but it was destroyed in 2017 by a storm.

4. Pont des Arts

Pont des Arts is one the most famous places in Paris because that’s where people fix padlocks as an expression of their love. The collective weight of the padlocks is making the bridge unstable and the government had to throw one million of them away!

3. The Royal Opera House

The Royal Opera House from Valletta, Malta has a history filled with bad luck. The building was burned in a fire back in 1866 and then it was rebuilt a couple of years later only to be destroyed by a direct hit from a war bomb in 1942.

2. The Great Wall of China

Everyone has heard about or seen at least one picture with The Great Wall of China. Unfortunately, the wall is not in a great shape anymore and tourists are advised not to visit it because they might fall.

1. The Berlin Wall

We are going to end our list with one of the most iconic structures in history, the Berlin Wall. The wall is not around anymore, but good thing that it was destroyed because it represented the liberation from Soviet occupation.

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