Sea Lion Gets Closer To Diver And Does The Unthinkable

We all are pretty bummed out with everything that’s going on around the world: sob stories, worrying news and sad events. That’s basically all you can see these days, right? What happened to the heartwarming and wholesome news? These things are so often underestimated, but so appreciated. They just make our lives and days better, because there is so much goodness that has to be shared! Do you want to brighten up your day? Well, don’t waste any time and check out this story!

20.  A Rare Moment

This story focuses on the best kind of friendships: the least expected ones.  Surely you expect a dog to befriend a cat, or a cat to create a special bond with a newborn baby, but this unlikely friendship is something that is rarely happening.

19.  Water Doggos

All these strange bonds are maybe not so surprising since they happen almost all the time. But what about a friendship between a human and a sea lion? That’ s probably something that you don’t encounter every day!

18.  What Is The Difference?

But first, you have to know that sea lions and seals are definitely not the same thing. Sea lions and seals are marine mammals called “pinnipeds” that differ in a lot of features and characteristics. This scientific term comes from Latin and it can be translated as “fin footed”.

17. Characteristics

The first noticeable thing that separates these two species is definitely their color. While sea lions are brown, seals can have lots of spots of different shades of gray and brown. The other cool thing that separates them is their ears that have different shapes.

16. So Loud

The biggest difference though is the sound they make. Have you noticed on documentaries that seals are usually very loud? Well, the noisy ones are actually sea lions…

15. Moving

Both species enjoy the water very much, but sea lions can also walk easily on land. This is a little difficult for seals as their ‘hands’ are smaller. Even though they are considered to be a little chubby, seals are actually tinier than sea lions.

14. Adaptability

Sea lions can walk on land by moving their flippers, this is why on marine shows they are preferred to perform. Doing tricks would be a lot harder for seals as they can’t really move outside of the water.

13. More Sociable

Sea lions are a lot more sociable than seals. Seals only meet with other seals on land once or twice a year to mate, while sea lions spend a lot of time with others from their own species, both on land and in the water. They are so friendly!

And that’s why a sea lion’s friendliness is what makes this story this great!

12. Living The Dream

Have you always  wanted to interact with a sea lion? They say these adorable creatures are the equivalent of dogs, which makes your wish understandable. What if I told you that people have been living your dream on a beach in Argentina?

11. Home

The South American sea lion is one of the most popular species of pinnipeds and it is found on the coasts of South America. Actually, an entire colony is established 16 kilometers south of Puerto Madryn in Argentina.

10. Tourist Attraction

This location has become extremely popular for this exact reason. Of course, the amazing beaches, the beautiful weather and clear water are attractive as well, but nothing compares with meeting the adorable sea lions face to face.

9. Cute Moment Ahead


People from Puerto Madryn saw an opportunity and they took it. Numerous local shops started offering snorkeling and scuba diving tours for people who wanted to interact with sea lions. And this is how the most adorable thing caught on camera happened!

8.  Julian Bala

One day, a group of snorkelers approached a baby sea lion in hopes of capturing a memorable moment with the animal. The guy with the idea and camera is Julian Bala, who definitely did not expect such a gesture from the baby sea lion.

7. Hard To Imagine

As he got closer to the baby sea lion, the creature immediately noticed him and came close to say hello. And by that, I mean invading Julian’s space and kissing him right on the mouth and checking out his goggles!

6. Close Inspection

After the friendly baby sea lion greeted the man, it became intrigued with the camera. In the video, it shows how the baby sea lion pushes its nose up to the camera trying to figure out the strange device.

5. The Baby Sea Lion Star

This cute video, showing the friendly baby sea lion,  warmed everybody’s hearts. Although it was filmed back in 2014, it recently re-emerged and gained more and more popularity by the day. The video gathered approximately 238,000 views in no time, making the sea lion famous.

4. Good Guy Julien

It’s not the first time Julian Bala encountered sea lions. According to his Facebook page, he lives in Puerto Madryn where he is a experienced diver. The man thought these creatures are so fascinating and cute that he wanted to share it with the whole world!

3. Not The Only One

According to most sources, sea lions are the friendliest and most playful pinnipeds out there. The others are shy, evasive or even aggressive if you invade their space. However, Julian Bala is not the only one who had a memorable encounter with such creatures.

2. Another Meeting

Jayati Vora is another snorkeler who visited Puerto Madryn and met the sea lions.  “A few minutes later, we were surrounded by over a dozen chocolate-colored sea lion pups, curious about the noisy creatures in their midst”, she described her experience.

1.One Of A Kind Experience

“Their heads smooth and round as ostrich eggs popped out of the water one by one, and I gasped and shivered to see them so close”, she continued. That is indeed one exquisite experience that everyone should live at least one time!

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