They Just Wanted To See Their Dream Come True, But Never Expected This To Happen

At some point in our lives, we experience our first serious long-term relationship. And everything is great, we finally found a loving partner who we can share our hopes, dreams and future plans with. Once we reach that point, we only want to take the relationship to another level. But what happens when your hopes and dreams seem impossible to reach? Check out this story and find out!

20. Kaley And Jeremy

Kaley and Jeremy are the two protagonists of this amazing story.  Both of them lived in Farmington, Utah and went to the same elementary school, middle school and then high school. Knowing each other for so long, a love interest was almost impossible to imagine.

19. Start Of Something

For Kaley and Jeremy, the familiarity and closeness brought them together, not at all distanced them. They knew each other so well that, by the time junior year of high school started, they were already in a relationship. Soon enough, they fell in love and, as the relationship got more serious, the two started planning for their future.

18. First Blow

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Unfortunately, the couple’s relationship would face numerous obstacles along the way. The first sad news the two received was that Kaley suffered from rheumatoid arthritis and lupus. However, she managed to keep the symptoms under control with the help of medication. Sadly, the meds also prevented her from having any children.

17. Sacrifice

This obstacle did not bring the two down. On the contrary, having a baby was the couple’s ultimate dream; so, Kaley stopped taking her medicine and decided she wanted to try for a baby. Of course, this process caused her a great deal of pain, not having the relief of meds anymore.

16. Another Blow

The “try for baby” plan failed. This perspective left Kaley and Jeremy extremely disappointed and sad. They found themselves facing the cruel reality of never having a baby. However, the two partners decided to give it another try in five years. 

15. Big Decisions

In those five years of waiting, the two partners got married, now officially named the Carlings. In this time, they also considered adopting a kid instead of trying for one. After all, Kaley’s father was adopted too, so they weren’t unfamiliar with the idea. So, they started calling everyone they knew.

14. High Hopes

In the end, an acquaintance told them about a woman pregnant with her fourth child. The woman got in touch with the couple and asked them if they were interested in adopting her youngest child or her fourth, who was on the way. Of course, this was a dream come true for the Carlings. 

13. Crushed Dreams

A short time passed and the soon-to-be-mother made a decision that broke the Carling’s hearts. She informed the two partners that she wanted to keep her babies and changed her mind about putting them up for adoption. Now, the couple was back to square one and no good prospects in sight. 

12.  Change Of Plans

Kaley was tired of being disappointed and sad about not having a kid of her own, so she changed her approach. She suggested the two become certified foster parents, just like her sister, ” It was either going to lead us to our family or worst-case scenario, we provide shelter and love and food and all those things for a child until we get our family”, Kaley explained.

11. Ray Of Sunshine

On August 11, 2015, something wonderful happened. The Carlings received two phone calls. The first one was from a foster agency that wanted to place Haven (13 months old) and Indie (newborn) in their care. The two were over the moon when they found out.

10.  A Turn Of Events

Although they were happy with the new members of the family, they knew their presence was only temporary. The two sisters were going to be eventually adopted by a family member. However, hope was not lost forever due to another phone call…

9. Hit The Road

The phone call was made by a woman in Arizona. She told the Carlings that she was pregnant with twins and also looking for parents to adopt the babies. Without thinking too much, Kaley and Jeremy packed their essentials and headed to Arizona.

8. Multitasking

After meeting with the mom, they stayed in touch hoping she wouldn’t change her mind like the previous woman. In the meantime, the married couple was busy with raising the two sisters, Haven and Indie.

7.  Sigh Of Relief

After a while of waiting for an answer, the Arizona mom called back with her decision. She reached the conclusion that Kaley and Jeremy would make the perfect parents and definitely wanted them! The Carlings were finally going to have a family of their own.

6. Bringing Them Home

In January 2016, the married couple brought home Weslie and Sunny. Having four kids seemed like a pretty exhausting and challenging time for them. Knowing they had a limited time with the Haven and Indie, they cherished every moment. 

5. Another Decision

Shortly after bringing their twins home, the two partners received a phone call from the foster agency informing them that the family member who wanted to adopt the twin sisters gave up custody.  It was like everything fit perfectly and all of a sudden. However, they had to decide what was the best thing to do.

4. Rejoicing

Kaley and Jeremy knew what they wanted and that was a big, beautiful family. So, their decision was pretty easy. In just 24 hours since they brought home the new born twins, they had the certainty the twin sisters would be with them forever as well.

3. The Ride Was Over

After so much struggle, waiting and being disappointed, the two now had their family. By October 2016, the paperwork was done and the adoptions were official. “I went from being the last of my friends to have kids, to being the one with the most of the kids”, Kaley said.

2. Emotional Jeremy

But what about the father? “I have only seen my husband cry maybe three times in 12 years”, Kaley said. Certainly, after the long, mentally-exhausting adoption ride the two had, Jeremy cried tears of joy.

1.Big, Happy Family

You know that saying: “Good things come for those who wait”? Well, the same goes for the Carlings, as well. They knew what they wanted and focused all of their energy, time and resources into achieving their beautiful dream!

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