Former Electrical Engineer Transforms Old Plane Into Cozy Home

Some people like to live a different kind of life than others. Even though most people spend their lives working to raise money in order to buy a home, Bruce Campbell who is the protagonist of our story decided to do something entirely different, he bought a plane! To make things even crazier, the man used his skills as an electrical engineer to turn the big airplane into a cozy place that he calls home.

20. Bruce Campbell

The man in this picture is Bruce Campbell and he has a rather special hobby. Instead of spending all his money on going to restaurants and bars, Bruce Campbell loves to spend it all in order to make his unique home cozy.

19. A Piece Of Land

Our story starts when Bruce Campbell was still a young man who was looking to settle down. Bruce Campbell decided that he doesn’t want to buy a regular house or an apartment and he got a small piece of land in Hillsboro, Oregon.

18. Build A New House

Bruce Campbell was determined to build his own house from the ground up. However, he wanted to do something different and he was looking for ideas of unique homes when he heard about the story of Joanne Ussery.

17. Joanne Ussery

Joanne Ussery made the local news because she bought a Boeing 727 plane and turned it into a home. Can you believe this? Well, this was more than enough to get Bruce Campbell interested.

16. Special Home

Bruce Campbell was determined to build a unique house for himself and he decided to get inspired by Joanne Ussery and he purchased a big Boeing 747 plane that was not being used anymore.

15. Challenging Task

Bruce Campbell knew right from the start that turning an old Boeing 747 plane into a cozy home is not going to be easy, but he was willing to put in the work. Let’s see how his dream house looks like.

14. Dream House

Even though Bruce Campbell had to work really hard to achieve his dream, his mind was set on transforming the Boeing 747 plane into a home. It took him a couple of years to finish the job, but he did!.

13. Getting To Work

Bruce Campbell didn’t waste any time and he got to work as soon as the plane “landed” in his backyard.  The most difficult thing that he had to do was to get the plane cleaned up and to remove all the rust.

12. Old Plane

Since the plane is really old, it was covered in rust in some parts. However, Bill Campbell was prepared for this and he got to work right from the day that he signed the purchase papers for the plane.

11. Use Everything

What’s cool is that Bill Campbell wanted to use all the gear that the plane had. He was not going to throw away the passenger seats or items from the cockpit because he wanted to keep the plane intact as much as he could. Check out the next picture to see how Bill Campbell’s house looks from the inside.

10. Glass Floor

In order to make his new home look cool, Bruce Campbell decided to install a glass floor. Doesn’t this look amazing? This is also why Bruce Campbell’s first house rule is no shoes!

9. He Has Everything

One of the coolest things about Bill Campbell’s unique home is that he has everything he needs starting with a microwave and ending with a shower cabin. Isn’t this cool?

8. Power Line

Bill Campbell used the skills that he got as an electrical engineer to get a powerline installed in the plane so that he can have access to electricity. The next picture will make your jaw drop!

7. The Cockpit

As you can probably by now, Bill Campbell is a fan of planes and the people who fly them. This is why he kept the cockpit intact and he uses it as his “living room” nowadays. Can you imagine how cool this is?

6. New Designs

Bill Campbell says that even though his unique house looks fantastic right now, he is always looking for new designs on the internet. What’s coming next is unbelievable!

5. Airplane Lights

As we already mentioned, Bill Campbell used to be an electrician and this is why he was able to fix the lights that go all over the plane.

4. Stable Home

What’s crazy about this unique home is that it’s more stable than you would think. Bill Campbell says that it can withstand storms and earthquakes without any problems.

3. Easy To Clean

Another great thing about Bill Campbell’s home is the fact that it’s rather easy to clean. The man says he cleans it every week and it doesn’t take him more than two hours.

2. Having Fun

We have to admit that Bill Campbell’s is really cool. However, the coolest thing about his airplane home is the fact that you can sit back and have fun in the cockpit.

1.Amazing Design

What did you think of this house? Is the design that Bill Campbell used for the plane amazing or not?

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