Baby Meets Dad’s Identical Twin And Gets So Confused That Everyone Can’t Stop Laughing

Oh, baby videos are fun to watch, especially when you see them so appalled or confused about a new thing they have never seen or tasted before. If you’re one to laugh at baby videos like the ones when they lick lemon for the first time, then this story and photos will definitely make you laugh uncontrollably!

Baby Reed was 16 months when he discovered something that he couldn’t wrap his cute head around.


Studies show that babies than figure out their parents’ faces just a few days after the are born. In time, their eyes adjust to the world around and get better at noticing light, color and shapes. By the time they get 8 months old, they can see their parents from across the room.

But this guy had quite an experience one day…


Stephen and Michael Ratpojanakul are identical twins, and believe it or not, but their wives are also identical twins. In an interview with BuzzFeed, he explained that having a twin made his connection with his wife special:

“The fact that Carroll and I are both twins created an instant connection, even though neither of us ever expected to date another twin.”


“The best part was that we both understood and never got jealous of how important our siblings were,” said Stephen. They never imagined that one day, the two would experience a very weird moment when Stephen’s toddler wouldn’t recognize his real father. And we root for you, little fella – even adults can’t set them apart!

17. BABY REED Ratpojanakul

Stephen and his wife Carol are a family complete with this adorable baby boy named Reed. One day, when Reed was only 16 months old, the parents had to go on a trip for a few days and Stephen’s twin Michael offered to babysit. Wait until you see the photos…


After getting back in town, Stephen and Carol went to Michael to get their toddler home. Here is where things get interesting. The two brothers think of pranking the toddler to see if Reed can tell them apart. The video begins with Reed being held by Stephen (in gray sweater). Then, this happens…

15. WHO’S DADA? Ratpojanakul

The kid gets confused about who is the real dad. His father is on the left and hands Reed to his uncle, who is in the right. Then, Stephen removes his glasses. As soon as Reed is in Michael’s arms, he points at his father and starts to whimper!

14. DADA! Ratpojanakul

The uncle asks “Who’s that?” and the baby answers “Dada!” as he throws his arms at Stephen so that he takes him back. Now in his father’s arms, Michael takes off his glasses, and Reed looks confused at the guy in front of him, saying “dada” to his uncle! And that’s not all!


Reed gets passed back and forth as the twins look at him and ask him “who’s that?” Of course, the confused baby always asks for the man without the glasses, no matter who he is. Here’s what Stephen explains in an interview…


“Reed isn’t used to me wearing glasses,” explains the father, saying that “in his confusion he kept reaching back and forth between me and Michael.” This funny video was shared on Facebook because the two thought their friends would laugh so much…


Both Michael and Stephen got stunned to see how many reactions their video gathered. These identical twins were also sought after media. The clip is also on YouTube, both titled “When your dad is a twin…”

How many views did this funny toddler gather?

10. A SILLY VIDEO Ratpojanakul

This video has over 22 million views on Facebook and more than 23 million views on YouTube. Stephen said about the video that it’s “silly” and that he’s happy to see “that it provided a quick laugh to people from all different backgrounds.” Here’s what he meant by mentioning “different backgrounds.”

9. A POPULAR VIDEO Ratpojanakul

Stephen had no idea that his video will become so popular. In an interview, he explained that people have had weird reactions – hey, it’s the internet! Some people were amused, while other rooted for the confused baby. What did the father say?

8. POOR BABY Ratpojanakul

“A lot of commenters have said things like ‘he’s so confused’ and ‘poor baby,’” said Stephen, also adding that “I promise Reed was having fun—he’s the happiest baby I’ve ever seen.” We’re sure that when the kid grows, he’ll have a good laugh seeing his reaction! But that’s not all – #2!

7. GREAT MEMORIES Ratpojanakul

The Ratpojanakul twins seem to share the funniest memories and the most wonderful memories too. This video became so popular that it reached the entire globe. That’s how Stephen learned a few things too, like the following concept…


The father said that it was “fascinating” to watch the video reach people in faraway places, like Malaysia. He learned a lot of things about the countries from the commenters. Can you believe that such a funny video taught the twins a lesson?


“We learned that ‘555’ means ‘hahaha’ in Thai slang because of how the number five is pronounced,” he explained. It is truly amazing to see an adorable and funny video shared around the world and connecting people from different countries.


Sharing these wholesome moments with the world make us feel like it unites us, even if we’re all far away, at thousands of miles distance. This is what he said about another experience with baby Reed…

3. WILL REED FALL FOR IT? Ratpojanakul

After seeing how baby Reed reacted, Stephen and Michael thought that they should do the same with Carol and her twin sister. Will the experiment yield the same reactions when Reed sees his mom and her twin?


Stephen and Carol did the same with her twin sister, but it looks like baby Reed passed with flying colors: “No matter how identical they are, a baby always knows his mama,” said the father.

1. MICHAEL HAS A BABY TOO! Ratpojanakul

We think that the twin brothers are not done yet! Michael also has a baby daughter, so he’s bound to try the same trick on her. Will she also be confused and fun to watch? We can only wait and see!

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